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Best BMX for Skateparks – Buying Guide

BMX is a fantasy ride for every bicycle rider in the world. The motocross bicycle is a stunt-displaying, trick-riding, and off-roading work of skillful art. Hence, if you do not wish to fall on your back and hurt yourself, you should choose the best BMX for skateparks.

BMX is often used to display stunts and tricks by pro BMX enthusiasts on concrete ramps, often in skateparks. BMX bikes are engineered for a short sprint on smooth surfaces. A BMX bike with U-brakes or disk brakes, steel frame or aluminum frame is best for riding in skateparks.

When you are selecting the best BMX bike for skateparks, it could be a challenge. If you consider riding BMX in a skatepark, be prepared for many slams and bumps, so your BMX should be “battle-ready” for that. This article will share the Top 5 BMX for skateparks and a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

BMX rider performing a stunt in a skatepark

5 BMX Bikes That are Great For Skateparks

For a rider, the strongest start in a short sprint, which quickly takes him or her from a “standing start” to the “racing speed,” is known as holeshot. Now, holeshots are only possible with the best BMX for skateparks; otherwise, the driver will not achieve this prolific terminology. However, knowledge about BMX as a viewer is altogether challenged when buying one for yourself. We are here to help you decide better with our list of the five best Bicycle Motocross.

Life as a BMX cyclist is fun. If you want to head out to a skatepark and display your skills, maybe make a slow-motion story for your Snapchat, you ought to have a BMX bike that is best for skateparks.

Let’s kick off with the perfect “holeshot” for the top five BMX rides. We’ve made an overview which will help you to understand what type of BMX bike types are out there.

BMX Bike 1

Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders, Steel Frame, 20-Inch Wheels, Grey

Price: $199.99

Mongoose L20 is a no brainer for a maximum performance ride. You get the best steering performance with the 55 mm stem. Powerful U-brakes (aluminum) make it easier for a biking bandit to pull over instantly.

BMX Bike 2

Elite 20″” & 18″” BMX Bicycle Destro Model Freestyle Bike – 4 Piece Cr-MO Handlebar

Price: $399.00

Elite Destro provides the perfect balance between a BMX and a skatepark. It is a badass bike with a Hi-tensile steel frame. The Destro also comes with a set of pegs. The colorful bike looks shiny and attracts everyone’s eyes.

BMX Bike 3

Mongoose FSG BMX Bike, 20″ Wheels, Single Speed, Black/Pink

Price: $104.94

This is our favorite Budget Bike, only a little above the $100 mark. If you are game for a single speed, this should be your go-to bike.

BMX Bike 4

Elite 20″” & 16″” BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike

Price: $269

Stealth is another masterpiece from Elite. It is most suited for entry-level bikers and works best in a skatepark.

BMX Bike 5

Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR

Price: $199.00

The wheel size is small (I.e., 10 inches), yet the performance is massive. If you are a fan of rockers and skateparks that occupy your leisure time, these fat tires are your next level. Extreme sports are filled with bicycle abuse, and this bad boy can take it.

BMX Buyers Guide

BMX rear wheel and pegs

Buying a BMX is not just a purchase. It is a commitment. Many people do not research which BMX is going to work for them. This BMX Buyer’s Guide will give you reliable information that will be crucial for your purchase. Remember: the trick is not doing it “cheap,” the trick is to do it “right.”

The foremost significance for durability, reliability, and stability of a BMX is given to spare parts. Many experts suggest buying a bike within your budget and then switching parts to level up your game. Nonetheless, it is crucial to apprehend each part of the bike’s functioning and the availability of those parts in the bike you are buying.

Sealed bottom bracket

Bicycle Motocross has a bottom bracket, mostly available in an already sealed option, and it is a mess when dirt enters this space between sprocket and crank. The industry standard is a bearing with rubber (for sealing purposes). American bottom brackets are not typically useful to save a sprocket from getting dirty. Therefore, you should choose Spanish bottom brackets when buying your preferred BMX for skateparks.


If you are a beginner in Motorsports and think about the best BMX for skateparks, you can buy a completed BMX with eight spline cranks. However, you will need to upgrade your eight cranks to forty-eight spline cranks when you level up your game. This is the high-end you, as a moto-biking bandit, will need.

Integrated Headset

This is the modern way of selecting a bike. Today’s bikes have an Integrated Headset, which is a bearing used by all market leaders. This headset should be present on the bike you put into your shopping cart.


Stunt riding is highly competitive, and the rims are likely to bend after an aggressive season. However, the double-wall rims will not bend easily. And it would be best if you always looked for a BMX with double-wall rims.


After all, your shopping spree for a BMX cannot go on forever. One cannot keep on changing or upgrading their BMX. Hence, it is crucial to conduct well-thought-out research before purchasing your dream bike. Of course, if you are at a beginner level, you need not buy a pro-bike and indulge in the process. The learning process needs to take its time. For that reason, one should always look for a bike within his/her budget.

You ought to look for a bike that is not heavy on your pockets but high-end on results. It is all about getting a deal that offers “value for money.” With this buyer’s guide for the best BMX for skateparks, you will have sufficient knowledge to buy a bicycle that is battle-ready for a world full of concrete ramps.

If you have a budget of below $200, you can still get a BMX that will fulfill your moto-biking needs on a skatepark. Mongoose FSG BMX Bike (discussed in detail above) is an excellent choice for a budget bike.

I will list down various price brackets and what you should expect in terms of options and durability.

$200 – $400 – (A win-win situation)

People typically perceive this price bracket for buying used bikes (on craigslist, for example), which is right in a sense if you are looking for used custom bikes. On the contrary, you can definitely get a bike (within this range) with an appropriate complete, integrated headset and dirt-free bottom brackets.

Moreover, if you apply the information provided in this article, you can buy a BMX with sufficient Chromoly. Example bikes in this range are Cult Gateway, Fit Completes, etc. To conclude, if you are just starting motosports as an amateur, purchasing a bike within this price range will be a win-win situation.

$400 – $600 – (Value for Money)

You can get yourself a quality BMX for skateparks within this price bracket. After all, the purpose of this BMX Buyers guide is to inform you about value for money. Many people find this price range to be expensive; still, it is feasible with little savings. The best thing about a $500 bike is that you will get full Chromoly options.

Once you level up your BMX game, you can also keep on upgrading spare parts (as described above). Thus, bikes from this price range will be sufficient for participating in bicycle motosports skateparks. Example bikes are Fly Orion, Mac Man, etc.

$600 – $1000 – (Quality & Excellence)

If you are a quality freak and have had your run with the low-end bikes, it is time to treat yourself to a quality bike. A bike in this price range will have all the primary features mentioned above (i.e., double-wall rims, full options, full chrome, sealed bearings, a sufficient number of spline cranks, etc.).

When you get tired of upgrading and customizing your BMX, you should instead purchase a bike within the $800-ish price range. It will give you quality and excellence. Example bikes are Sunday Street Sweeper, WTP Versus, etc.

$1000 and beyond – (High-end Class)

Behold! This price bracket belongs to custom-made, fully enriched, full Chromoly, and classy high-end bikes. A BMX that will woo the hearts of your audience in that skatepark. When you buy a BMX at this price, you should expect completely new parts and dedicated customization.

Furthermore, it would help if you were looking for a bike (at $1000+ price bracket) with the perfect combination of crème de la crème. An example bike is WeThePeople Envy (WTP).


A BMX should be fashionable, stylish, attractive, Chromoly, but, most of all, it should be comfortable for you. You should feel good about yourself when you are riding the best BMX in a skatepark. It is not about a brand or how expensive your bike is; comfort should be your top priority.

Parts, brands, prices, and Dimensions are mostly personal preferences. You should buy what appeals to your heart. After all, if your BMX boosts your confidence, you can display the tricks better than ever.

Wheel Sizes

Typically, BMX comes in all different wheel sizes, proportionate to the height of the rider. Many people prefer a particular wheel size for three reasons:

  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Comfort

A BMX buyers guide would be incomplete if I did not dedicate a portion of the write-up to wheel sizes. So, here we go:

20″ Wheel Size

It is the widely accepted wheel size for a BMX. This wheel size will give you the perfect balance between speed and stability. It is an excellent choice for trick biking. If you buy a BMX with a 20″ wheel size, you will have no regrets. Hence, 20″ is a no-brainer for BMX bike selection.

22″ Wheel Size

Many BMX riders use this wheel size for skateparks. If you prefer stability over anything else, 22″ wheel size should be your go-to choice. It will allow you to cruise in a short sprint and will enable you to display your stunts in a skatepark. 22″ Wheel size is not very common among riders; still, it is increasingly chosen by pro BMX riders.

24″ Wheel Size

This wheel size is more comfortable than the 20″ wheel size if you are into cruising and stuff. However, one should not perceive it as a “trick bike.” You can use it outside your skateparks as well (for example, on the racecourse). It is an excellent racing option. Most of all, a 24″ wheel size will suit you if you are a racer. Exhibiting stunts on these bikes could become challenging on the larger wheel size.

26″ Wheel Size

If you feel the need, the need for speed, this wheel size was made for you. BMX is generally not considered a racing bike, but a Cult Devotion with a 26″ wheel size is as good as a racing bike. It feels like a BMX, looks like a BMX, but it will not let you down on the racecourse. With a wheel size of 26″, your BMX will be considered as a “fast ride.”


For a BMX, dimensions are more than just “personal favorites.” Dimensions define how your ride is going to function. Here is a list of what is coming ahead:

  • TopTubes
  • Chainstay
  • Bottoms
  • Bottom Bracket
  • Fork
  • Stem
  • Crank
  • Gear
  • Chains
  • Tire

TopTubes Vs. Your Length

When you are riding your favorite BMX for skateparks, the foremost thing that affects your posture is a TopTube. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose a TopTube size that matches your body height. That being said, people successfully used bicycles that did not have a top tube size fitting their height; still, their posture was not hurt. So, the following guidelines serve as a rule of thumb (individual cases may differ).

  • If your height is less than 5.5″, your desired top tube size should be 20″ to 20.5″.
  • If your height is between 5.5″ & 5.9″, you should choose a top tube size of 20.5″ to 20.75″.
  • If your height is between 5.9″ and 6”, your preferred top tube size should remain between 20.75″ to 21″.
  • If your body height is above six feet, your top tube size should not be less than 21″.

Chainstay Lengths

Chainstay length is directly proportional to the responsiveness of your backend. Chainstay lengths vary from 13″ to 15″ (on average), and each size has a distinct effect on the rider.

  • If the chainstay length is below 13.5″, your bike will spin like a pro. Thus, if tricks are the sole purpose of your BMX, you should choose this chainstay length to make effective use of your backend.
  • If your BMX’s chainstay length is 13.5″ to 14″, you will start gaining stability. The longer the chainstay’s size, the more the stability of the ride. You will not be able to hop and spin around in the skatepark as smoothly as a shorter chainstay.
  • If your bike has a chainstay length of above 14″, your bike is battle-ready for racing. Your racing taste buds will be satisfied with this chainstay length. It is also preferred for off-road rides, and trails. Still, we cannot entirely say that BMX bikes with a chainstay length of above 14″ are not usable for skateparks. After all, it all depends (mostly) on a rider’s skills, not the ride itself.

Other dimensions

  • High bars will give you leverage.
  • High bottom brackets result in responsiveness.
  • A lower headtube angle gives you more stability.
  • Fork of below 30mm has better responsiveness.
  • Stem length gives you more stability.
  • Cranks, if shorter, should have a shorter chainstay frame too.
  • Gears: 25/9 results in acceleration, 28/9 will give more speed.
  • Half-link chains are more stretchable.
  • Thinner tires are more responsive, and fatter tires are easier on wrists.

Summary of Buyers Guide for a BMX (Best BMX for Skateparks)

  1. You can find an excellent bike within your budget.
  2. Follow the example bikes mentioned in this article if you cannot choose distinctly.
  3. Comfort is as vital as style (or even more).
  4. The best BMX for skateparks is the one that has parts, dimensions, and reliability up to the mark.
  5. Parts such as wheels, cranks, rims, etc., are crucial for your BMX’s reliability.
  6. The apprehension of price ranges and what you should expect in each price bracket.
  7. Wheel sizes and Chainstay lengths should be thoroughly checked before buying, which depends on these two dimensions.
  8. It would be best if you kept on upgrading your BMX parts to match your leveled up game.
  9. You can compromise on brand, style, price, but not on quality.
  10. If you follow this BMX Buyers Guide with due diligence, you will not regret your decision after making it.

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