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10 Best Kick Scooter Brands for Kids & Adults

Whether you are young or an adult, kick scooters are always fun to ride; after all, age is only a number. Kids use these scooters to enjoy themselves with their friends, while adults commute to work or scoot in parks, so selecting the best kick scooter brand keeps the scooting experience fun. Top brands typically require less maintenance and fewer parts’ replacement.

Kick scooters started as hand-made wooden products in the 1920s. Today, they come in steel, aluminum, and titanium. Honda made a kick scooter in 1974, which became highly successful. Presently, there are 100s of different brands available, making it challenging to pick the right kick scooter.

Modern kick scooters have changed people’s perception of transportation, today, it’s very cool and trendy to ride a kick scooter, and the stylish designs are a bonus.

It is a popular product that encourages people to stay fit by commuting with kick scooters instead of cars and simply because kick scooting is fun! If you are looking for a good-quality kick scooter, read on because this best kick scooter brands guide will give you a good insight into the best brands on the market today.

Top 10 Best Kick Scooter Brands

kick scooter brands

If you have watched “A Trip Through the Streets of Amsterdam” on YouTube, you know that kick scooters were already in fashion in 1922. Since after that, several manufacturers have been reinventing the design to fit the trends. In the late 1980s, even BMX manufacturers started producing kick scooters by the name “Scoot.” Kids were more inclined toward kick scooters than bicycles.

After developing electric scooters, kick-bikes, folding scooters, and stunt scooters, scooters have become a massive industry. Electric scooters are a state-of-the-art invention that solves urban millennials’ commuting problems; therefore, after careful research, this top ten of best kick scooter brands can assist your purchasing decision.

These no-nonsense kick scooter brands will give you the power to move. If you are a young professional, an urban explorer, a university student, or you just want to ride with your friends and do cool stunts with your kick scooter, kick scooters are incredibly fun, comfortable, and stylish for you to move around on. So, let’s begin with the list of kick scooter brands.

1. Razor

Razor’s kick scooters are very innovative and keenly engineered. It is the kick scooter industry’s notable leader, selling 34M scooters in two decades. In their words, it is the hottest thing that hit the sidewalk since concrete. Razor won the “toy of the year” award in the first year of their manufacturing.

Here are the top kick scooters from the Razor brand:

A5 Air Scooter

  • Price range: $129.99
  • The A5 Air Scooter transforms your commute with anti-rattle handlebars. It makes the glide smoother with pneumatic tires.

Phase Two Pro Scooter Radtke – BK/WH

  • Price range: $199.99
  • This stunt bike is suitable for kids from 12 years of age. It is a design by John Radtke, and it is most appropriate for off-road dirt scooting.

Power Core E100 Electric Scooter Aluminum Deck

  • Price range: $149.99
  • If you want a budget electric scooter for short commutes, E100 should be your go-to kick scooter. It supports the ride up to sixty minutes at a maximum speed of 11 mph.

A Scooter

  • Price range: $34.99
  • This top-selling article is for your young ones. It is a pioneering kick scooter for the Razor brand. “A Scooter” has shaped the modern kick scooter community.

EcoSmart SUP Electric Scooter

  • Price range: $449.99
  • Enjoy a teenage lifestyle on the bamboo deck and ride in style. It has pneumatic tube tires with bike-sized 16″. This product is desirable for urban transportation.

2. Mongoose

Mongoose is one of the best kick scooter brands that started way back in the ’80s. This brand is the king of freestyle scooters. Skip Hess started Mongoose in a Southern California garage, and today, it is a globally renowned brand. They launched “MiniScoot” in 1986, which developed the now flourished kick scooter industry.

Here are the top kick scooters from Mongoose:

Rise 110 Team Scooter

  • Price range: $139.99
  • This stunt kick scooter has an extended deck to support the trick performances. It has a one-piece T-bar with ultra-lightweight aluminum. Rise 110 will support riders up to 220 pounds.

React E4 Electric Scooter

  • Price range: $229.99
  • This electric scooter will never disappoint you because it allows you to kick the scooter yourself to reach your destination when the battery runs out. With a charging time of three hours, this React 14 Electric Scooter’s lithium battery goes up to 6 miles.

React E1 Electric Scooter

  • Price range: $119.99
  • It is the perfect ride for neighborhood cruises for young kids (age eight plus). A maximum speed of 6 mph makes it safer for children to play with. It is not the ideal scooter for long commutes as the battery maxes out at 7.5 miles.

3. Hurtle

Hurtle is a kick scooter brand in a class of its own, which is why this scooter is the best choice for your children. The Hurtle kick scooters come in bright colors, making it the top pick for your kids.

Here are the top kick scooters from Hurtle:

Hurtle Renegade

  • Price range: $78.99
  • It is one of the best teenage scooters that come with an anti-slip deck. Allowing your young child to ride on a kick scooter has a lot of risk involvement. With this anti-slip deck, you can be sure that your kids won’t slip off the scooter abruptly.

Hurtle HUKS93R

  • Price range: $77.99
  • This three-wheeled scooter is the perfect choice for toddlers. It has a push-bar for parents to carry their kids. Moreover, it has a seat with built-in storage features. Your 1-5-year-old kids can ride this kick scooter comfortably. It is also suitable for shopping trips inside a mall, making shopping with your kids more fun!

Hurtle ScootKid

  • Price range: $59.99
  • This budget scooter comes with a foldable seat is an excellent choice for your kids. This type is both a sit or standing kick scooter available in multi-color wheel lights. Hurtle offers this product as the most compatible kick scooter for your first-time kick scooter kids.

Hurtle Renegade Foldable Kick Scooter

  • Price range: $69.99
  • This kick scooter is a popular product of Hurtle with an extended alloy deck. This adult kick scooter has an adjustable T-bar and high impact wheels. The smooth gliding wheels make it a comfortable ride.

4. Swagtron

Swagtron LLC was founded in 2015, and Swagtron is the number one brand for electronic ride-ables. They have e-bikes, electronic scooters, hoverboards, and whatnot.

This hip brand offers all kinds of scooters, from off-road to urban terrains. If you want to visit the city or simply visit a coffee shop with your friends, Swagtron will have the perfect solution for you. They have models called “Swagger”; I’d buy one just for the name! So cool.

Here are the top kick scooters from Swagtron:

Swagger 5 Elite Electric Smart Scooter

  • Price range: $299-$410
  • According to CNET, it is the best electric scooter for modest budgets. This city commuter is a smart kick scooter with all the features any rider typically requires. It has a powerful 250W motor that enables you to reach the maximum throttle speed. It supports up to 11 miles on a single charge.

K8 Titan Folding Kick Scooter

  • Price range: $79-$90
  • This easily portable, affordable Titan has a sleek look, and it is effortlessly foldable to make your roaming-the-city trips more comfortable. ABEC-9 bearings are a plus for this scooter. K8 has ergonomic handle grips and an attention-seeking bell.

ST047 Elite Stunt Scooter

  • Price range: $99.99
  • If you are looking for a kick scooter that supports more weight than some other kick scooter types, Swagtron has the right product for you. This Elite stunt scooter supports up to 260 pounds of weight. Still, it is not a heavy device itself (it weighs a little less than 9 lbs.).

Swagger 7T Transport Electric Scooter

  • Price range: $399-$555
  • Swagtron has this “swagger” with many features. This beast comes with a 350W battery, which is also removable if you want to transform it into a typical kick scooter. 18.9 miles is the maximum speed, and a single charge will take you as far as 18 miles.

Swagger 5 Boost Electric Commuter Scooter

  • Price range: $299-$410
  • It is time to “swag-up” with this kick scooter from Swagtron. This one has puncture-free tires with a 300W motor and cruise control. It is perfect for riding on misty days with its LED headlights. With the iOS and Android app, you can track your speed, check routes on a map via GPS, operate the cruise control, and switch on (or off) the ultra-bright LED headlight. It has three speed-modes, and the kick scooter has a built-in display.

5. Besrey

This German company has many high-end products, including strollers, car seats, and, you guessed it right, kick scooters. Besrey focuses on safety, and its products are continuously growing. Its craftsmanship ensures that your children feel safe and cared for when using their kick scooters. Thus, it makes the list of our ten best kick scooter brands.

Here are the top kick scooters from Besrey:

Besrey kick scooter for adults/teens

  • Price range: $109.99
  • This kick scooter has a complete aluminum body with a fashionable design and color scheme. This is a TUV/ASTM certified safe product with the anti-skid frosted pedal. It comes with a handbrake and a shoulder strap (for carrying around easily).

Besrey Turbo+ Happy Life

  • Price range: $51.99
  • It is a comfortable ride for kids who want a kick scooter with eye-catching colors. It has two front wheels and one back wheel. The deck is sturdy enough to allow 110 lbs. making it suitable for kids between 3 to 8 years.

Besrey scooter for kids

  • Price range: $49.99
  • This black, red kick scooter comes with a foldable seat. The seat retracts or releases with the push of a button. The handlebar grows with you being adjustable up to 33″.

6. Hiboy

When it comes to personal transportation (human-powered), Hiboy comes at the top. They have some super cool designs for your kick scooters.

Here are the top kick scooters from the Hiboy brand:

Hiboy T1 Kick Scooters

  • Price range: $100-$120
  • It has an adjustable height, extra-large wheels (230 mm), a widespread deck, and is easy to carry.

Hiboy Q2 Scooter for Kids

  • Price range: $40-$60
  • This model is an excellent kick scooter for kids, whether they are pre-schoolers or up to 10 years of age. The Hiboy Q2 has lean-to-steer technology, which makes it comfortable for kids.

Hiboy ST-1 Pro Stunt Scooter

  • Price range: $60-$100
  • The ST-1 Pro Stunt has an aluminum deck and 110 mm wheels. This lightweight kick scooter has high tensile steel bars. The ST-1 comes with MN-Steel brakes that are considered noise-free.

Hiboy NEX Electric Scooter

  • Price range: $240-$280
  • This electric scooter gives you the option of pressing one button for all features. It has cruise control and a maximum speed of 13 mph.

Hiboy S2 Pro Electric Scooter

  • Price range: $520-$550
  • The S2 Pro Electric comes with a pro battery life, which supports up to 25 miles of travel. You charge this scooter at home, and it will be ready to go the following day.

7. Hudora

Hudora is another outstanding German brand that can compete with other “like-minded” companies quite well. It has GS and CE certifications to improve safety, and this brand has stylish, cool scooters. It is one of the most popular European kick scooter brands. Hudora has been in the scooter industry for over 14 years.

Here are the top kick scooters from Hudora:

Hudora 205 Big Wheel

  • Price range: $105-$181
  • The big wheel comes in high-quality PU that makes it wear-resistant. It is the perfect choice for kick scooting on roads or in parks.

Hudora Kids Mini Kick Scooter for Girls

  • Price range: $59.99
  • Hudora offers this kick scooter as the perfect gift for your daughter. This top kick scooter brand has a shoulder strap, pink colors, lightweight, and is easily foldable. Your little girl can ride this scooter to school with ease.

Hudora 180 Adult Kick Scooter

  • Price range: $119.99
  • This non-electric scooter with a deck height of 2.3 inches is an excellent stunt scooter. If you are looking to “level-up” your kid’s scooting, this product is definitely a brilliant fit.

8. Schwinn

After Ignaz Schwinn’s immigration to the US, many celebrities, including Ronald Reagan and several other Hollywood stars, have hopped on a Schwinn bike. It has been in the game for 125 years. Schwinn has always been a market influencer, from manufacturing shells and ammunitions in WWII to electric bikes and kick scooters.

Here are the top kick scooters from Schwinn:

Tone 3 E-Scooter

  • Price range: $269.99
  • This kick scooter will “tone-up” your commute with a hand-operated accelerator and a powerful yet quiet motor.

Shuffle Adult Scooter S5808AZ

  • Price range: $159.99
  • The shuffle is a bicycle-style kick scooter, which is made for adults. It is a super fun ride with front and rear fenders.

9. Micro

Micro-Mobility is a Swiss company, and Micro Kickboard is its US partner. Its personal-transport solutions for kids and adults make your lifestyle better and eco-friendly. Started in 1999, Micro founder Wim Ouboter introduced a lightweight scooter for adults. Mini Micro was introduced in 2003, which is a dedicated scooter line for kids.

Here are the top kick scooters from Micro:

Micro Cruiser

  • Price range: $139.99
  • This low-ride kick scooter adds a nice twist to your scooting life. The chopper-style handlebars give you more control and precision over a smooth glide.

Micro Metropolitan Deluxe

  • Price range: $249.99
  • The Metropolitan deluxe comes with a LED tube light, making it comfortable for adults and teenagers.

10. Lascoota

Started in 2017, this is a fast-growing scooting company. Their cutting-edge designs are the kick scooters to look out for when making your buying decision.

Here are the top kick scooters from Lascoota:

The Pulse

  • Price range: $98.95
  • This stunt scooter is made for dare-devils. Lascoota offers a one-push folding option. The heat-treated brake is an innovative feature that keeps you in control.

The Metro

  • Price range: $109-$199
  • It is the top-selling kick scooter of Lascoota. The Metro will not disappoint you on rough pavements and rocky terrains. It has an extra-wide and non-slip deck that adds safety to style.


Every time you were stuck in traffic, waiting for the bus, walking on-campus, you must have thought about another way, a better way.

When you choose to ride a kick scooter, you do not need to worry about parking your car, heavy traffic, bike racks, or crowded metros and busses. You can upgrade your commute with a kick scooter from the best kick scooter brands previously mentions and go places in style.

These easily foldable kick scooters fit right underneath your desk, and you can carry them along with you in public transportation. Typically, all kick scooter companies offer lightweight, foldable, adjustable kick scooters.

It is crucial to move around freely and timely so that you send off your day to its full potential. Therefore, learning about the best kick scooter brands is vital.

A manual (human-powered) kick scooter lets you burn more calories than riding a bicycle. At the same time, an e-scooter helps you move around comfortably. It is all about breaking free from the status quo.

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