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21 Best Youtube Skateboard Channels You Don’t Want to Skip

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YouTube: It’s not just for cat videos anymore! YouTube is an excellent source for skateboarding content. On YouTube, you can find classic and new full-length skate videos, skateboard trick tutorials, skateboard setup tips, and skateboarders just goofing around. This article will list 21 of the best YouTube channels created by skaters and devoted to skateboarding.

Best Youtube skateboard channels

1. Braille Skateboarding

Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel was originally a way for Aaron Kyro to promote his beginner skateboarding program, the Braille channel has changed and blown up to become a completely different animal.

The Braille channel is no longer solely focused on teaching people how to skate (there is still some of that). The channel has morphed into more of a goofy, and experimental thing, where the Braille team tries to skate unskateable skateboards and obstacles.

They put boards through punishment to see the effects, and how they would hold up. Braille Skateboarding offers almost endless hours of entertainment and education.

NOTE: I am are aware that Aaron Kyro is an active Scientologist. I’m not taking sides, nor promoting religion, of any kind. I’m just simply listing without religious bias on the skateboarding channels available on YouTube.

2. The Nine Club

The Nine Club, “The show that has skaters talking”, is a weekly interview program, where professional skateboarders, filmers, and brand owners, of the past and present, are interviewed on many things. From when they started skating, what got them interested in skateboarding, what was their first board, what are they currently doing, etc.

The Nine Club gives you the information you are looking for, right from the horse’s mouth. The Nine Club Experience is a second program on the channel. It highlights the current ongoings in the skateboarding industry.

The fellas discuss current events, such as new videos, when skaters have changed teams, the new boards and products that have been released, contest results and highlights, and almost anything that has recently happened in the world of Skateboarding.

3. Rad Rat Video

Rad Rat Video is extremely informative and entertaining and you will learn something. Rad Rat Video offers videos in several different categories. Here are some of the biggest segments:

  • Ask Rad Rat – Rad Rat takes questions submitted by viewers and answers them with facts and backup. Ever wonder how far it would be possible to ollie. Rad Rat has the answer.
  • Shred School – Here is where Rad Rat tries to teach you a new trick. He is very much a freestyle skater, so many of the tricks are freestyle based.
  • Skateboard Gaming– Rad Rat plays and explains skateboarding games, new and old. From Skater XL to EA Skate series, to the Tony Hawks Pro Skater series, and even some quite strange underground indy games. If you are interested in Skateboard Gaming, this segment will suit you well.
  • Retro Rippers – Ever wonder what happened to Chad Muska, Tom Penny, or Lance Mountain? Rad Rat has done his research, and he has a whole segment devoted to it. Enjoyable and informative.

4. The Berrics

With over 954K subscribers, The Berrics is one of the biggest channels on YouTube for skateboarding. And that is what the videos on The Berrics are; skating and nothing but skating. Want to see the top pros ride an indoor park? It’s on The Berrics

There is so much content here, but here are some of the segments on the channel:

  • Battle at the Berrics – There are currently 12 BATB tournaments. Its a winner takes all game of SKATE. Featuring many of your favorite pros, such as Sean Malto, P-Rod, Monica Torres, to name a very few.
  • Chris Coles Ultimate Battle Royal – Two teams of two compete in a game of SKATE on obstacles throughout the park. The difference is: Chris Cole sets the trick, and the first person to land it wins that letter round.
  • First Try Fridays– A Pro shows up at the park, and without any warm-up are given 3 tries to complete a trick. Always a good time.

5. Jonny Giger

To say that Jonny Giger is good at flat ground skating is a gross understatement. There seems to be nothing that this curly-haired man cannot do. Jonny is always pushing his limits as to what he is capable of and attempts the most insane maneuvers until he lands them cleanly.

Jonny’s videos show his process of learning a new trick. Before he starts, he puts his shoes on his hands and walks you through the movements that will be required to pull off the trick he will be trying. His videos show most of his attempts until he finally pulls the trick off. Jonny always has a smile on his face, and always delivers as promised.

6. Skate or Die

Skate or Die is a fun channel to watch. They have been around since 2018, but seem to have taken down many of their old videos. They have been posting steady, and recently though.

They have some tip videos, but most of their videos are tongue-in-cheek looks at skateboarding culture. Videos such as “10 Skaters you will meet” and “8 Skateboarding myths debunked” offer a nice like 8-10 minute break in your day.

7. Ben Degros

Ben is a Canadian carpenter in his late 30’s. He has a job, a family, and loves to skate, when he has the time. Ben’s channel features many video reviews on new and popular decks, trucks, and other gear, as well as gear comparisons (Thunder vs Indy’s).

Ben also has a few older videos where he gives some tip tricks. All of Ben’s videos feature him talking on the topic for half of the video and skating for the other half.

Ben’s reviews are excellent, and (mostly) unbiased, as he is not paid by anyone. He reviews things that he is interested in, and that people have requested to review. If you are looking for info on a new set up, and/or want to see some decent street, and transition skating, check out Ben Degros’ channel.

8. VLSkate

VLSkate is a fantastic resource for trick tips. While the videos are usually shot single frame, what he lacks in production, he more than makes up for in content. Even with over 400 videos, VLSkates has a very well organized page so it is easy to find the trick tip you are looking for.

While he hasn’t been posting much in the past few months, VLSkates is definitely worth checking out, as he breaks the tricks down and explains exactly how to do them, and steps you can take when first learning the tricks. As an added bonus, the videos are named exactly what they are intending to show you. “How to FS Shov Better” What a concept!!

9. Ninja Lifestyle

Black Ninja is anything but subtle. He is loud, rude, obnoxious, and hilarious. Ninja Lifestyle is, for the most part, a channel devoted to humour. There are some trick tips that can be found, but the real prize is found in the “Ninja Review” videos. Ninja Review is where people submit their tapes for Black Ninja to watch and critique their skating.

Some of the tapes are sponsor-me tapes, and others are potential video parts. Either way, you asked him to review the footage, so Black Ninja is going to review your damn footage. Did you do 5 360 flips in your clip? Black Ninja will yell a snide comment and shut your clip off. While not for the faint of heart, Ninja Lifestyle offers some decent skating clips and a lot of crude humor.

10. Chad Caruso

Chad Caruso’s channel is all about mini ramp skating. Trick tips, how to’s, and trick challenges are the primary segments on Chad’s channel. Chad is a pretty mellow guy, who doesn’t seem to get too excited when having a difficult time landing a trick.

He is excellent at explaining how to do tricks, how you should roll up to the coping, how to position your body, and how you should exit the coping. I especially like that he explains what can go wrong when doing the trick, what to look out for when you attempt a trick, and how to avoid falling when locking in and rolling out of the trick.

Chad Caruso has an exceptional page with a great deal of content. Chad Caruso’s channel is your first stop when thinking about a transition maneuver.

11. Andrew Schrock

Andy Schrock is the owner/founder of Revive Skateboards. Revive is basically a YouTube Skateboarders company, in that Andy is a YouTube skater, and the skaters that are sponsored by Revive, are also YouTube skaters. That being said, Andy has not put anyone on Revive that doesn’t deserve to be a professional sponsored skater. Andy himself is an exceptional skater, with a very unique “cowboy” style.

Andy’s channel features many different skaters participating in various activities at the Revive Warehouse, such as time trials, skating strange obstacles, and games of SKATE.

There are also how-to videos, prank videos, and the always fun videos of Andy doing non-skate related things with his son. Andy’s channel is pretty clean, and he definitely has a lot of energy and creativity. AndrewSchrock offers plenty of entertainment, laughs, and exceptional skateboarding.

12. Ride Channel

Created by none other than Tony Hawk, Ride Channel features tons of skateboarding clips; Street, Park, Vert Ramp, you name it, Ride Channel has it. Ride Channel also features interviews with top pros, by top pros. On Ride Channel you will also find shoe reviews, tip tricks, and insane stunts.

Oh, did I mention that the latest full-length skate videos also appear on Ride Channel? Well, they do. Ride Channel will help you to get your fill of some of the best-made skate clips, and video parts around.

13. Nka Vids Skateboarding

Nka Vids hosts over 2500 videos. That’s impressive in and of itself. What is more impressive is the content of those videos. There are Q&A videos, where skaters answer questions about themselves and skating. There are set up videos, where skaters are interviewed while setting up a new deck.

There are videos of skaters skating famous spots, such as El Toro, and Hollywood High, and full part videos. One feature of Nka Vids that is unique and interesting is that they have how-to videos for filmers. Filmers are often forgotten about in the how-to world, but luckily Nka Vids has come to their rescue.

14. Dale Decker

Dale Decker’s Youtube channel has so much content. Dale’s channel is a bit different than all the other skateboarding related YouTube channels on the list. It still features a lot of quality skateboarding in each video. The videos are more of a vlog style video where Dale is doing something not skateboarding related. This includes walking with his girlfriend or driving around with his friends talking about stuff.

The skateboarding generally happens a couple of times during the video, in and around the vlogging. Dale does offer some tips and tricks that relate to what he is doing, such as fixing his kickflip, or repairing a rail, or doing a tailslide.

All in all, the videos are entertaining, if you are into watching vlogs with some skateboarding thrown in. I personally prefer the skating over the talking, and Dale is some times nice enough to give you a timestamp so you can skip ahead to where the skating starts if you should want to do so.

15. Woodward

Most people in the skateboarding community know that Woodward is a camp for action sports. And as such, the Woodward Channel, does not only feature skateboarding. It also features BMX, snowboarding, inline skating, cheerleading and (ugh) scooters.

But don’t let that deter you from checking out the channel. Woodward features tons of skateboarding content, from straight skating clips, to vlogish videos of the campers, tip tricks, and my personal favorite: Mano A Mano, which is a mini ramp game of SKATE tournament.

The Woodward channel offers hours of distraction, and you can easily find yourself melting away hours watching all the exceptional tricks, and videos spanning across all action sports.


The purpose of SKATE HACKS is solely to teach you tricks. Flatground tricks, grinds and slides, transition tricks, gaps, easy tricks, and hard tricks, SKATE HACKS have them all. Each video, of the 82 videos, will run through how he does a trick from roll up, to landing bolts.

He completely explains his thought process, and physical process to landing the trick, starting with how to position your self during the roll-up, what you should be doing while popping, what to do during the foot slide, how to catch/hold the trick, and how to land the trick or get out of the grind/stall.

Each video does a slow-motion breakdown and the commentary explains exactly what you are seeing him do in the slow-motion clips. Additionally, SKATE HACKS gives you multiple angles of the same trick on the same obstacle to help you better see how each trick is performed, from start to finish.

SKATE HACKS is an exceptional channel and should be one of your go to’s for trick tips.

17. Chris Chan

Chris Chan is one hell of a skateboarder. Massive rails, dragon flips, switch fs 540 heel, and he beat Aaron Kyro in SKATE. The guy can really rip. However, on Chris’s YouTube channel you really need to wade through his videos to get to the dynamite skating, but it’s worth it.

And also, if you want to watch someone eat sand, or pop 100 balloons, Chris Chan’s channel is a bit of a one-stop-shop if you are looking for goofy videos and killer skating. But either way, be sure to check out “Skate Tricks for a Kiss” for some flat ground maneuvers with a kiss on the cheek at the end.

18. Skateboarding Station

Not much to say about this channel except that you should check it out if you want to see displays of superior skating and only skating, featuring today’s top pros. Its that simple. Nothing but hundreds of amazing skate clips found at Skateboarding Station on YouTube.

19. Never Stop Improving

Better known as NSI Skateboarding, this channel is based on trick tips, how-to’s with very little goofing off or anything else. Justin is straight to the point in his videos. If the video is about fixing your kickflip, Justin is only going to show you the things you need to change to fix your kickflip.

NSI is a fantastic video channel if you are struggling to land a trick or looking for some help before attempting to learn a trick. While Justin doesn’t explain any of the really crazy tricks, he will probably help you to master the basic and intermediate tricks that you should know before you move on to 540 Gazelle Flip Reverts.

20. Sam Tabor

Sam Tabor is a YouTube Skater for Revive, and he talks really darn fast! Yes, he does spend a lot of time at the Revive warehouse. And Yes, he damn well rips. His video list contains a good balance of vlog stuff, goofing off, and really kick-ass skating. Sam can do rails, flat bars, ledges, mannys, tech street, banks, circus, and hipster no-comply stuff.

All very well. His videos usually feature his friends that he is skating with, so you get a really nice mix of a couple of types of skating in his videos. Sam Tabor’s YouTube channel is definitely not one to be passed over.

21. Skateboard Bruh

The last on the list. My fellow countryman Bruno runs the Skateboard Bruh channel and often shoots point of view skate videos. The channel is a mix of skateboarding, road trips, some product reviews, and fun stuff (such as delivering food on a Penny board). Bruno really knows his audience and is a great guy. Be sure to check out his Channel!

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