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Bob Burnquist: A Brief Biography

Bob Burnquist is a legendary skateboarder born on October 10, 1976, in Rio de Janeiro and grew up in São Paulo. He moved to the USA later and held dual citizenship. Burnquist spent most of his time as a child on the skateboard and developed an immense liking for the sport. 

At 11, he was already known for his style and began competing in local competitions. At 14, he won his first national competition and began to gain traction. His innovations in the sport were recognized, including the move called the “fakie 5-0”, an invention of his own. He was also the first skateboarder to land a “fakie-900.” 

Burnquist moved to the United States with newfound motivation, leading him to outperform himself and rise to the top. He won the first X Games gold medal in 1997 but went on to win 30 more medals over his career. He is the second-best athlete in the history of the X Games. 

Burnquist is the inventor of many skateboarding tricks, but the one that has gained the most popularity is the “fakie” trick, practiced by skating backward. This trick speaks for Burnquist’s innovative and forward approach towards skating, without shying away from pushing the boundaries where needed. 

Burnquist’s passion for skateboarding runs so deep that his house in Vista, California, has his private skatepark in it called the Dreamland. The park features a wide array of features, including a giant halfpipe, a mega ramp, and a full pipe. 

Burnquist designed the park himself and worked with a team of builders to create a one-of-a-kind skateboarding experience. Many big names in the skateboarding community have been invited to skate here, and new additions to the park are made to make it more challenging and fun. 

Burnquist has used his position and fame to advocate for causes that mean a lot to him. He has consistently pushed the stance on environmentalism, sustainability, and climate change. He set the standard for this by incorporating some eco-friendly aspects in his skateparks while using his media presence to showcase green living and encourage others to try it. 

Off the skateboard, Burnquist has been involved in other activities. He is an accomplished musician and plays the guitar exceptionally well. Burnquist formed his own band, the Bob Burnquist Experience, but his music has also been incorporated into several other bands.  

Throughout his career, Burnquist has remained humble and dedicated to his craft, constantly pushing himself to improve and innovate. He has inspired countless skateboarders around the world with his creativity and passion for the sport. 

In 2018, he announced his retirement from professional skateboarding, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of skaters.

Bob Burnquist will always be remembered as one of the greatest skateboarders of all time. In addition to his winning streaks, innovations in the sport, and contributions to promoting the sport, Bunrquist will stay known for his creativity and dedication to the art of skateboarding.  

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