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Daewon Song: A Brief Biography

Daewon Song is a professional skateboarder born in South Korea on February 19, 1975. When he was young, his family decided to move to California. To assimilate, Song began skateboarding and soon fell in love. He began performing tricks and showing off his skills at local skateparks and got recognition from the local community. 

Song reported that skateboarding was his solace from the tumultuous family life that he had. His parents had a rocky relationship throughout his life. Along with skateboarding, Song also channeled his energy into creating art and drawing. 

While Song was still at school, Rodney Mullen, a professional skateboarder, observed his skills and was impressed by them. He contacted Song, sent him skateboard decks, and began a long-term professional relationship with the pros. 

They went on to co-own a successful brand and performed tricks together giving their fans an experience of a lifetime. 

In the late 1990s, Song became a professional skateboarder and established himself as one of the top skaters in the world. He was known for his innovative tricks, such as the “fakie big spin frontside boardslide,” which became one of his signature moves. 

However, he soon suffered an ankle injury and considered quitting skateboarding. Gladly, that did not happen; Song was nurtured back to health and began skateboarding again. 

Song has won numerous awards and accolades throughout his career, including multiple Skater of the Year awards from Thrasher magazine. In 2014, he won the Berrics’ 2Up and the In Transition contests. 

Based on these wins, Song was nominated as the most impactful skateboarder of his time by the Berrics’ Populist Poll. He won with a clear majority and received his trophy. 

He has also been featured in several skateboarding films, including “Round 2” and “Almost: Round Three.” Several video games have had Song appear, like Grind Session, Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, and Tony Hawk: Ride. 

Song also delved into entrepreneurship and co-founded Almost Skateboards along with friend and colleague Rodney Mullen. The success of “Almost Skateboarding” skyrocketed, and it became known worldwide. Song co-founded another company, later called Matix Apparel which also dealt primarily with clothes and accessories related to skateboarding. 

Despite his success, Song remains humble and grounded, and he is known for his generosity and kindness towards his fans and fellow skateboarders. He is also a dedicated philanthropist and has been involved in several charitable causes, including efforts to support children’s hospitals and disaster relief organizations.

Along with his entrepreneurial spirit, Song continued to push the limits of skateboarding. His passion and drive to make the sport better and revolutionize it reflects clearly in his work. 

Song continues to inspire many younger athletes, motivating them to be fearless, driven, and confident with their talent. He has always preached to young people to have fun and stay original to themselves. Song is also a parent to a son, but he has not revealed more details about this. Today, Song co-owns Thank You Skateboard and also displays his skills and talent through them.

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