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Dwindle Distribution Ends Almost Skateboards

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Almost Skateboards, once a beloved name in the skateboarding community, has officially been shut down by its parent company, Dwindle Distribution. This marks the end of a storied chapter for a brand that was co-founded by skate legends Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song and nurtured by industry veteran Luis Cruz since its inception in 2003.

dwindle kills almost skateboards

Cruz, who also spent time with other major brands like World Industries, has publicly expressed his sorrow over the brand’s demise.

He’s particularly critical of Dwindle’s corporate approach, which he believes has strayed far from the original spirit of skateboarding that Almost was known for. The issues he points out include broken promises and a failure to pay those who contributed to the brand’s success, from riders to artists.

The sentiment echoes through the skateboarding community, which has seen Enjoi Skateboards, another brand under the same corporate wing, suffer from similar issues. It’s a growing concern that the pursuit of profits is overshadowing the culture and community that skate brands were built on.

In his departure message, Cruz thanks the founders, the community, and everyone who played a part in Almost’s journey. Despite the unfortunate end, he remains grateful for the experiences and the impact the brand had on the skateboarding scene.

The fall of Almost Skateboards has raised alarms about the future of other skate brands and whether they can maintain their cultural roots in the face of expanding corporate control. It’s a tough time for the industry as it grapples with finding the balance between staying true to skateboarding’s roots and meeting the demands of the business world.

My name is Luis Cruz @cruzing I had the privilege to skate and work for companies under World & Dwindle since the early 90’s and have been with Almost since day one. Sadly all went sideways in the past few years, the recent owner of the brand didn’t understand our community, riders and vendors started getting “I owe you” with empty promises of getting paid back in full, this went on far too long ultimately turning into the parent company letting me go. I guess they got tired of me pushing to get riders, vendors and artist paid. I spent more than 1/2 my life under the same distribution and my side of the story is too long for this post. Maybe someday I will share in a different place as for now before this get taken down I just want to have the opportunity to thank @rodneymullen and @daewonlsong for trusting me with their baby (Almost)and always not matter what having my back 110% I’m blessed to have you guys so close in my life. I want to thank all the amazing riders that have come a cross Almost and becoming part of our family and history. All the incredibly talented friends and artist that contributed in so many ways, employees, filmer’s, photographers, the list is too long. The incredible humans that have left us #LewisMarnellForever #CJtambo miss you guys energy every day. I want to specially thank the last crew who believed on the brand with me


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