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21 Great & 10 Terrible Gifts for Snowboarders for Every Budget

Finding the right gift for a snowboarder isn’t always as easy as it looks. Some snowboarders prefer certain brands and styles which can lead to buying the wrong stuff. We’ve listed a bunch of gifts most snowboarders like and what they don’t like. Let’s first look at gifts acording to your budget before we go through all of the gifts.

Budget Gifts for snowboarders under $15 USD:

  • Stomp pad
  • Snowboard tool
  • Suncream / lip balm

Gifts for snowboarders under $30 USD:

  • Snowboard tool
  • Quality Fanny pack

Gifts for snowboarders between $40 and $80 USD:

  • Wax and Tuning kit
  • Backpack
  • Boot Dryer

Gifts for snowboarders over $150 USD:

  • Jib Training Board (around $199 USD)
  • Avalance Kit (around $160 USD)
  • GoPro (starts at $250 USD without mounting kit)
great gifts for snowboarders (and terrible)

Gifts For Snowboarders

We tried to keep it simple and selected gifts for every budget. Sometimes a small gift can make a snowboarders day and sometimes an expensive gift can completely be a miss. Goggles and bindings are risky and expensive and should be avoided, but a snowboard tool or custom artwork are usually a hit.

Whether you’re shopping for a beginner or a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered. Let’s go through a bunch of gifts that most snowboarders will appreciate.

1. Snowboard Tool

A snowboard tool is a handy accessory for any snowboarder of any ability. Anyone that has spent any time in the mountains will have, at some point, needed to adjust or tighten there binding.

A snowboard tool is the perfect accessory to live in your bag and will get used more than you would like to admit, as well as being borrowed regularly by all of their friends. Snowboard tools start around 15 bucks, though a higher quality tool is recommended. 

Check Snowboard Tools on Amazon.

2. Fanny Pack

A fanny pack may seem like an outdated accessory, however as fashion comes in cycles teenagers and snowboarders alike are wearing and using fanny packs. As well as an “in accessory” it is the perfect size to carry essentials like a phone, wallet, and snacks while hitting the slopes. Plus, it keeps your hands free and your belongings secure. 

Compare fanny packs at Amazon.

3. Wax and tuning kit

For the snowboarder that likes to take the time to maintain their equipment, improve their board performance as well as prolonging its life. All snowboards will dry out over time so waxing is essential. This is not a great gift for a snowboarder who rather lets someone else do the maintenance!

For some waxing and tuning is the last thing they want to do, however many people enjoy this process and enjoy the extra intimate time with their snowboard. Look for a kit that includes wax, a scraper, a file and a brush. Check and compare prices on Amazon.

4. GoPro

Most snowboarders are eager to capture their adventure. Whether its the park riders filming their tricks, families capturing the kids first turns or the seasoned pro sending it off cliff drops the Gopro is a great camera to capture all of the action.

These compact cameras are designed to withstand extreme conditions, capture high-quality footage and are very easy to use. Look for a model with built-in stabilization for the best quality action clips. There are also many accessories that are very helpful that could be the perfect gift for the snowboarder that already has a GoPro. Check availability at Amazon.

5. Jib Training Board

For the snowboarder who wants to improve their skills, a jib training board is a great gift idea. These boards are designed to simulate the feeling of riding on rails and boxes, allowing riders to practice their tricks and balance in a safe and controlled environment year round.

Your snowboarder friend will thank you for helping them step up their rail game. Available at SnowboardAddiction.

6. Snowboard Addiction Video Tutorial Membership

For the snowboard who wants to take their skills to the next level. These online tutorials cover everything from basic techniques to advanced tricks, are taught by professional snowboarders and are very clear and concise.

Your snowboard friend will appreciate the endless knowledge that otherwise would take years to acquire. 

7. Stomp Pad

A stomp pad is a small accessory that can make a big difference to a snowboarders performance. It provides extra traction and grip for the back foot making it easier to control the board one footed. They come in many different styles and are also a great way to add a personal touch to your snowboard. Check and compare prices on Amazon.

8. Art Print or Painting of their snowboarding

As with the GoPro most snowboarders want to capture their action. A personal print of one of their own pictures is a thoughtful and timeless gift. Its a unique way to showcase there love for the support and add a personal touch to their home or office.

This would be my personal number 1 gift for anyone that has some nice pics of there hobby, or of the mountains/ scenery they have taken while out snowboarding. My advice would be to check Etsy and look for a style and artist you like.

9. A Snowboard lesson

Whether your snowboarder friend is a beginner or advanced, a lesson with a professional instructor will benefit any rider. The more comfortable you are on your board the more terrain you can experience, more features you can hit and more advanced tricks you can preform. Progression is what fuels snowboarders and some helpful tips can go a very long way.

Look for a reputable snowboard school or private instructor, the right instructor can amplify your friends snowboarding skill and experience. Often one bit of correct advice can transform your friends snowboarding and ensure they are not reinforcing incorrect muscle memory for years. 

10. The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of the Ultimate Human Performance

For the snowboarder who loves to read. This book explores the science behind flow state with in extreme sports. It uses skateboarding and snowboarding as its example to explain flow state and how it is used with in these sports.

This is a fascinating subject for anyone that rides a snowboard, get an understanding of why snowboarders find this sport so enjoyable. This is for anyone that has any interest in snowboarding and especially for someone that wants to understand the psychology and physiology of peak performance. Available on Amazon.

11. Boot dryer

Starting your day with wet boots is the worst, give your friend the gift of comfort with ease. Most boot driers are portable and will dry your friends boots out overnight as well as drying gloves or other equipment needed.

Most hotels in ski resorts will have drying rooms and boot driers, so if your friend is doing one trip a year this is likely to not get so much use. However if your friend is cramming in as many snowboard days as possible, these will be incredibly useful time and time again. Many available on Amazon. 

12. Headphones

I personally can not ride my snowboard without music, there are a select few that are the opposite however the majority of snowboarders enjoy music while snowboarding. Wireless good quality headphones will go down great with any snowboarder. The lack of wires makes life a lot easier while riding and good quality sound will amplify your friends experience on a snowboard. 

13. Avalanche kit

For the adventurous snowboarder pushing their limits in the back country. Anyone that is spending time in the backcountry requires an avalanche kit, these normally include a beacon, shovel, and probe, which are essential for locating and digging out a person in an avalanche.

Safety is a huge aspect in backcountry riding and can never be taken too lightly. Give your friend the gift of safety and your self the peace of mind knowing they have the safe equipment required.

Check and compare prices on Amazon

14. Avalanche course

As stated with the avalanche kit a snowboarders safety is essential, it should be their number one priority. If your friend is interested in venturing away from the piste, spending there days split boarding up mountains this may be the perfect gift for them.

There are many avalanche courses at many different levels. It is worth researching if your friend has prior training/experience and find the best suited for their needs. 

15. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

While you may not want your friend to be “that guy” blasting music for everyone to hear as they ride around the slopes. A Bluetooth speaker is a great gift for any and all snowboarders. Wether they will want to use it having beers on the balcony or chilling on slopes in the spring sun, a bluetooth speaker is always a great addition for any snowboard trip. 

16. Snowboard event – X-Games ticket / Air and style

This may not work for the masses due to the location of the events. However if your friend lives near where an event is being held, this is the perfect gift for them to witness there hobby being done at the highest level.

These events normally have live music and other attractions as well as the competition, this is a great trip to experience. It will not only engulf your friend in snowboarding for the weekend, but emerge them in the culture with like minded people that all have the same passion. 

17. Suncream / lip balm

Maybe not the most exciting and lavish gift for your snowboarder friend however these are essential items a snowboarder requires. The high altitude and the reflective snow amplifies the suns harmful UV rays.

Find items with high SPV, minimum factor 30. Your friends skin will most definitely appreciate this protection, anyone that has not used sunscreen on a warm sunny day on the mountain will always recall the importance of sunscreen. 

18. Yoga mat / foam roller

Carrying out yoga will do wonders for anyone’s body, and will help with in their snowboarding. Most, or many, young snowboards under 30 will not see the need for this and with a youthful body they will bounce back each day ready to shred.

However any “older” snowboarder will reap the rewards of a little stretching at the start or end of the day. This is the perfect gift for any (slightly) older snowboarder looking to spend more hours on the slopes and improve there body off snow.

19. Clothing

Is snowboarding an art? or a sport? This is the question “The bomb hole” podcasters ask their professional snowboarders every week. While I think snowboarding is most definitely a sport with how highly demanding it is on the body, it is also a form of art.

Snowboarding is a great way to express yourself and your personal style. Look good, feel good, ride good. If your friend feels comfortable and confident with in their clothing/gear they will ride more comfortably and confident.

Most snowboarders will enjoy supporting their favorite brand and showcasing the brand and their personal style.

Find what brands and items your friend already uses and pick an item that fits their style, snowboarders can never have to many hoodies, beanies, gloves or socks. Warm and cosy items that look good and fashionable are always going to go down a treat. 

20. Heli skiing

If you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your friend, and are happy to splash a little cash Heli skiing/snowboarding could be the once in a lift time gift for your friend. This is definitely not for the fainthearted.

snowboarders dropped by a helicopter

If your friend is a seasoned pro tearing down mountains, bouncing off pillows and cruising off cliff drops this could be their next big adventure. The cost is high but the unique experience will definitely hold a place in your friends heart for years to come. 

21. A trampoline

Like the yoga mat / foam roller this may not apply to all snowboarders. The older snowboarder who is cruising piste runs, enjoying gentle powder turns and never go in the air are most likely not going to appreciate a trampoline.

However any younger snowboarder spending time in the park floating off of jumps and cliff drops are going to love this extra air time off of snow. A trampoline is the perfect way to improve your, balance, coordination and air awareness.

This is one of the safer ways to learn new tricks and dial in old ones. A trampoline provides a safe and fun way to practice these skills, allowing your friend to develop muscle memory and the confidence to take these tricks to their snowboard. 

What Not to Buy a Snowboarder

Some gifts can go very well or very wrong. Some of the following gifts require you to really know the rider and what they prefer. There is a common theme with some of the worst gift ideas for snowboarders.

Size, color and brands can lead to really tricky gifting. Unless you know the rider’s size, favorite colors and brands for sure, just skip it. You are better off going with a universal gift that any snowboarder would appreciate.

Snowboard Clothing

Even though we also listed clothing as a great gift, you have to know what the rider wants. Snowboarding clothing can be of the worst gift ideas to give snowboarders. Unless you are highly confident in the individual’s size then don’t get them those socks, jackets or pants. 

It not even just sizing you have to worry about. You could gift them a new Oakley jacket but they might just be a die-hard D.C. fans. Leave the snowboard clothing on the rack and keep looking.

Resort Meal Vouchers

Somehow, resort meal vouchers are always a popular gift. It’s easy so a lot of parents opt for it but the food prices are so high at resorts that it just isn’t worth it. A $100 meal voucher barely goes anywhere at Vail resorts anymore with some places serving up $16 hamburgers. 

The individual you are gifting to, would be lucky to get 2-3 meals at a resort with a $100 voucher. Instead, you are better off getting them a gift card for gas. That will at least help them to get to the slopes.


Unless specifically requested, don’t go out of your way for bindings. They fall into that category close to clothing. The rider might only like to shop brand specific, like a certain color or a specific type of flex. That being said, there are just too many variables with bindings to give them as a gift to a snowboarder. Often they come off as one of the worst gifts received. 

Helmet Earphones

A few years ago, in-helmet earphones were all the rage. There is a massive problem gifting these. Times have changed. While they are still sold like crazy, the better gift is regular headphones. This could be Air pods, Bose or Galaxy Buds. 

The difference is that you can use the wireless headphones on and off the slopes. Helmet earphones are only good when you have your helmet on. That alone makes this popular gift, one of the worst and a complete pass.


As laid back as snowboarders seem, they can be picky. That is also true with goggles. If you cheap out, it makes for a terrible gift. If you buy the wrong brand, the same thing. Goggles are so important on the slopes so you may as well let the rider pick them out. Skip the guessing and avoid gifting snowboard goggles.

Turtle Bum Pad

While padding and protection is a great idea for many this huge bulky addition is not the padding any snowboarder needs. This may come across as a fun idea for a 5 year old however the size of this is going to restrict movement.

If it does get used regularly, as in your bum is often on the snow, it is going to get water logged. This is definitely the number one gift not to buy any snowboarder of any age.

Low Quality Equipment

Any equipment whether it be hard wear or outwear, it is worth treating mid range equipment as your lowest quality. There is nothing worse than wet equipment on the top of a mountain because you tried to save a few pounds, or your bindings/board breaking at the top of a run or the start of your holiday.

While not every snowboarder needs the top end equipment, no one needs the cheapest lowest quality (same goes for many sports, including gifts for skateboarders). Many brands do quality equipment for a responsible price, most mid range products will do the average snowboarder perfect.

Always do your re search and think what kind of equipment you would want in a snowstorm at 2 miles up in the mountains.

Waxing and Tuning Kit

As listed above this can be a great gift. The point here is know your audience. This can be a great gift for a keen snowboarder that wants to spend time on their equipment and learn how to maintain it.

However for some people this is tedious and time consuming, something they have no interest in. Some people are more than happy to pay the resort to fix there board or pay a friend. Ask yourself, is your friend someone that would like to spend time learning about the process of board maintenance.

Perhaps they are someone that would rather hand it into the resort and pick it up the next morning. If it is the latter this is a gift that will never see the light of day.

Flow bindings

These are one of the less successful designs for bindings. With less support than a normal binding and not much easier to put on they have little to no benefit for anyone. The idea is there quicker and easier to put-on, this may be slightly true for advanced riders.

They are very difficult to put on sitting down, most less experience riders want to strap in sitting down. So they are causing more problems for their target audience. The mid range/ more advanced riders that can strap in standing up, are not going to want these bindings as the design offers less support than a traditional bindings.

These are not going to help bring much or any benefit to any aspect of your friends snowboarding but they are definitely going to hold them back in several aspects. 


Most, maybe not all, snowboarders are not going to enjoy a pair of ski’s as a gift as much as say, a snowboard. This concludes our list, hope you found what you’re looking for.

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