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How Fast Can You go on a Kick Scooter?

Have you have been pondering on the good of a kick scooter? If you have noticed the rapid increase in the number of people focused on scooting their way through busy roads to get to their destination, then you must have one question or the other concerning a scooter’s speed. For instance, Why are people always scooting? Does it get them to their destination on time? Is it fast? And so on.

A kick scooter can take you to your destination fast enough. As a street vehicle designed for commuting to one destination or the other, the kick scooter is quick and portable, with an average speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour.

Although there are factors that add to the increase or decrease of your speed on a kick scooter, these factors include the weight of the load you are carrying, the state of your health and overall fitness, the condition of your kick scooter, and the condition of the road. Still, rest assured that you will most definitely be faster on a kick scooter than walking.

How Much Faster Is a Kick Scooter Than Walking?

man riding fast on a kickscooter

A kick scooter is significantly faster than walking; therefore, getting a kick scooter will do you more good than walking.

Compared with walking, a kick scooter will get you to your destination five times more quickly; that is, if you cover 2 miles per hour on foot at an average pace, you will most likely cover 8 or 10 miles per hour on the moderate rate of a kick scooter. For example, if it usually takes you 40 minutes to stroll to work, it would take you just 8 minutes on a kick scooter.

Riding a scooter to places you usually walk to can save you tangible minutes daily. A kick scooter is sometimes foldable and portable, so you don’t have to worry about taking up parking space. You can also ride it on a confined road, on a free road, on a subway, or any other kind of route as you don’t have to worry about the narrowness of broadness of the road.

You also wouldn’t need to purchase fuel on a daily or weekly basis, plus buying a kick scooter is very affordable. It will save you tons of money that you could put to other use.

How Do You Make a Kick Scooter Go Faster?

A kick scooter is a straightforward machine, and it also a human enabled one. How fast your kick scooter goes depends on how well you allow it to go faster. There are simple procedures you have to follow to make sure your kick scooter is allowed to go fast, and these include the following:

  1. The kind of scooter you’re using matters. If you’re an adult using a kids scooter, you’ll most definitely go slower, as kids’ scooters are mostly for fun and commuting on a low level. However, adult scooters are designed solely for commuting at a faster pace; therefore, they are more enabled to go faster.
  2. When purchasing an adult scooter, you should do your research on the various kick scooters’ brands available on the market, ensure that you check for reviews on which ones are faster.
  3. When it comes to riding a kick scooter; you should enable it to go faster yourself by following these simple procedures:
  • Make sure you are correctly balanced. Bend your legs, make sure your other leg is positioned correctly on the ground for kicking, then lean forward slightly till you point out your knees while making sure your hands firmly grip the handlebars of the scooter. Ensure that your shoulder and back are flexible.
  • Strong kicks enable high speed, be sure to take long and athletic kicks while scooting. Also, endeavor that you change your kicking leg at intervals.
  • Ensure that you check the handlebar’s length before purchasing a kick scooter, be sure that the handlebar isn’t too tall or too short for you; it should be within reach.
  1. The surface of the road you’re riding on also plays a vital role in your speed; you will ride faster on smooth roads than you will on rough roads as you may tend to slow down due to bumps on the road.
  2. Maintain your scooter with proper care; this will always ensure that you can ride it without any complications; clean it regularly to ensure that dirt doesn’t reduce the friction and change the tires when they’re old and worn out.
  3. You should consider getting an electronic scooter if you want something with a higher speed.

Can a Scooter Keep up With a Bike?

Bicycles are prevalent and rampant in our society as well and are mostly the first choice, so you might be wondering if a scooter can keep up with a bike.

Firstly you have to know that they serve the same purpose when it comes to commuting. The most significant difference is the speed; a bike is faster than a scooter due to its mechanical makeup and can cover more miles and distances. Aside from that, a scooter can keep up to a bike’s demands and even add advantages and comfort.

A kick scooter is fast as well, so if it’s about getting you to your destination on time, you can feel secure with a scooter; other considerable factors of a kick scooter include:

  1. Riding a kick scooter is safer as cycling challenges cars on the road, and most cyclists will likely hang in the motorist’s lane, which causes the risk of an accident on a cycle to be higher. Unlike a kick scooter, you can easily depend on the walking route or pavement. Riding a kick scooter also allows you to cut through different paths to make you get to your destination faster.
  2. A kick scooter is less stressful and less physically demanding than cycling, which mandates that you paddle both legs while maintaining a particular sitting position that could give you backaches and paddle sores after a long round. Scooting, however, is in a standing position where you just have to take kicks to push along; it will cause you less physical strain.
  3. A kick scooter is by far more affordable than a bicycle, and it also doesn’t cost much maintenance either. Unlike when you’ve to buy a maintenance kit or take your bike to the mechanic for quick changes and fixes regularly, you only need to ensure that your scooter is properly maintained by cleaning it regularly and changing the tires occasionally.
  4. Riding a bike is not something everyone learned while growing up; there are still people out there who don’t know how to ride bikes. A kick scooter is easy for anyone to ride; even if it’s your first try, within an hour or two, you’ll most definitely get the hang of it.
  5. A kick scooter is portable and easily accessible. One of the advantages of a kick scooter is the fact that it is fold-able and porrtable. After riding to work or school, you just fold it and take it into your locker or anywhere safe where it’ll be easily accessible for you. Alternatively, if you’re on a long journey, you can fold your scooter, get on the train or bus and continue hurrying to your destination.

Final Words

Suppose you’re a busy person and want to make your commuting experience more manageable, less stressful, less demanding, and affordable. In that case, you should consider the option of buying a kick scooter. The questions answered above also provide you with the analysis and evaluations you will need to carry out before purchasing a kick scooter. Enjoy the ride!

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