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Leticia Bufoni: A Brief Biography

Leticia Bufoni is a Brazilian professional skateboarder born on April 13, 1993, in São Paulo, Brazil. She first delved into skateboarding at the age of nine and got her first skateboard at the age of 13. She reported that no other sources of entertainment mattered to her and the kids around her. 

She fell in love with the sport very soon. However, she faced backlash from her father and society because she was the only girl who used to skateboard with a huge group of boys. However, her father later began to accept it, and her entire family supported her passions and dreams. 

They believed she would make it big in the skateboarding world. 

Leticia moved to the United States at 14 with friends and contested her first X Games. This was her first contest, and she bagged a gold medal. She went on to win five more X Games medals. 

She is known for her technical skills, fearless approach, and signature style. Some complicated tricks that Leticia easily performs include the 360 flip and the backside nosegrind. She has been featured in several skateboarding videos and magazines, including Thrasher and Transworld Skateboarding. 

It would not be wrong to call Leticia one of the most s in the world. She maintained her position as the number one women’s street skateboarder by the World Cup of Skateboarding for four years and appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

Leticia is also the first female skateboarder to sign with Nike and is the SLS Super Crown champion. She was titled “The Most Powerful Women In International Sports for 2018” by Forbes and contested in the Olympics in 2021.

Leticia has also become a role model and inspiration for young girls who want to pursue skateboarding. She has spoken about the importance of supporting women’s skateboarding and has been involved in several initiatives to promote the sport among girls.  

Outside of skateboarding, Leticia has also been involved in modeling and acting. She has appeared in several ad campaigns, including for Nike and Red Bull, and in a few films, including xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) and Skate God (2021).

Leticia had a smooth ride throughout her career until, in 2018, she suffered a knee injury. She had to take a break from skateboarding until she healed. Upon her return from the break, she contested in the X games in 2019 and won a silver medal to mark her comeback. 

She has also struggled with issues that women in sports generally face, but she rose above them and did not let them impact her performance. 

Leticia continues to be a constant source of inspiration for young women who are entering the skateboarding sport and all young women in sports. 

She has been breaking the barriers for women for years and is passionate about continuing to do so. She believes that the future for women in sports looks bright. 

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