Looking For Writers


SkateboardersHQ is growing and I could use some help. I’m looking for writers that know a thing or two about skateboarding or longboarding.  

If you are interested please fill out the contact form below, make sure to mention the word banana somewhere.

Applicants that make it through the initial selection process will receive instructions and a short 400-word assignment. This will help me to determine if there is a match.

  • I need at least one article a week.
  • I prefer active skaters with some knowledge of the industry.
  • The content will belong to SkateboardersHQ once you received your payment (0,03 USD per word).
  • Articles need to be original and well researched, I will check for plagiarism occasionally as I don’t like to get sued ;).
  • Each month you’ll receive a list of topics with detailed instructions.
  • It might take some time before I get back to you.