Best skateboarding shoes

I tried many shoes over the years. Some were plain awful and showed holes after a day and others stood out. The material makes a huge difference. Never buy canvas shoes if you want to do tricks, they will not even last a week.

A good shoe needs to be made out of suede. It’s the most durable material and will save you a lot of money in the long run. I know of a few shoes that give you maximum board feel and last for a long time.

Durability, comfort & board feel

If you want shoes that provide the most board feel I would go for a Vulcanized show. Vulcs are usually a bit cheaper but the soles are a bit weaker compared to cupsoles. Wear and tear on soles is a real issue from all the friction your shoes endure when your skating. Fortunately, there is a great Vulc shoe that’s pretty durable and by far the best shoe you can get. It’s not even the most expensive shoe if you compare it to the Nike SB series.

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The best shoe I can recommend

Emerica Reynolds blue best skateboard shoes.

The Emerica Reynolds are my favorite shoes by far for a number of reasons. One of the most important features is board feel, the flexibility of the shoe and the waffle patterned sole provide maximum control.

The insoles can deal with shocks perfectly making it less likely to get heel bruises. The insole and the general design of the inside of the shoe make these shoes feel really comfortable. I didn’t even have to break them in or get time to get used to them.

The nose doesn’t have any seems which makes them last a lot longer. Once your grip tape starts eating the stitching you know your shoes will fall apart soon. Here’s a link to Amazon.

Best cupsoles

Etnies maranas

Etnies Maranas cupsoles, no doubt. While they’re a bit stiffer compared to the Reynolds they are very strong and the toe caps are a big plus. Perfect for tranny (transition) skateboarding where you often land on your knee pads and slide if you have to bail. Here’s a closer look at the toe caps:

Etnies maranas toe caps

While they don’t completely cover the front part of the nose, the still help to protect the suede. They also make the shoes last longer when you do a lot of flips but might feel. While some say the rubber material takes away board feel, others have no issues. I personally am a bit indifferent.

etnies marana michelin sole

I really like the insoles, they’re specifically designed to absorb shocks. Although they’re glued to the shoe you can easily get them out and swap them if you want. Insoles gradually lose their absorbing ability after a few months, depending on how much you skate. They are a bit more expensive than the Reynolds, you can check prices on Amazon.