Kids Skateboards

I guess by now you know not to buy a Walmart/Target/toy store skateboard as they are likely to break in a week. I picked a few skateboards that are much better than a toy skateboard and probably last for a couple of years.

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The Best One That Will Last for Years

santa cruz kids skateboard size comparison

Go for a Santa Cruz Skateboard if you’re looking for a quality skateboard that will last for years. This is a great skateboard with quality components suitable for kids between 6 and 9 years old.

The OJ wheels are popular among skateboarders. They aren’t too hard or too soft, meaning your kid will be able to ride in skate parks but also on rougher surfaces like asphalt. This skateboard is also more likely to roll over cracks without the wheels getting stuck.

The deck is 7.5″ wide and 29.0″ tall. The trucks are sturdy and the deck is made of quality Canadian maple wood. It’s not the most expensive skateboard out there, but this skateboard has everything a kid needs.  

They also come in bigger sizes, pick 7.8+” if your kid is between 10 and 12.

Quality built components and great graphics, this skateboard will last for many years. Prints may vary but if you get a Santa Cruz, you can’t go wrong. Santa Cruz is one of the oldest professional skateboard companies. Compare prices on Amazon.

What I like About This Skateboard

Santa Cruz kids skateboard

It comes with top quality components except for the bearings. If the wheels don’t spin well make sure the axle nuts aren’t too tight. I had one faulty bearing that I fixed by adding some silicone lube but other than that this is a perfect board.

I like the narrow width, it took some time for my kid to get used to it but he’s actually skating better now. Because of its narrow profile, he doesn’t hit the side of the board anymore when he’s pushing. Balancing was a bit more difficult at first but after 30 minutes he got used to it. The wheels run over rough surfaces without any problems.

Decent Skateboard With a Graphic

Powell Peralta Golden Dragon Skateboard

So here’s one of the cheaper boards I recommend. It’s a maple pre-built skateboard which is pretty cheap and perfect for kids. You won’t get top-quality components, but it’s decent enough. The Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon skateboard is one of the cheaper starter skateboards with a graphic.

The wheels are 99a, they ride pretty smooth and don’t make a lot of noise. The bearings aren’t the best but they seem to hold out for some time. The width of this skateboard is 7.625″, which it’s fine for kids under 11 years old. Currently available at Stoked Ride Shop.

Powell Golden Dragon complete skateboards is an entry-level board perfect for kids and a smart choice from a budget perspective. Available at Stoked Ride Shop.

Best Cheap Deck With Quality Parts

Stoked Complete Skateboard Street

Stoked Ride Shop is your best bet for a cheap and quality skateboard. It’s only 85 bucks and you get quality parts that are safe and reliable. It comes with high-quality Paris Street trucks that turn well, fast reliable Fireball bearings, mini logo wheels (99A 53mm) offer grip on asphalt, concrete, pavements, and skateparks.

7-ply of quality maple wooden deck, but it doesn’t have a graphic. You also get a skate tool to adjust the tightness of the trucks or to replace hardware. get the 7.75″ wide board if your kid is over 10 years old.  Visit Stoked Ride Shop for more info.

Another Decent Skateboard With a Graphic

Positiv Team Complete Skateboard

So here’s one of the cheaper ones I recommend, it’s a maple skateboard that’s pretty cheap and perfect for kids. You won’t get top-quality components, but it’s decent enough. The Positive Team skateboard is one of the cheaper starter skateboards and it’s suitable for skate parks and street skating.

It’s actually a Mini logo skateboard but with a different brand name slapped on it.  The wheels are 99a, they ride pretty smooth and don’t make a lot of noise. The bearings aren’t the best but they seem to hold out for some time. The maximum width of this skateboard is 8.0″, which it’s fine for kids from 10 to 13 years old. Currently available on Amazon. 

Quality Skateboard For a Fair Price

ccs complete

This is probably the best board for the money. Consider the CCS Logo and Natural Wood Skateboard (link to Amazon) it has a couple of widths you can pick from.

Recommended sizes:

Kids age, height, and proper skateboard size
Age Kid height Skateboard width
5 or under 3’4 or under 6.5″ to 7.0″
6 to 8 3’5 to 4’4 7.0″ to 7.5″
9-12 4’5 to 5’2 7.5″ to 8.0″
13 and over 5’3 or over 8.0″ and over

If I didn’t have a setup already I would probably go for this skateboard. The components are pretty decent, the wheels a tad hard and the bearings not that great but in general a really decent setup. You can always change the wheels and bearings to something more suitable, but it really isn’t important at this stage.

From a kids perspective, the only downside is that it doesn’t have a cool print. I just remember that as a kid that I loved shiny colors and awesome graphics. You could consider adding some graphics yourself or slap on a few stickers. 

You also get a skate tool as a bonus, which is nice but it’s low quality. Just be careful when you try to turn the trucks tighter or unscrew the wheels from the truck’s axles.

Custom Skateboard

custom kids skateboard

SkateXS offers the option to print your kid’s name on a skateboard and offers designs for both girls and boys. SkateXS kids boards are a bit more expensive but you get a top-quality skateboard. Smooth-rolling wheels that can deal with crusty asphalt and pebbles, they don’t make a lot of noise and won’t block when riding over cracks or twigs.

The Bamboo deck is lighter and easier for kids to carry around and it comes with durable trucks that will last for years. If you want something special, this is a good choice. Check Amazon for availability.

How to Maintain a Skateboard

A skateboard doesn’t require a lot of maintenance but you (and your kid) need to take care of it to prolong its lifespan. Store it in a dry place not too cold. don’t leave it outside as moist and rain will damage the bearings.

The grip tape will peel off an lose its grip and the deck could get waterlogged causing delamination. Preferably someplace where you won’t step on it by accident. Lastly, don’t leave it in the trunk of your car. As for maintaining the board, you can clean the bearings 2-3 times a year.

Don’t Forget About Protective Gear

This is rather important and overlooked, you don’t just buy a skateboard. I’d rather buy a cheap toy skateboard and some protective gear instead of only a skateboard. I see many kids on skateboard and scooters doing crazy things and their parents are nowhere in sight.

It amazes me how oblivious some parents are about what kids do on their boards and scooters. Often when I visit my local skatepark I see kids get hurt.

Lots of these kids just lack fear, they pull their craziest stunts and only realize they can get hurt before it’s too late. I always ask them “why aren’t you wearing any protection”? Usually, they just haven’t thought about it. So get your kid a helmet and a combo pack of protective gear. 

Some Last Tips

Once your child starts to ride a skateboard, consider some proper shoes. A pair of basic sneakers are fine, just don’t let them wear shoes that are too bulky. You need to feel the skateboard to maintain balance. I’ve written a post about how to teach your kid to skateboard, there might be some useful tips in there.

Looking for more options? Check out my best complete skateboards article. I update it frequently and only list the best skateboards currently available, they are more expensive but top of the line. Pick one for yourself, you’re never too old to skate 😉