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independent trucks

I don’t want to make it too hard on you so I’ll keep it simple. Get a pair of indies! Independent trucks have been around for a while and are the most durable trucks you can get. Get the Independent Forge hollow stage 11 trucks, or just the standard trucks, both of them are fine.

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Why I Recommend Independent Trucks

Mainly because of all the meat the have to grind through. Indy trucks are a bit bulkier than other trucks and there’s a lot of metal to grind. This is useful on the street and rough curbs but Indy’s are also great for park skateboarding and mini ramp, vert, and bowls. They feel very stable turn well and the standard trucks are very affordable.

I currently ride Titanium version but you don’t really need those. They are rather expensive (especially in Europe) and the Hollows are just as durable. Go with either the Hollows if you want a lighter truck or the standard Indy’s if you don’t care about that.

I recommend the Indy Hollows because they have a more solid baseplate. Here’s a link to Amazon, or get them from a reputable shop like (recommended).

Make sure to get the right size so it fits your deck. You can see my truck/deck size chart below. If you’re looking for street trucks you can check out this buyers guide.

What I like About These Trucks

standard vs titanium indy trucks

standard vs titanium indy trucks

I’ve tried all sort of skateboard truck brands, I personally like Independent the best for a number of reasons. They grind really smooth, don’t take too long to break in and most of all offer a lot of stability.

This is especially handy in skate parks and mini ramps but many street skaters ride Indy’s because they won’t wear down as fast. As I said, they have a lot of metal on the hangar, more than other trucks like Venture and Thunder.

The stock bushings need some time to break in, so skate a couple of hours/days before you decide to replace them. For most people, they are fine, unless you’re really used to your Bones bushings. They come in all sorts of colors so just pick some you like. Because of the stability, Indy’s perform great at high speed though I wouldn’t recommend bombing the hills.

Features to Look For

  • Make sure you have the right size for your board.
  • Quality bushings that don’t squash easily and help you turn.
  • Kingpin should be low to prevent hitting it while grinding.

Picking the Right Size Independent Trucks

skateboard trucks width compatibility example illustrated Make sure you get the right size. You don’t want your wheels to stick out as it makes a very uncomfortable ride. You also don’t want to ride a floating carpet, meaning you can’t see your wheels anymore. This table helps you pick the right size for your board.

Type Board width
129 between 7.4 and 7.8
139 between 7.8 and 8.125
144 between  8.125 and 8.4
149 between 8.4 and 8.6
159 between  8.6 and 8.9
159 between  8.9 and 9.25