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Can You Ride A BMX In the Rain? Know Your Limits

Riding BMX bikes is one of the most engaging and fun activities you can do, but it’s not without risks. Riding wet outdoor skateparks isn’t recommended, but if you ride BMX dirt trails, you rarely have a choice. Those who just ride BMX for fun should take proper precautions.

You can ride your BMX bike in the rain, but there are several reasons you might not want to. These reasons can include the road being slippery, which can increase the chances of getting caught up in a mishap. It can cause damage to your bike as well.  

Riding your BMX bike in wet conditions comes with a lot of challenges. In this article, we will guide you on how to ride your BMX in the rain if you choose to do so.

Is It Safe to Ride BMX in The Rain? 

Skatepark after rain

Riding a BMX is one of those activities that require you to take care of the precautions before you go out and shred. In fact, no matter what sort of sport it might be, taking precautions is always recommended.

You might wonder whether it is safe to ride your BMX in the rain or not. It entirely depends on the number of safety measures and your experience. BMX riding requires practice and a certain amount of training before you can ride properly.

First, make sure your bike in intact and check your bike parts. Also consider wearing protective gear like a helmet, shin pads, kneepads, and wearing glasses. BMX riding gets a bit messy when it rains.

The roads become slippery, which, as a result, increases the chances of the BMX to slip due to the slickness of the road and can easily lead to a hazardous situation. If you know what you’re doing and have experience, you’ll less likely to hurt yourself.

Another significant issue is the time it takes for the brake to stop the bike effectively.

When you ride your BMX in the rain, pulling the brake may cause a somewhat delayed reaction (if you even have brakes), and your bike will not come to a sudden halt because of the slip of the tires. This can be dangerous and potentially cause you to eat sh*t.

Most BMX riders are used to riding in fair weather, no matter what style or type of BMX you ride. So, when it comes to facing foul weather, riders often have little or no knowledge regarding how to control the BMX. Best is to just take it easy and feel how your BMX behaves before you even consider doing gnarly stuff.

Will Your BMX Bike Get Ruined? 

Your bike will wear anyway, but water will speed up the process, and you are at a higher risk of getting hurt. Alongside the  risk of falling, there also lies a danger of your precious BMX potentially getting damaged.

BMX bikes are crafted with metal, and we all know metal can rust exceptionally easily. Therefore, by riding your BMX in the rain, you are putting your bike at the risk of getting rust on it if the water is not adequately dried out afterward.

Use an old cloth to dry the outer areas, but the small, metallic areas on the inside of the bike might retain some water and allow for rust to form. 

If rust forms on your bike, it’s harder to clean and parts will wear faster; making it much more difficult for you to ride and control your bike. 

Another potential risk of your bike getting ruined due to riding it in the rain is the damage mud can cause. Riding on wet and muddy roads will not only ruin your favorite pants, but it can also cause your bike to lose its efficiency and make it difficult for you to ride.

The mud might accumulate on the chain and make it difficult for the chain to move easily, damaging the chain in the long run. Better clean your chain.

Tips for Riding a BMX When It Rains

Due to the reasons mentioned above, some advice not to ride your BMX bike in the rain. Depending on where you live, you might not always have a choice if it rains a lot.

Consider riding indoors like a spacious garage, abandoned building, or any place with a shelter will allow you to practice riding your BMX. Obviously a skatepark is a great place to practice though not all parks allow BMX riders.

If you don’t have the option of an indoor skate park or a garage, several tips can help you ride your BMX in the rain safely and efficiently.

Wear the right apparel to protect yourself while it pours. Investing in a good quality clothing that keep water out but still breath a little. Layer up if it’s really cold (like runners do) and wearing a hat also help you to see what’s in front of you.

Wearing waterproof gloves is an option but, it might be harder to control the handlebars. Alongside the gloves, waterproof overshoes will also prevent rainwater from getting into your shoes and making you uncomfortable while you ride. 

One of the essential tips for riding your BMX when it rains is to make sure you take proper care of your BMX bike afterward. As mentioned above, riding in the rain can cause mud to accumulate on the chain, and if it is not cleaned correctly, it can severely damage the chain and decrease its lifespan. I would start with hosing it down to get ride of the mud.

Use a de-greaser such as WD40, until the chain is completely coated, and then proceed to wipe it down with an old rag to clean off all the mud that has gotten stuck to the chain.

The de-greaser will allow the dirt to come off without leaving any residue easily, and once the mud is off, you will want to add a few drops of lube onto the chain to make sure it does not stiffen up and is entirely ready for the next time you ride your BMX.

Another essential tip that will help you care for your BMX bike after riding it in the rain is checking for any damages to the tires that may be caused during the ride. It might be challenging to see the road when covered with water, especially when there are puddles of muddy water, and driving your BMX bike through those puddles may cause minute damage to your bike’s tires. 

Therefore, checking for any small holes caused by tiny pieces of glass or debris on the tires will ensure that your tires can get changed at the appropriate time and improve the lifespan of your BMX.


There is nothing wrong with riding your BMX bike in the rain, if you’re into BMX dirt racing you don’t even have a choice. Just make sure to inspect your parts before you shred and clean your BMX when you’re done.

Just as MTB trail riders don’t care about a little mud, neither should you. It’s about fun and parts will wear anyway. Riding a concrete skatepark is obviously a different story and I would highly recommend waiting until the weather clears up.

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