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15 Stunt Scooter Tricks for Beginners

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When it comes to learning tricks on your scooter, at first, the idea does seem challenging, right? The truth is, all it takes is some practice, and you can start practicing some very cool stunts.

There are many tricks and stunts to learn and perform while riding a kick scooter for beginners, advanced and pro riders.

So, if you’re a beginner, no worries; just stick with the basics first before you move on to more difficult tricks.

Here are some beginner tricks you can perform om a scooter as well as some of the easiest techniques that will help you nail your tricks!

15 Easy Stunts Scooter Tricks

Stunt scooter rider performing a trick

Some tricks require more practice than others but all should be doable for beginners. Make sure to wear protective gear, at least wear a helmet when you perform stunts! Oh and be nice to your fellow park riders, pay attention to your surroundings to prevent accidents.

1. The Tail Grab

This is one of the easier tricks for beginners but it requires you to be a skilled rider. All you need is some space.

What you have to do is to head uphill at a relatively fast speed. Once you reach the top, jump in such a way that your knees are bent and lean back slightly.

Now, let go of the handlebar with one hand and grab the back of the deck for a second.

The longer you hold on to the deck and the better your grip is on the deck, the more impressive the trick will look. This trick is relatively easy and is perfect for beginners!

2. The Tail Whip

This trick will make you spin the deck of your scooter 360 degrees mid-air. Pretty cool, right? This one might require a bit more practice, but hey, practice makes perfect!

To perform this trick, you will have to jump as high as you can.

While you’re in mid-air, kick the deck of your scooter with the back of your foot. This way, the deck will spin 360 degrees.

When the deck comes back underneath you, hop on to it while bending your knees to reduce the impact and ride along gently.

If you’re a beginner, you can start by practicing with low speed and small hops called the “bunny hop.”

Here’s how you begin; push the deck slightly to let it spin around you, and if you stand on the scooter with your left foot on the front, you will spin the deck clockwise.

Push the scooter deck with one foot, and once it spins around you, jump back on the deck of your scooter.

Alongside this motion, move your arms slightly to allow the deck to spin but ensure that the handlebar remains static.

The arm motion requires only your wrists and forearms, so be sure not to move your entire body.

Practice these two moves together and when comfortable, do them from a height to perform the tail whip trick in mid-air.

3. The 180

The 180 Degree Trick also is a very easy trick a beginner can learn. For this trick, try and hop high, keeping your back wheel elevated.

Now, with the help of your shoulders and head, try and spin yourself around 180 degrees with the help of the handlebar.

To complete the 180, jump and spin to 90 degrees twice. Make sure your feet remain in contact with the deck to provide support and spin yourself in a smooth motion.

Once you got this down, you can move on to the 360.

4. The Manual or Wheelie

Doing a wheelie trick or manual may seem difficult for beginners, but actually, it’s quite easy.

So, it’s important not to feel intimidated by any trick because you can learn any stunt or trick with a little practice!

To perform this trick, you will need a slope or ramp. Ride uphill, and once you feel like you’ve achieved enough speed, slide as far back on your scooter as possible, keeping your feet on the pegs of the scooter.

Now, pull on the handlebars while leaning back. Remember not to pull too hard. Give a mild throttle as the front of your scooter slightly rises.

To end the wheelie, gently lean forward so both wheels are back on the ground, and there you have it, another awesome new trick learned!

5. The Bunny Hop

This is one of the simplest tricks for beginners but it can lead to huge jumps. To perform this trick, all you have to do is ride your scooter at a comfortable pace.

Then, try and jump with both of your feet and lift your scooter’s handlebars in the air.

When landing, bend your knees slightly, so the impact is absorbed. Quite an easy trick to perform, but looks very impressive!

6. The Air Trick

As the name suggests, this trick has you flying in the air for a few seconds. Not for those who don’t know how to ride transition, but if you do this is definitely a trick that you should learn.

This trick requires you to rotate 180 degrees while in the air above the edge of the half-pipe. You’ll need a lot of speed while approaching the end of the half-pipe.

When you reach the top of the half-pipe, pull your front wheel off of the coping, and while you’re in the air, spin 180 degrees.

Try to land under the coping and ride down the half-pipe in a straight line. There you have it!

This is not the easiest trick, but you can start just below the coping and slowly work your way up.

7. The Heel Whip

This trick resembles the tail whip trick. The technique is the same as the tail whip trick.

The only difference is that you use your heels to whip your scooter’s deck the other way around in this heel whip trick.

When your scooter spins around, you catch it with either both your feet or one foot.

8. The Bar Spin

The bar spin trick is one of the coolest tricks to do and is our personal favorite. This trick will make you spin the handlebar of your scooter 360 degrees mid-air.

This one has to be the coolest one up till now. To begin, jump as high as you possibly can.

Once you’re in the air, start spinning your handlebars around with one hand. Now, let go of both handlebars at about ¼ of your way in the air.

Let the handlebars spin, and then catch the grip back at about ¾ of your way. Make sure you grab both the handlebars with a firm grip for a safe and smooth landing.

9. Fakie

This has to be one of the best tricks for beginners. To nail this trick, keep yourself in a straight line and roll slowly towards a quarter pipe.

Now, maintaining your balance, start letting yourself move back down the quarter pipe.

Keep rolling backward for as long as you can and then cab out by spinning your scooter around and land on it with your feet. There you have it!

10. The One-Hander

Beginners might be hesitant to perform this trick at first, but believe us when we say that this is one of the best tricks for beginners. To perform this trick, jump as high as you can.

Take either one of your hands off the handlebars and stretch it as far as possible. Make sure that your other hand is firmly gripping the handlebar.

Now, before you land, watch the handlebar and grip it back again. Make sure you level yourself with both your hands before you land. There it is! The one-hander trick.

11. The No Footer

This trick is one of the easiest to learn. All you have to do is jump a comfortable height so that your balance is maintained.

Now, take both of your feet off the deck of your scooter and try to stretch them out as far as possible.

Now, watch your scooter deck and bring your feet back to it, keeping your balance. Pretty simple right?

12. The Nose Pivot

Learning this specific trick will help you master many other tricks. Also called the ‘nose-pivot’ trick, this trick requires a leveled surface.

First, put your front foot closer to the handle, as this will make it easier for you to pivot in a forward direction.

Now, what you have to do is, shift your weight onto the front wheel, making it the ‘pivot’ and then spin 180 degrees. In the end, return your body to its original position smoothly.

13. The Nollie

Also known as the ‘nose ollie,’ this basic trick requires you to lift your scooter’s back wheel by leaning forward slightly and pushing forward with your arms.

Now, while you’re rolling on your front wheel, try and do a bunny hop. This will lift your front wheel off the ground as well.

Lastly, for a balanced landing, level yourself out in mid-air. There you have it! The nollie.

14. The Half Cab

The half cab is also a very simple trick that requires a leveled surface. While you’re riding in a fakie (which we’ve already mentioned above), try and turn the handlebars of your scooters slightly opposite the direction you want it to spin.

Now, turn yourself around by bunny hopping and throwing in your body weight. When landing, make sure you keep your weight over your scooter. That’s the half cab!

15. The Double Tail Whip

This trick is pretty much the same as the Tailwhip Trick we’ve mentioned above. The only difference is that instead of spinning the deck of your scooter 360 degrees mid-air once, you spin it twice.

This is more of an intermediate trick, but if you can do one tail whip your next stop is two.

After jumping high, mid-air, kick the deck of your scooter with the back of your foot twice.

Now, move the handlebars in a circular motion using your arms and when the deck comes back underneath you, hop on to it and balance your way away.

This one might require some practice, but it’s one of the coolest tricks ever!

Now Go Out There!

The tricks we’ve mentioned are the top picks for beginners. They’re not only easy to learn but also fun to perform. Once a beginner has learned how to perform these tricks, they can jump onto the more complex ones.

Remember, no trick is ever too hard to learn at least the one within your abilities. All you require is a little practice as well as some patience and focus, and you’re good to go!

Also, make sure to follow skate park etiquette! Don’t sneak in front of people and wait your turn. This will make your life and that of other park skaters easier.

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