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Thousand Helmet Heritage Review | Fashionable & Functional

thousand helmet on a skateboard

I’ve been looking for a skateboard helmet that looks good for a while and I only recently discovered Thousand helmets. I had no idea they existed but I sure am glad I found them.

It’s not just the looks, the Thousand Heritage skateboard helmet is ASTM F1492, CPSC, and CE EN1078 safety certified. You can even lock it, and when it gets stolen (while locked) you get a replacement, how about that?

Helmets and skateboarding remain a controversial topic even though it’s entirely unjustified. Want to keep your brain functioning? Wear a helmet! There is just some sort of deeply ingrained culture about wearing helmets and not looking cool. No more I say because Thousand nailed it. Let’s review the Thousand helmet and see what’s great and what could be improved.

Both A Skateboard and Bike Helmet

The helmet is sold as a bike and skateboard helmet, looking at the specs on their website I came to the conclusion that the skateboard helmet is exactly the same as the bike helmet. Thousand do sell other helmets though, recently they updated the bike helmet designs and also introduced helmet with a MIPS system. That’s not relevant to skateboarding though.

The most important feature of a skateboard helmet is that it should protect the back of your head. Comfort, looks, and other gimmicks come last. Before you go through the entire post, I’ll give you the lowdown:

The Thousand skateboard/bike helmet comes with a couple of unique features you won’t find in other skate helmets. It has a unique magnetic buckle, anti-theft system and a low-profile visor. The dual fit system helps you to fit the helmet as tight as you please. Solid back head protection and it’s ASTM, CPSC, and EN1078 certified.

  • Both functional and fashionable
  • Great fit, doesn’t move around while skateboarding
  • Padding could be softer in my opinion, better options out there
  • The magnetic lock system is brilliant
  • Covers the back of your head
  • Visor to block the sun
  • Also suitable for city bike rides
  • Neat anti-theft feature
  • Comes with a handy bag that I already lost

Comfort & Fit

thousand helmet inside view

I fits okay but not as soft as my other skateboard helmets. I like the integrated dual fit system allows you to adjust it so it encloses perfectly around your head. It feels secure and doesn’t move. Usually, these type of fit systems hurt the back of my head but not in this case. Overall a very well-fitting helmet but the cushioning is not great, they offer helmets in the following sizes:

Helmet sizeCMInchesHat size
S54 – 5721 – 226 3/4-7 1/8
M57 – 5922 – 237 1/8-7 3/8
L59 – 6223 – 247 3/8-7 3/4

In order to determine the right fit you need to measure your head using a flexible tape measure. It you’re between sizes, get the smaller one.

Very easy to put on, usually I’m ‘struggling’ with the plastic buckles but this one snaps right into place. I still have the tendency to attach it like a regular helmet, I’ve been skating regular skate helmets for so long that it’s ingrained into my brain.

As easy as it snaps into place, it also is pretty easy to detach by just using two fingers. You might think that this means it will come loose but it stays locked even if you shake your head around.

At first, it didn’t feel very comfortable, but after a couple of minutes, it sort of grew on me. I hardly noticed the helmet anymore but the shape of your head probably makes it a hit or miss.

Anyway let’s see how it fits and how comfortable it is, you don’t want to be distracted by your helmet while skateboarding after all.

Trying It on for the First Time

It’s reasonable comfortable and very easy to adjust. Took me a few moments to understand the magnetic buckle, but it is pretty self-explanatory. Very easy to de-clip, no awkward pinching of those plastic clips like most of the skateboards helmets have. These guys should pay attention.

The straps attached to the foam felt a bit uncomfortable and hard at first, but this went away rather quickly. I think the amount of hair on your head also plays a part here. Compared to skateboard helmets like triple 8, this helmet feels less comfortable.

Warmer Weather & Ventilation

At first, you will feel the helmet sitting on top of your head, but after my first drop-in, I completely forgot about it. I tested in warmer temperatures (80 Fahrenheit) and was surprised how well it ventilates. Any helmet you wear will increase the temperature up there but it didn’t come to a point where it was uncomfortable. Still, not as comfy as my Triple 8 helmet.

Most skateboard helmets also have ventilation on the front, top, and back which this helmet lacks but it’s hard for me to judge what works better. I’ll grab my  Triple 8 helmet on my next test and see if I can feel a difference (update: pretty much the same).

I also take lots of brakes because I don’t have the endurance of a 20-year-old anymore, but no complaints about the ventilation so far.

Features and Specifications

designer skateboard helmet

Let’s look at the description and see what it actually means. This helmet offers a couple of unique features you won’t find in most skateboard helmets.

Vegan Leather Straps

Instead of leather Thousand used Vegan “leather” straps which is an interesting choice, I guess it’s a way to market products because all it means is that it’s made of a mix of plastics (polyurethane). Whether this is actually beneficial for the environment is debatable but it certainly appeals to vegan skaters. It looks fancy though but it doesn’t absorb sweat.

The material is pretty comfortable and sturdy but still has the flexibility you need and it’s not too distracting while skating. I would have preferred a different material because when you sweat a lot it might get sticky.

Integrated Dial Fit System

thousand helmet dual fit system

I personally have a bad experience with these ‘fitting systems’ because they hurt the back of my head, but this helmet doesn’t cause any headaches. Not only helps it to get the perfect fit, somehow it gives a sense of safety and security.

I hate these wiggly helmets that move around because they just don’t fit right. If you’re in between sizes, this is really a problem with standard skateboard helmets because it’s hard to adjust them properly even though you sometimes get extra padding.

One-Handed Magnetic Fastener

thousand magnetic locking system

This is a feature I just love. You know a long time ago when Apple introduced that magnetic connector? Well, this isn’t exactly the same but the magnetic part snaps right into place effortlessly. Most importantly, it stays in place and won’t come off unless you unbuckle it with your fingers.

It has this satisfying sound to it when it snaps in place and you can use your thumb and middle or index finger to unlock it. Pretty cool and well thought out feature, it also prevents your skin from getting stuck like those classic buckle systems.


thousand helmet side view

The inside like most helmet consists of expanded polypropylene, a material that can deal with multiple impacts. There are a few cushioning strips attached with Velcro which are easy to remove. In the end, sweat and dirt will attract bacteria that causes a lovely odor.

It’s easy to clean though (just wash by hand) and I easy to re-attach the straps. One thing I noticed is that I forgot which strap belongs where once I removed them.

I’m not yet entirely convinced of the strips and feel like they could provide a tad more to make it feel more comfortable. The helmet doesn’t come with an extra pair of cushioning straps so I can’t compare them to thicker straps. Compared to my other skateboard helmets, they do a poor job. I’m sure it’s fine for a bike ride but not for skateboarding.

7 Vents With Internal Channeling

thousand helmet ventilation system

I can’t comment too much on this, sure there are  7 vents but I have no idea how internal channeling works. Must be some fancy slang for ventilation flow, but the only thing I can say is that my head doesn’t get ridiculously hot.

I’ve read somewhere that it means how the air flows through the helmet, and that the cushioning straps allow for the air to flow freely, don’t quote me on that though.

A Built-In Low-Profile Visor

This is probably more beneficial to mountain bikers, but I fail to see the benefit for skateboarders. UPDATE: It actually is a very nice feature and totally helps to block the sun! I think it makes the helmet look great, it also is something that triggers comments like “where’s your horse, Ruben”.

Thousand is not the only one that has a skateboard helmet with a built-in visor but they made it more noticeable. Its design is based on these vintage motorcycle helmets and you either love it or hate it.

Astm f1492, CPSC, and CE EN1078 Safety Certified

Thousand helmets are dual certified, meaning they can be used for both cycling and skateboarding. The CPSC certification is required by (US) law if you want to sell bike helmets, ASTM F1492 means its a certified skate helmet and doesn’t require to replace the helmet if you hit your head.

In order to get these certifications, the helmets need to go through rigorous testing. The test consists of checking the field of vision, shock absorption, retention system properties (fit), and fastening devices.

Lastly, EN1078 is a European safety standard for bike, skateboard, pedestrian, and rollerskate helmets. It’s safe to say this is a trustworthy helmet that offers the protection you need.

In general, it is advised to replace a helmet after an impact because microfractures can compromise its integrity. Just minor hits are nothing to worry about, but it shouldn’t happen too often. Note that most helmets need to be replaced after 5 years because it loses its structural integrity over time, something something 2nd law of thermodynamics and entropy.


The Small version weighs 410 grams, the medium about 460 grams and the large weight 490 grams. Comparing the weight to other skateboard helmets it seems like Thousand helmets are a bit heavier. I didn’t really notice though, you forget about it as soon as you start your skate session. The only thing I care about is that it stays in place and that it doesn’t bother me.

Super Secret Hidden Locking Feature

I like how they added this neat little feature. Locking a helmet to a bike makes sense, though I usually just trap my helmet to my backpack. There’s no point in locking it to my skateboard anyway, but when I grab my bike it’s nice to know that I can lock it when I do some grocery shopping.

thousand helmet lock system

Checkmate helmet thieves!

Not all locks fit though, shouldn’t be wider than 1.02″ in freedom units or 26mm in science points.

Other Designs

I picked the navy blue version because I love how it well goes with the orange Thousand logo, but there are many different designs to choose from. You can even pick a chrome version that allows you to blind your enemies by reflecting rays with the power of a thousand stars ;).

Anyway, lots of choices here so something for everyone. You might as well check out similar looking helmets in the biking section because they are exactly the same (at least that’s what I assume).

Thousand Helmets Background

Thousand has a business model that is all about environmentally friendly products and sustainability, on top they aim to save 1000 lives, hence the name.

Thousand was a kickstarter project back in 2015 and have been making a name for themselves ever since. One percent of your money will go to charity, so you can buy a helmet and feel smug about yourself (just kidding).

The idea came about when the founder (Gloria) lost her friend due to a cycling accident. There’s this mindset of looking silly when wearing a helmet (skateboarders can relate) and Gloria decided it was time to do something about that. The initial amount needed to fund the project was 20k, but the initiative took off and they reached a staggering amount of $229,000 USD.

When to Buy

I think this helmet is perfect for those who are looking for a certified helmet that can be used for cycling and skateboarding. It’s a lot cheaper than buying two separate helmets.

Also, if you’re a bit tired of the standard skateboard helmet this is a great pick.  It’s very easy to take off, very easy to adjust the fit, you can lock it, and it can deal with multiple impacts. If you want a safe, fashionable and functional skateboard helmet, this is a good choice.

When Not to Buy

I admit that the design is not for everybody, and helmets + skateboarding is still a touchy subject to some. It’s also a bit more expensive than let’s say a Triple 8 helmet so if you’re on a limited budget 90 bucks may be an issue and I’m not sure it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for a more comfortable helmet while skateboarding, I would suggest checking out my other recommended skateboard helmets.


I like this helmet a lot, it fits okay and feels comfortable enough that I don’t notice it much when I skate. The magnetic buckle is a great addition and I just really like the design. The most important thing is that it does what it’s supposed to do, protect your head.

Update: Slammed he back of my head while wearing this helmet and it didn’t hurt one bit. I could get up and continue, glad I decided to start wearing a helmet a few years ago.

It’s not perfect, the cushioning could be better. This is more a bike helmet than a skate helmet but you can use it for both.

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