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10 Reasons Why Your BMX Makes Noise

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When riding your BMX, y might be annoyed by the constant squeals and grinding sounds. Nonetheless, BMX can take a hit. It can handle various sorts of “abuse” because of its subtle attributes.

Whether it is a new bike or an old classic, clicking sounds are not uncommon. If you are willing to put in common sense, a few tools, and seldom tweaks to the bolts now and then, you will be able to fix the noise issues.

A BMX largely depends on its parts and dimensions. Because of its massive use in skateparks and stunt shows, a BMX starts making noise. The squeaking sounds are typical because of the dry or rusted parts. It is recommended to hose down the bike after each use before storage to avoid disturbing sounds.

It is common for a BMX to develop a noise, and you should know the reasons why your BMX is making noise.

Moreover, you will need to learn various bike repairs to get rid of those sounds on your own. In this blog post, we will give you causes and solutions to avoid each specific noise.

10 Reasons Why Your BMX Makes Noise

BMX in a skatepark

Irritated with your bike making a disturbing sound? It would be best if you did not always ignore it.

Sometimes, this noise could be because of a worn-out part, and it indicates the unit needs to be replaced. Try to identify the original of the sound befor eit gets worse.

1- Pedal Cracking

If your pedal is making a cracking sound, it could be because of one of the following reasons:

  1. Something around that pedal could be loose, leading up to that sound.

Solution: Tighten the screws on the outside with wrenches.

  1. This sound could be a result of a worn bearing.

Solution: You can apply silicone grease to the bearings and spindles.

  1. The washer inside the pedal might need changing.

Solution: Undo all the screws and internals, and start cleaning them.

2- Crank Noise

The cranks on your BMX take a lot of abuse, and it is no surprise that they start making noise. Still, your BMX will mostly be on the road or a trail, and you would always want to avoid these noises.


  1. When you turn the cranks on your BMX, you will observe some noise caused by the cranks.


  1. It would help if you greased the spindle under the cranks.
  2. Then, you will put the crank arm back on alongside the sprocket.
  3. Add more grease.
  4. Now, tighten the bolt up.

3- Chain Rattling/Grinding Noise

In many BMX bikes, the chain tension is tight, which will create the following issues. Another reason for Chain rattling is a poorly adjusted derailleur.

Here are a few problems associated with the grinding noise and rattling sounds coming out of the chain.


  1. It will weaken the chain and also stretch it more than what’s recommended.
  2. Your BMX’s chain will make a scraping or grinding sound.
  3. You will hear clicking sounds
  4. Again, you could listen to rattling sounds.


  1. Firstly, loosen the axle nuts and force the vehicle within the dropout.
  2. Lightly tighten the drive side.
  3. Turn cranks & check chain tension.
  4. The chain is too tight when the cranks can’t be turned more.
  5. Keep the cranks tight and loosen, then drive side.
  6. The wheel should start moving inward, and that is when you need to tighten the axle nut.
  7. You can also improvise with your thumb to get the wheel into the right place.
  8. Good to go!

4- Clicking Noise When Pedaling

Trust me – if there is a clicking sound while pedaling, you cannot focus on anything other than that. Reasons for this clicking noise could be several. Here are a few:

  1. Your axle might be cracked.
  2. The chainstay could also be debilitated.
  3. The hub bearing might have gone bad.
  4. There is a problem with the front wheel.
  5. The chain could be hitting the cage
  6. Lastly, there could be an apparent problem with the pedal itself.

5- Creaks, Clicks, Clunks

When your chain is trying to jump up or down a gear while riding a BMX, it creates sounds. The oblivion of sounds usually happens in the rear cassette.

You can fix it without a professional mechanic’s help if you adjust the cable coming out of the shifter.

At times, when you buy a new bike, you would hear certain noises. This noise will make you wonder if you purchased the wrong brand.

Before you start reading through the warrant booklet, you should check the chain tension. The sound of clunks and creaks usually appears because the chain is too tight. This happens in old and new bikes alike.

Clunks are usually scary sounds for many riders. It typically raises questions about the safety of a BMX because something could be loose, hence the clunking sounds. Nonetheless, you should check the following parts:

  1. Wheel Axles
  2. Water Bottle Cage
  3. Pivots
  4. Headset

6- Brakes Squeal

It is all about the angle of the rim against the pads. If this is out of balance, your brakes will squeal. This noise dilemma is also called a “Toe-in.”

To solve this problem, you can manually adjust the Toe-in – that is the best-case scenario. If you cannot fix that, the last resort would be to bend the brake arms a little.

Another scenario of brakes squeal is typical with chrome rims. A simple solution is to clean it thoroughly and put plain water on it.

It is because you cannot apprehend how sweat and some other things get on the wheel.

7- Squeaks & Creaks

BMX riders are prone to riding in challenging conditions. Whether it is a skatepark or an empty street, your BMX will be all ready to show a couple of stunts to your friends.

Therefore, noises are common to crawl in on your bike. It is mostly because of the dirty and dry bearings.

When you start hearing Squeaky and Creaky sounds, you should start checking the following parts of your BMX:

  1. Bottom Brackets
  2. Derailleur
  3. Chain
  4. Headset

8- Scrapping and Popping

Even if you know the basics of BMX handling, you would be able to recognize these annoying sounds of scrapping and popping.

Its solution is typically tightening the rear wheel axle or the derailleur bolt. If this does not solve the problem, adjust the cable tension, and limit screws.

Still, if you have any hesitation about scrapping, popping, or any of the noises mentioned above, you should visit the local store for a quick fix. There is nothing stylish about a noisy BMX.

Furthermore, loose cranks make popping sounds, and you need to ensure that cranks are tight as per the torque specifications.

If cranks look about right, you should take it apart with a crank puller. Now, you should wipe the crack spindle and make it clean and tidy.

You should re-grease the crank and insert it back in the bottom bracket. It should be enough to remove the noise; otherwise, replace the BMX chain.

9- Noises from Bottom Bracket Bearings

Dirt will always find its way into bearings, which will make all sorts of crazy noises. It is mostly because of riding in wet conditions that cranks take a lot of loads.

The solution to this problem is going back to the basics. Remove the cranks from your BMX, and start cleaning it. It is also essential to re-grease the bottom bracket bearings.

10- Handlebar Creaks

Sometimes, there is a play in the handlebar of our BMX, making a creaking noise. Loosened stem bolts typically cause this up-and-down play.

A simple solution would be to tighten the stem bolts. The way to go about it is as followed:

  1. Place the front wheel between your legs.
  2. Grab a hex wrench.
  3. Hand tighten the four bolts (center of the handlebar)
  4. All set!

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