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First of all, thank you for visiting. This website was launched at the end of July 2018 by Ruben Vee and quickly became popular. SkateboardersHQ now consists of multiple gnarly writers with first hand experience.

Our team consists of several writers with lots of knowledge about skateboarding and snowboarding. Recently Mike Mckernan and Christopher Michael joined who are both experts in their fields.

Our Mission

Our goals are to provide original content that comes from first hand experience related to skateboarding and snowboarding. We try to offer unique insights that you won’t find anywhere else. Basically we just try to keep it real. If your question isn’t answered when you leave our site, we failed.


Meet our small team of experienced skateboarders and snowboarders.

Ruben Vee

Ruben Vee

I’m the founder of SkateboardersHQ and have over 25 years of experience in skateboarding. I’ve witnessed the transition from vert to street and from old school to new school. Living in The Netherlands I fell in love with skateboarding at the age of 9. Over the years I tried a lot of different setup combinations to find that perfect setup for every style of skateboarding.

Experience & Achievements

While I never reached a pro level in my 25 years of skateboarding, I tested about every possible skateboard brand out there. Dozens of wheels, decks, shoes, trucks, decks, bearings, safety gear and I know every details about skateboard setups.

I organized skateboard contests in my town and donate skateboards we test on this website to kids who live in poverty.

Mike Mckernan

Mike Mckernan author skateboardersHQ

At 21, I started a journey from Scotland, initially intending to travel but quickly became immersed in the world of snowboarding. Over the next several years, I instructed in countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Australia, and New Zealand. Later, I shifted towards building snowboard parks, where I spent most of my time.

With nine years in the field, I’ve won competitions, secured sponsorships, and contributed to significant events, including the X games. Currently based in Norway, I’ve been building and riding snowboard parks for nearly a decade.

Experience & Achievements

I’ve won snowboard competitions, secured sponsorships, and contributed to significant events, including the X games. I worked as a snowboard instructor and snowboard all season long while building snowboard parks in Norway.

Christoper Michael

Christopher Michael Author skateboardersHQ

I’m a 31-year-old originally from eastern Pennsylvania, now living in South Florida. My skateboarding journey began in 1999 with a Toy Machine deck, and it quickly became my life’s obsession.

I progressed rapidly, earned sponsorships, and even toured with brands like 5boro skateboards. However, by the end of high school, injuries and other interests caused my passion to wane.

Experience & Achievements

Formerly sponsored by 5Boro skateboards, Nike SB (flow) and Homebase skateshop. I placed first in the Money Makin’ Manhattan Transworld contest and participated in the Tampa Am back in the day.

A Brief History of SkateboardersHQ is independent and transformed from a hobby into a small company and now also covers snowboarding. We don’t do sponsored posts and give unbiased opinions, if we don’t like it we’ll tell you.

2018 – Launch of SkateboarderHQ

SkateboardersHQ posted its first article in August 2018, in that month many more followed. The first reviews appear and content is getting more in depth.


SkateboardersHQ gets mentioned by a trusted news site and is steadily growing by just adding more articles what really answers the question. William joins us to offer his insights.

2020 – 2021

Traffic exploded due to the pandemic. Suddenly everyone want to get into skateboarding and the website needs to move to a new host to deal with all the traffic. Skateboards are sold out everywhere and a new golden age of skateboarding is at hand.

2022 -2023

Life is slowly getting back to normal but skateboarding remains popular. SkateboardersHQ now has tested tons of skate gear to be able to give the best advice. Many sites are starting to copy our content (looking at you stoked ride shop) so we must be doing something right.

Mike Mckernan and Christopher Michael join to share their expertise. Both have a lot of experience in snowboarding and skateboarding.

Skateboarders HeadQuarters Location:

Seometrics, De Nieuwe Erven 3, Unit 10876, 5431 NV, Cuijk, The Netherlands