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Recommended gear

Here’s an overview of skateboard gear I tested. Not all of the items are high-end, I always look for gear that meets high-quality standards but at the same time not outrageously expensive. This is stuff I, my friends or my kid use. You need to invest a little to get the most out of skateboarding.

Complete Affordable Skateboards

pre-build skateboards collection

Everything about affordable completes that are great for aspiring skateboarders that don’t want to buy an expensive skateboard. These boards are perfect to start out with and suitable to slowly upgrade once you get more comfortable skateboarding.

Kids Skateboards for Every Budget

best skateboards for kids

Tried and tested by me and my son, the best skateboard for kids. Remember that you also need protective gear! Kids shouldn’t start skateboarding before they are five years old.

Skateboard Decks for Every Style

Just looking for a board? Say no more! Although everyone has their own preference, here are a couple of decks for every style.

Skateboard Shoes

Tried and tested, these are the most comfortable and durable skateboard shoes. Go for Vucanized shoes for optimal board feel or pick cupsoles when you need more arc and heel support.

Cruisers for a Relaxed and Fun Ride

4 skateboard mini cruisers in a row

I tested a couple of mini cruisers and there a few that really stand out. From high-quality cruisers to budget rides, I’m sure there is a cruiser here that would be perfect for you.

Skateboard Wheels for Street, Parks, and Cruising

Santa Cruz Vomit 2 wheels

Looking for wheels? Here you’ll find are a couple that I picked for different circumstances. From all around wheels to hardcore street, and the best transitions wheels. Oh, and of course, wheels for tricks and cruising!

Skateboard Trucks That Will Last for Years

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on its skateboard trucks. Indies last forever and Thunders are loved by street skateboarders. But also the other way around, here we go again which one is better? It really depends on what you like but both are the best you can get.

Bearings for Optimal Speed at a Great Price

Well, this one is easy, you don’t have to go for ceramics just a few Reds will do fine. There are more options so let’s look into the details and why I always ride Bones. make sure you take care of your bearings and they’ll last for a decade.

Bushings for Optimal Stability

skateboard bushings

Bushings are a very important part of your truck and you should educate yourself a bit on the subject if you want to get the most out of your trucks. Bushings are dirt cheap but picking the right ones depends on your body type.

Knee Pads for Street, Mini and Vert

Not everyone uses them but your older self will thank you for using them. It takes some time to get used to but really consider them. Older skaters should always wear them.

Elbow Pads to Prevent Swellbows

187 elbow pads skateboarding

ever heard of swellbows? No? Good! If you have or don’t want them consider elbow pads. Often skater just wear one and beginners should really consider these. It’s up to you.

Helmets Save Your Life

Triple 8 Gotham skateboard helmet

You need your brain and your family and friends need you. helmets are more common these days and some skate parks won’t even let you in without one. Consider a helmet before you even step on a board for the first time.

Kids Protective Sets

pro tec 3 pack junior

Never ever let your kid skate without protective gear. And if you don’t want to buy a set, go spend it on a helmet. Kids sets are cheap but the gear should fit properly. Here are a couple of quality and affordable protective sets for kids