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11+ Best Kids Skateboards | Tested By Kids of All Ages + Video!

After buying and testing many skateboards, it’s time to review the best kids’ skateboards that are safe. Because there is so much poor advice out there, I want to get you some real info. Even though me and my kid aren’t exceptional skaters, we love to ride and we know a thing or two about skateboards.

Over the years, I bought many boards that work well for kids. They are a bit more expensive than those cheap plastic skateboards, but they are reliable, safe, and fun to skate.

I won’t be recommending those $40 boards other ‘skateboarding’ sites and ‘advisors’ talk about, it’s low-quality and unsafe.

I would like to point out that you do not need a kids sized board. Only between the age of 5 and 9 you could consider getting a smaller board, kids will adapt.

Anyway, let’s look at a few skateboards that are reliable and safe for kids. They aren’t perfect because the best skateboard is the one you assemble yourself. After that I have a few tips about safety, assembling a custom board for kids (seriously consider this), and I’ll explain some of the jargon.

This post contains affiliate links which can earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Best Skateboards For Kids

best skateboards for kids

Since I can’t tell how old your kid is, I selected a few boards for different ages. I already covered many skateboards from ages 6 to 12, and I urge you not to buy a skateboard for kids under 5-years-old. It may seem cute, but their bodies can’t handle the stress, seriously don’t!

Fist let’s go through skateboards we tested and then I’ll show you the right protective gear and what to look for in a quality board. Just keep in mind that you need a board with softer wheels, sized between 7.0″ and 8.0″ wide depending on their age.

From the age of 12 and up I recommend assembling a skateboard yourself. A skateboard is an awesome gift and you could change the course of a kids’ life, however at this age you really need some quality stuff. All the board listed here are fine, but almost all completes have some issues. Please check my buyers guide at the bottom of this page.

We tested all the skateboards here to the extreme just to make sure they won’t fall apart easily.

Last, I apologize for listing so many boards; it makes the choice a lot harder but I’ll give you the lowdown:

  • Best kids skateboard overall: SkateXS Complete (number 1)
  • Best looking board: Element National geographic (number 7)
  • Best board for older kids (12+): Alien Workshop (number 8)
  • Best all around kids board for any age: Blind Skateboard (number 9) and Santa Cruz (number 3)
  • Best kids board for kids under the age of  12: Powell Peralta Golden Dragon (number 6)
  • Best board graphics for kids under the age of 8: Enjoy (number 11) or Meow (number 10)
  • Superb quality cruiser kids skateboard: Santa Cruz Cruiser  (number 5)

1. SkateXS Complete

SkateXS kids Skateboards

Let’s start with the winner, because the SkateXS Beginner complete is the best skateboard for kids. You get high-quality trucks, SkateXS branded bearings, and colorful SkateXS wheels. This skateboard offers a smooth ride on asphalt, pavements, and skate parks.

A kids skateboard should be configured in a specific way, and SkateXS does it right. Softer wheels and softer bushings which allows kids to really get to know a skateboard with less risk of falling.

The deck is made of quality maple wood combined with bamboo. Anything between 7.5″ and 8.0″ will be fine for kids but SkateXS helps you to pick the right size. Check SkateXS for availability.

  • Option to personalize by adding a name
  • Best quality skateboard for kids
  • Durable trucks
  • High-quality wheels
  • Bearings roll smooth
  • Kid friendly graphics
  • Comes in different sizes and colors
  • SkateXS also offers quality helmets and protective gear


We’ve skated this board for some time the deck keeps its pop for a long time. No signs of chipping or delamination, also no pressure cracks or warping of the board. Even an adult can ride this board which means it can take quite a beating (check our full review).

One of the better decks on this list, and comes with graphics for boys and girls to make it more appealing. The construction consists of bamboo and maple, making it last longer compared to birch or only maple.


Colorful SkateXS brand wheels that provide enough grip and stability for younger riders. Great for cruising and they perform well in parks and streets. The Higher end version consists of higher quality Spitfire wheels which are for kids that already know how to ride and want to get better.


skateXS skateboard trucks

You can either get Thunder trucks or SkateXS trucks. Thunders are the best trucks you can get but in my opinion the SkateXS street trucks are a safe choice for kids.

The basic trucks are cheaper but just as good as many professional skateboard trucks out there. They turn great and come with custom bushings which don’t require tweaking. The hollow kingpin makes them lightweight and the softer bushings makes turning a lot easier.


It comes with SkateXS bearings that are reliable and roll smooth. Perhaps not for the demanding skater, but fine for beginners and kids. The SkateXS kids skateboard is our most recommended skateboard, works straight of the box, and is miles ahead of the competition.

SkateXS Kids Beginner SKateboard
SkateXS Kids Beginner SKateboard
SkateXS Kids Beginner SKateboard
Our Score

SkateXS Kids Skateboard

Performs great on sidewalks, concrete, and asphalt. Offers a smooth and reliable ride straight out of the box.

  • Custom Designed for kids
  • Can handle pebbles and cracks
  • High-quality Parts
  • Excellent customer support
  • Safest skateboard we tested

2. Magneto Mini Cruiser

Magneto mini cruiser skateboard

Not a trick skateboard but a great cruiser for kids at a very reasonable price. It performed way better than I expected even though it isn’t the best quality board you can buy.

My kid needed some time to get used to the loose trucks, but we fixed this after adjusting the trucks a bit. This is a great board for kids to learn how to ride without having to worry about cracks, pebbles, or anything blocking the wheels.

The wheels and bearings aren’t the best, but not an issue for kids. Adults should avoid this board but kids under 13 will have a blast.

  • Very light deck
  • The trucks turn well but require some tweaking
  • Great cruiser on a budget
  • Not the best bearings but the large 60mm wheels compensate for that
  • Wheels are okay, they roll smooth and provide enough grip
  • Not meant for tricks
  • Great for kids up to 13 years old

Currently available at Amazon, or check our full review.


After riding many cruisers, the deck looks a bit cheap to me but it offers enough room to get into a comfortable stance. The transparent grip is durable and offers a decent grip but it ‘s also easy to adjust the foot placement. The concave of the deck is medium plus, which allows for quick stance adjustments while carving or riding over rougher surfaces.

The nose doesn’t really have a purpose, but the kicktail allows kids to really dig in at higher speeds. We didn’t experience any wheel bite so the wheel wells work properly.

Wheel bite is when a wheel comes into contact with the bottom of a skateboard deck when turning. This often causes you to fall because the board suddenly stops moving.


The wheels are quite big and soft, but don’t ride as smooth as the Arbor Pocket Rocket which I’ll address later. To me this makes a tremendous difference but less so for kids as they don’t weight that much.

Overall, the 60mm wheels handle cracks and rough surfaces really well and no issues when kids run into gravel. They just plow through like the pebbles aren’t there.


The trucks are fine for kids but I advise tightening them a bit because they feel really loose at first. If you ride this board straight out of the box, it will feel unstable. Very easy to fix by tightening the large nuts on the trucks. The back trucks should be looser than the front for optimal performance.


Not the best compared to the Arbor Pocket Rocket but they work well with the larger wheels. Overall the board rolls smooth and does not require too much effort to keep it going.

3. Santa Cruz Classic Dot

Santa Cruz Complete skateboard classic dot

This is the 4th Santa Cruz board in 2 years that I bought, not because they don’t last very long. I just want more boards to test and not a single one has let us (me and my son) down so far.

Santa Cruz was the first official skateboard brand in the world and produces high-quality skateboards for all ages. This skateboard, however, is great for kids from 8 to 14. It’s 7.8 wide and comes with 52mm quality OJ wheels at 92A.

The Bullet trucks can handle abuse and can even handle the weight of adults. They are budget trucks but as always; we tested them and they can handle almost anything.

We tested this board in our local skatepark and on a bike lane. As you can see in the video this isn’t the fastest board when riding rougher surfaces but it can deal with tiny objects and cracks.

This is a trick skateboard but also a decent start skateboard that checks all the boxes. The bearings aren’t that great but you’ll notice this less on smoother surfaces like you can find in concrete skateparks.

One of the better boards on this list and they come in various sizes and graphics but the hardware is always the same. Just make sure you pick one with OJ wheels!

Check for prices and availability (affiliate link to Amazon)

  • Great all around skateboard
  • Quality wheels that aren’t too soft or too hard
  • Rides well on rougher streets and skateparks
  • Works for kids aged 8 to 14
  • Small pebbles won’t block the wheels, making it a safe ride
  • Quality brand with decent components
  • Deck is made of birch


santa cruz kids skateboard side view

Santa Cruz unfortunately gets their decks from China these days and are made of birch. that doesn’t mean the boards (or decks) are bad. Not at all! This board is both great for kids who just want to ride, and kids who would want to learn tricks. Very stable and durable deck with a mellow concave (the curvature across the deck’s surface) that can handle lots of ollies and kickflips.

These decks are single pressed, this means you don’t get a warped board because pressing 12 decks at a time causes deformations and warping. They are less poppy compared to a 7-ply maple deck


santa cruz child skateboard trucks

The trucks are slightly smaller than the deck, the wheels don’t stick out so no worries about feet hitting the wheels when pushing forward. Bullet trucks are fine for beginners and kids, they are comfortable when turning, don’t make these squeaky noises, and help your kid correct any minor mistake when riding.

Santa Cruz makes sure they offer the best bang for your buck, the trucks are inspected during production and so far I never had any Bullet trucks fail me on arrival. 


Santa Cruz kids skateboard OJ wheels close up

The OJ slimeball wheels are great for skating streets and skate parks and the hardness is around 97a. This makes the wheels grippy and less noisy, but this also depends on the surface you ride. The diameter is 53mm which is exactly right for a skateboard this size. No risk of the deck coming into contact with the wheels on sharp turns.


The bearings aren’t super fast and require kids to push harder on rougher asphalt. When riding in skateparks they perform much better. You can make them a bit faster by using silicon lube.

4. Arbor Pocket Rocket

Arbor Pocket Rocket deck

This isn’t a trick skateboard but a great board for a comfortable and stable ride, my kid absolutely loves this board! The large super soft wheels can handle most of the cracks and pebbles and provide a buttery smooth ride.

It’s quite small, so great for younger kids and easy to carry around. I must admit I had quite some fun riding this board and so did my son.

One of the better options if kids just want to learn how to ride but you want something that is durable and reliable. It’s very versatile and will do great in skateparks, mini ramps, and can handle almost any surface.

Might be available on Amazon.

  • Second best cruiser for kids on this list that offers a very smooth ride
  • High-quality components
  • Trucks are a bit stiff at first, loosen them a bit and they’ll respond faster
  • Big soft wheels that ignore cracks, twigs, pebbles
  • It’s fast and doesn’t require much pushing
  • Not made for tricks, expensive.


A stiff and rather tiny deck, but super strong and comfortable to ride. It comes with wheels well to prevent the wheels coming into contact with the deck when carving (wheel bite).

It doesn’t have a lot of concave but enough to get a firm grip which helps to control the board. It has a pointy noise and a small kicktail to hop over curbs or to get into a more aggressive stance.


Arbor Pocket Rocket Wheels

I love the Arbor Bogart wheels, one of the better cruising wheels you can get and they can handle anything. Combined with the Arbor bearings they perform great on gritty asphalt but also are grippy enough to handle slick surfaces.

If you worry about small objects or cracks blocking the wheels, don’t. These wheels will not come to a sudden stop when riding over cracks or annoying tiny rocks. I actually experienced the wheels just launching pebbles forward or they just ride over it without any problem.

The wheels are 61mm and 78A (hardness), the huge contact patch or riding surface makes them very stable and grippy.


Arbor pocket rocker wheels and trucks

The Arbor Pocket Rocker comes with Paris Street trucks that are carvy and strong enough to last over a decade. The main issue is the tightness. It won’t turn well straight out of the box, so I suggest loosening up the trucks a little. It will take some time before they break in, but a bit of tweaking will speed up the process.

It also comes with riser pads which helps to prevent wheel bit but also allows for sharper turns.


Arbor offers great budget bearings that last for years, as long as you don’t ride in wet conditions or encounter lots of dust and sand. They are fast, spin for a long time, and the  large and soft wheels plus the Arbor bearings work very well together.

5. Santa Cruz Land Shark Cruiser (Best Beginner Kids Cruiser)

Santa Cruz cruiser skateboard

The more skateboards and cruiser we test, the more I’m convinced that the best way to learn how to skateboard is do start with a cruiser. If you want something really special in terms of looks, quality, durability, and performance you really should check out this board.

This is not only great for kids, I really enjoy riding this cruiser skateboard. It’s a bit small for an adult, but I like a challenge and it’s so comfy to ride! I did a full review recently, make sure to check it out.

Because of the big soft wheels and decent bearing, it’s easy for a kid to learn how to ride. The best thing I like about it is that it just keeps going. Just a small gentle push and the board will go on forever.

Compared to the Arbor Pocket Rocket this is a better choice, but it’s also a bit more expensive. The differences are mainly the shape, wheels, and angled risers.

The angled riser pads makes this board more carvy and I would advise tightening the trucks a bit if this is the first time riding a board. Make sure you monitor your kid and see what you can do to make it less twitchy, at least that’s what my son told be.

  • In my opinion the most appealing board listed here, it really has that classic vibe.
  • Superior performance, smoothest ride, most beginner friendly for kids under 11 but also great for experienced older ridees.
  • The wheels simply ignore small obstacles, bigger cracks, and super gritty surfaces. Safest cruiser for kids.
  • The trucks are quite loose so depending on the weight of a child, you might want to tweak them a litte.
  • Just looking at it makes you wanna ride it.


santa cruz flame dot cruiser skateboard deck

This board has an unique shape and differs from the others. The split tail is more for aesthetics but still offers a firm grip. It’s very stiff, so no flexibility which makes sense because it’s quite a small board.

I really LOVE the looks and my kid is constantly riding this board inside my house because he just can’t help it.

Anyway, high quality stuff, and the sprayed on sanded grip and birght red colors combined with the Sata Cru Logo and yellow lines really makes this board appealing. Graphics and design really make a difference to motivate your kid to go out there and ride, this board is a real gem.

It has a bit of concave for better grip, slightly elevated nose and a kicktail for really digging in when riding rougher surfaces.

Available at Amazon (different graphic)


santa cruz flame dot cruiser skateboard trucks

I’m a fan of the trucks, even though they are pretty standard I love them for their carvyness and playful handling. This also has to do with the angled riser pads and on point bushings. The bushings aren’t too soft or too hard and made for all ages. Santa Cruz really did a good job.

I’ve tested other Santa Cruz cruisers and they were quite disappointing, this one is special.

For beginner kids they might feel bit loose at first, this is also a feature not a bug. You can tighten the trucks a bit and make it less carvy. This will make it easier to ride but don’t go overboard, a kid needs to be able to adjust the riding direction.


Large soft wheels that can deal with anything, they are super wide and offer both grip and stability. They can even handle dirt, grass (not after a rainy day), and the grittiest roads. If often talk about wheels being able to handle cracks, these wheels just ignore them like they aren’t there. This means it’s a very safe board for beginners.


It’s hard to say how the bearings perform because the wheels compensate for everything, I haven’t swapped them yet so I’ll update once I do. This is actually a very good sign, bearings matter but wheels matter more. I bet Santa Cruz put some really cheap bearings in it because you will hardly notice anyway.

From my experience all complete cruisers come with mediocre bearings and I’m sure this board is no exception. Like I said, the wheels compensate for that and kids will get the smoothest ride out of all boards listed here.

6. Powell Peralta Golden Dragon

Powell peralta golden dragon skateboard for kids

I expected the Golden Dragon to be underwhelming. You often see this board promoted, so I bought one and tested it. To my surprise, it’s actually a pretty decent skateboard. The trucks carve well and wheels are pretty forgiving and it feels like a solid skateboard overall.

This board is 7.6″ wide and suitable for kids aged 7 to 12. It can even deal with impacts without falling apart.

It’s actually made by Powell Peralta, one of the best skateboard brands and famous for their quality products. The trucks turn well and the bushings aren’t too soft but depending on your kid’s weight you might want to tweak them a little. In the video you can see the trucks are a bit to lose at first but after riding it for a while it gets better.

You get decent wheels, sturdy trucks, mediocre bearings, and a reasonable deck. This is a great quality board that will last for a couple of years.

  • Heavy but sturdy 7-ply maple deck
  • Trucks hold up fine even after testing them to the extreme
  • Reasonably soft wheels that work well in parks and concrete, less on rougher surfaces
  • The bearings aren’t great, use some silicon lube to improve their performance
  • Great for kids under the age of 12 that want to learn tricks or just learn to ride
  • Might feel too loose straight out of the box so tweak the trucks

Available at Amazon.


My kid really loves this board, mainly because of the graphic. ‘Wow dad, there’s a dragon on this board’, was the first thing he said and he immediately wanted to try it out.

It’s one of the smaller boards in this list, at 7.625″ wide the deck is suitable for kids under 12 years old. The shape and concave are suitable for both riding and tricks. It’s a budget skateboard, and the pop is rather mediocre but this isn’t an issue for kids who want to explore skateboarding.

If you like to take your kids to your local skatepark, or have a reasonable smooth pavement outside, this is an excellent choice. It’s a decent board that will last for a long time but it’s rather heavy.


Powell Peralta Golden Dragon trucks and wheels

Reliable mini logo trucks that are fine for kids. One thing that makes this board stand out from the others are they way they carve. We didn’t notice and deformations when doing tricks meaning the bushings are hard enough and don’t require much tweaking.

My son was able to ride and correct his riding direction when needed, still one of his favorite boards even though we have many pro skateboards lying around.


The wheels are grippy and stable; they are softer compared to professional skateboard wheels which is a good thing. We tested the wheels on asphalt, steel, concrete, and wood and they hold up fine.

Sure, if your kid is a really skilled skateboarder, the wheels won’t suffice. For example, a trick like a powerslide will cause tiny flat spots on the surface of the contact patch (the part of the wheel that comes into contact with the riding surface). But if you worry about that, you better get the kid a professional custom setup.


Standard bearings that work fine, not too fast and not too slow. No weird sounds or wheels blocking because of faulty bearings. I advice to use some silicon lube to increase their performance, just a tiny drop will make a difference. When riding on rougher surfaces (like in the video) it requires more effort to get some speed, still manageable though.

7. Element Complete

Another really, really cool skateboard for kids! Element often does collaborations with themes like Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. This makes them one of the coolest boards for kids, but graphics say nothing about the quality.

I think you get a really decent skateboard for a fair price. While Element doesn’t offer the best decks, they do offer one of the best skateboards for a fair price.

Element kids skateboard

I took this board to my local park with a couple of other skateboards and most skaters were specifically curious about this board. It just looks great which helps to keep your kid motivated, great graphics on a skateboard just want you to go out there and skate.

The color of the trucks and wheels compliment the overall design and I personally think this is the raddest looking board on this list. Unfortunately Element themed skateboards are limited so depending on when you read this, they might offer other graphics. My kid rides this board quite often and it’s one of his favorites.

Currently available at Amazon.

  • Great design
  • Poppy deck
  • Very soft bushings that require some tweaking
  • Wheels feel a bit hard but perform well in skate parks and on smooth surfaces
  • Bearings aren’t great
  • Decent skateboard for kids between 7 and 14


element kids skateboard deck

The deck is super poppy, most kids won’t notice but once they are ready to learn to ollie (jump) the deck will do fine. I also really like the grip tape with the National Geographic logo.


Designed with kids in mind, the wheels are small but soft and very forgiving on rougher surfaces. This also means it doesn’t make a lot of noise and it will be easier for kids to keep their balance.

Soft enough for slightly gritty asphalt, less likely to block when running into pebbles, and the wheels ignore small cracks if not riding too slow. They also perform well in skateparks, and are grippy enough on concrete, metal and wood.


element kids skateboard trucks and wheels

The trucks might feel a bit loose at first. I advise tightening the kingpin nut a bit, and repeat this after a few hours of skating. The bushings are rather soft which isn’t a problem but even my kid felt like they turn too much. Easy to fix by using a skate tool or wrench, just tighten them a bit.

Also check if the trucks are attached properly. We tightened the bolts that attach the trucks to the deck a bit because it someone was sleeping during their job ;). Again, not a problem, but it’s wise to inspect a new skateboard before riding it.

The trucks are durable and can take lots of abuse. I had one of our locals skaters test this board and besides that the trucks feel very loose; they handle tricks like a champ.


Completes usually come with cheaper bearings. Element is no exception. Buying a complete means some components will be of lesser quality. It isn’t really an issue; they perform well and you can use some silicon lube to increase their performance. Probably not needed, and it’s easier to learn how to ride a skateboard that doesn’t have super fast bearings.

8. Alien Workshop

Alien Workshop kids skateboard

Alien Workshop have been at it since 1996 and are known for their outstanding graphics. This particular skateboard is great for kids of any age, I even tested it myself and was impressed.

At first, the bushings we’re a tad soft so we tweaked the trucks a but by tightening the kingpin nuts, after that it performed great. It doesn’t weigh much, responds quickly, and is super poppy. Alien workshop offers many sizes and graphics to pick from (affliliate link to Amazon), again 8.0″ wide is always a safe choice!

The video is a bit short but my kid got tired, we’ll make a better one soon!


The shape is suitable for the more serious skater kid that wants to learn tricks. It comes in two sizes, 7.75” and 8.0”, both are excellent choices though 8.0” is more standard these days. If your kid is under the age of 12 go for a 7.75, 8.0” works well for kids over the age of 12.

It has a mellow concave, a crispy pop and can handle tricks such as ollies, kickflips, and board slides. Both kids and an adult tested this board, and it passed the test.

They could have done a better job with the grip tape. Some of it peels off in time, rather quickly actually, but we pushed it to its limits which most kids probably won’t do until they learn how to do tricks.


Alien Workshop skateboard wheels

It comes with small 52mm/97A wheels that work well in skateparks and street. The wheels are a bit softer which makes the ride more stable and easier to maintain balance. They don’t feel great when riding gritty asphalt, but to be fair, only the cruisers on this list can handle rougher surfaces. You need big soft wheels for that.


It comes with Xenia trucks with super soft bushings. The trucks require some tweaking and I suggest tightening the kingpin nut a few times.

After me and another adult ollied and kickflipped this skateboard a few times, we noticed the bushings squished a bit so we had to tighten the trucks a little. After a few rides the bushings break in and they will work properly.

It takes some time to tweak it just right. Don’t worry if this happens, bushings require some time to work properly.

The flexibility also depends on the weight of a child but one of the kids said that it was too turny, while another liked how fast it could turn. Personal preference I guess.

As for the rest of the trucks, we didn’t notice any tears or cracks after an adult skated it for a while so they will hold up fine.


Not the best, not the worst. Kids need to push harder on rougher surfaces but they perform well on slick surfaces like concrete, wood, BB and tennis courts.

9. Blind Skateboards

Blind kids skateboard

Blind offers a skateboard that almost ticks all the boxes. Pro quality deck, great trucks, wheels perform well but the bearings could be better. Every board has a one or two parts that aren’t great but in this case you really get a great beginner kid’s skateboard.

It’s 7.75″ wide which works for all ages, so if you want a board that is still usable when kids grow up, this is a very safe choice. Currently available at Amazon.

  • High-quality deck that can deal with impacts
  • The trucks turn well and quickly snap back into position
  • Bearings could be better, silicon lube makes them roll faster
  • Softer wheels that are great for skate parks, gritty asphalt, and street skateboarding


Blind skateboard deck

Blind offers a skateboard that almost ticks all the boxes. Quality deck, great trucks, wheels perform well only the bearings could be better. Every board has a one or two parts that aren’t great but in this case you really get a great beginner kid’s skateboard.

It’s 7.75″” wide which works for all ages, so if you want a board that is still usable when kids grow up, this is a very safe choice.


The wheels perform great in parks and street, and are a medium soft. Great when riding concrete, pavements or smooth asphalt though. It makes landing tricks easier as they don’t bounce around much.


Blind skateboard trucks

This board comes with tensor trucks and they perform great and is a reputable brand. They work straight out of the box, don’t require much tweaking and the bushings don’t squash when you test it to its limits.

They snap back into position rather fast which makes it’s easier to correct the riding direction while still remaining your balance. Tested by kids aged 7, 8, 9 and 14 and they all were very positive about this setup.


The only downside of this board is the bearings, they don’t spin very well at first and need some time to work properly. Add a bit of silicon lube if this is causing problems.

For kids just starting out it’s actually beneficial, the board won’t go super fast which makes it easier to control.

10. Meow Skateboard

Meow kids skateboard

The Meow kids skateboard comes in 3 sizes; 7.75, 8.0″, and 8.25″. Keep in mind that 8.25″ might be a bit too wide for kids under 14, but 7.75 works well for kids over 6 years old. 8.0″ is great for 8+, 16+ with large feet would benefit more from an 8.25.

What I like about the Meow skateboard are the great graphics, soft wheels, and soft bushings. The wheels super soft and give a very comfy ride. At 92A they are great for rougher surfaces and handle small obstacles well.

As for durability, we tested this board and pushed it to the limits, but it never failed. One of the safest and most reliable boards you can buy! Meow skateboards offers fantastic graphics for all ages, check for availability (link to Amazon).

  • Very soft (92a) wheels that offer a smooth ride
  • Quality maple deck, it’s stable and can handle abuse
  • Bearings aren’t great
  • Quality trucks that turn really well


Meow skateboard deck

It’s a standard 7-ply maple deck of good quality. Because of the mellow concave, there is more room for foot placement making is easier to maintain balance.

It can take quite some abuse and won’t crack when jumping off stairs and can handle professional tricks. My local crew tested this board the to extreme and it won’t break from simple tricks.


meow skateboard wheels and bearing

The wheels are soft (92A) and offer a very comfortable ride. Super quiet and perform well on gritty asphalt, concrete, or any surface that’s still in reasonable shape. Great for kids that want to learn how to ride a skateboard.

They are a bit smaller than average, but offer more than enough stability and grip. The downside is that they might feel a bit bouncy when performing tricks.


meow kids skateboard trucks

Another great feature are the trucks. They trucks turn very well so it’s easy or your kid to makes corrections and avoid larger cracks. These trucks are very durable and compete with the top brands.


The Meow bearings aren’t great and one of the worst on this list. After loosening the axle nut they rotated quicker but still a bit disappointing. I highly recommend replacing them after a few months. It requires more effort to maintain speed on this skateboard and is a bit slow (which is good at first but not when kids get better at riding).

11. Enjoi Pizza Kitten Youth

Enjoy kids skateboard

If there is one brand that offers awesome skateboards for kids, it’s Enjoy. This particular graphic might not be available when you read this because they change often. Currently Amazon offers a 7.75″ wide version with a different graphic.

I love the themes Enjoi comes up with. When I came across this board I just had to buy it, I mean a kitten on a pizza, what more would a kid need? The graphics don’t say much about the quality of a board, but this one is great for kids between 5 and 8.

My son it used to wider boards so he had trouble getting used to its small size but at 7.75″ kid will be able to ride them for years.

  • Smallest board on this list, not for kids over 8-years-old.
  • Trucks turn well but you might want to tighten them a bit
  • Great wheels, can deal well with pebbles and cracks
  • Mediocre bearings, use silicon lube to improve their performance


This the smallest skateboard on this list, and very lightweight.  It’s 7.25 wide which is great for younger kids. The benefit of a smaller board is that kids are less likely to hit the rear wheels with their feet when pushing the board forward.

The concave is very low which means its easier to maintain balance but harder to do advanced tricks. Most kids at this age just like to ride a little or even sit on the board, so that’s perfectly fine.


Enjoi 92a/51mm wheels which means your kid won’t have issue when encountering gravel, pebbles or small cracks. Even though the wheels are small, they handle rougher surfaces pretty well. This will help your kid to balance on this board without falling as often.


It comes with standard Tensor trucks and from our experience they are reliable and strong. They won’t fall apart after a few weeks and will last for years. I had a couple of locals test these trucks and they weren’t able to break them even after jumping a 7-stairs.

Another big plus are the soft 92A bushings that are perfect for kids. These are the plastic cone-barrel shaped parts that help the trucks (and your kid) turn. Very easy to adjust and correct the direction of the board.

I advise to tweak the trucks a bit, depending on your kids preference you might want to tighten the kingpin nut. Because the bushings are soft, they might feel to.


Nothing special, they spin but that’s all. Use a bit of silicon lube to make them spin faster, it will make the ride more comfy. Easy to replace by the way.

The Problem With Most Kids Skateboards

Almost all the boards here have a few issues, I think the best thing to do is assemble a skateboard yourself and it won’t even have to cost more. During our tests many boards had the following issues:

  • Low quality bearings which require kids to push a lot and not get much speed. This can also be a good thing though, easier to control the board.
  • Some boards have wheels that are just a tad too hard making the ride less comfortable.
  • The bushings are usually very soft (which can be fixed) and rewuire some time to function properly

Of course, complete skateboard are convenient but be ready to tweak them a little. You don’t always get top quality parts, but usually it’s fine for kids who are just starting out. Make sure to check the following before riding a new skateboard:

  • Check the deck for delamination or warping, it doesn’t happen very often but sometimes you can get a faulty deck.
  • Check if the wheels spin properly, they don’t have to spin for 30 seconds but they should at least be able to roll. If not, check if the bearings aren’t blocked or damaged.
  • In many cases you probably need to tighten the trucks a little. The bushings can be very soft and depending on the riders weight, they can feel too soft. Too soft means the board will rock all over the place and it will be hard to maintain balance. Very easy to fix with a wrench or skate tool.

Stay Away From Cheap Kids Skateboards

Toy skateboard may look like real boards but they quality is inferior. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I can see what people buy on Amazon (completely anonymous, don’t worry) and the most returned boards are the ones other sites recommend. Usually they are under 60 bucks.

They hardly move, feel sluggish and break often without even doing crazy stunts. The trucks fall apart, the bearings break and they aren’t fun to ride. Sure, kids can learn how to ride these board but it will be frustrating and they might give up.

Don’t fall for the Amazon ratings, they are often rate by grandparents or parents that don’t know much about the quality. Also i would try to ignore the recommended cheap skateboards, these are paid ads.

What About Skateboards For Girls?

Skateboard for Girls

There’s no such thing, skateboards are for all genders (not talking about the graphics) but you can shop around and see if you can find a girly graphic. Most of the boards listed here also have different designs, I know Santa Cruz has a couple of great skateboard for girls but just make sure you get the same board I listed here.

There are a couple of professional female skateboarders that offer skateboard parts specifically designed for girls (as in graphics). Check these trucks for example, the graphics are designed by Nora Vasconcellos (super badass female pro skater).

skateboard trucks for girls

Want to make a teenage girl really happy? Order these parts and assemble the board yourself. You might need to shop around a little.

  • Girl 8.0 Skateboard deck or any reputable skateboard brand with an awesome graphic.
  • Krux Nora Vasconcellos Animal Kingdom Standard 8.0
  • Jessup Grip tape
  • Enjoi Hardware (8 bolts and 8 nuts)
  • Bones Reds bearings
  • 4 spacers
  • Spitfire classic wheels 99a 53mm

This is a quality setup and way better than any boards listed here. For younger girls, check out Skate XS. They offer quality skateboards for a fair price. You can even add a name as long as the characters fit. Still you can do it yourself for a lot cheaper and better quality parts.

Skateboard Parts Explained

Skateboard components explosive view

So I mentioned many details that might be confusing. Is a skateboard really that complicated? Well yes and no, for kids most boards will work but there are ways to make a ride safer and ways to make learning how to skateboard a lot easier.

Let’s dig in, if you came this far don’t back down. You are on you way to get the absolute best skateboard for kids but it will require some work. Let’s explain the components and then I’ll make some suggestions about what parts to pick and why.


Wood works great, plastic sucks. Why? Plastic might last a long time but it’s slippery, flexible, heavy, and not suitable for tricks. Wood is lightweight, sturdy but won’t last as long as plastic.

On the other hand, skateboards are meant to be destroyed, you can replace the deck by getting the same size and it will be in mint shape.


Over the years we tested many wheels. Quality matters, maybe less so for kids under 11, but as soon as they are really into skateboarding you better get some decent wheels from reputable brands like Spitfire, Bones, and OJ.


trucks skateboard explosive view

Trucks are the metal T-shaped components that help you to carve and do tricks like grinding. Complete skateboards usually come with lower quality trucks but most can handle abuse.

Good quality trucks can last for years, low quality trucks can break as soon as you do an ollie. None of the trucks tested here had these issues.



The bushings help to make a board turn, the softer they are the easier it is to turn BUT it also makes the board less predictable. Not an issue for 6 to 11 years old kids, but once kids get bigger harder bushings are required.

You can easily tighten them by adjusting the nut on the kingpin using a skate tool!

Cup washers

Metal cup-shaped rings that hold the bushings in place. Often overlooked but very essential, all trucks come with washers.


Washers or speedrings are the small rings that are placed on the axle of the trucks, they prevent the bearings from wearing. All trucks come with speedrings!


Bearings are the donut-shaped metal rings that makes the wheels spin. There is a lot of difference in quality and most complete skateboards come with mediocre bearings. To increase their performance, you can add silicon lube (just 1 or 2 drops) and it will make them spin faster. Always check for faulty bearings when you buy a complete!

Bearings are easy to replace and you can even clean them, though cleaning them will remove the original grease and it will require you to clean them more often. Might as well get new bearings.

Grip tape

The sandpaper on top of a skateboard deck. Grip tape quality varies but most kids boards come with reasonably smooth grip tape. Grip tape is also quite easy to remove and replace.

Riser Pads

Riser pads add some height between the deck and the ground. This allows for deeper carving. Riser pads aren’t needed for kids skateboards. Shock pads help to make a ride a bit more comfortable, the are made of a rubber-like material to absorb shocks. Only needed when riding rough terrain but the difference is negligible. 


The bolts and nuts to mount the skateboard trucks. They come in different sizes but usually 7/8″ bolts work, except if you added riser pads.


Small tube shaped cylinders that sit between the bearings. They prevent wear on the bearings and reduce friction, they also keep dirt and dust out of the inside. Most complete skateboards don’t come with spacers even though they are very cheap.

How To Assemble a Skateboard Yourself

assembled skateboard and components

If you don’t like any of the boards listed here, consider assembling one yourself. Most completes have a few cons like very soft bushings are wheels that are too hard and don’t feel very comfortable. For a detailed guide follow my instructions here: how to assemble a skateboard

It’s easy and I can help you out quickly. To assemble a skateboard you need:

  • A 7-ply maple deck, any brand will do
  • A pair of trucks
  • 1/8 hardware (Philips or Allen)
  • 4 Wheels
  • 8 Bearings + spacers
  • Griptape

Tools to assemble a skateboard:

  • A skate tool or a wrench
  • Screwdriver or Allen wrench (depending on the bolts)

Now you have 2 options:

  1. Go to your local skateboard shop and ask if they can build one
  2. Get the parts online and do it yourself

You do not need a kids sized skateboard, just don’t buy a deck over 8.0″ wide.

Cheap basic option for kids over 8 years old:

  • 8.0 blank deck: $30-$35
  • Mini logo Trucks 8.0″ Raw (set of 2): $39 or Bullet trucks: $25
  • 7/8″ Hardware: $6
  • 4 Spacers: $3
  • Bearings: mini logo bearings: $10 or better quality Bones Reds: $18
  • Wheels: Ricta clouds 52mm/92a: $35 Or OJ wheels 52mm/87A: $35. Not too soft and not too hard, perfect for kids.
  • Jessup griptape: $5

Total cost around 130 bucks or 115 id you get the Bullet trucks. This setup will work for kids from 8 to 16! The only downside are the hard bushings that come with the mini logo trucks. They need time to work properly and you really need to tweak them a bit.

Putting Skateboard Parts together

I’ll replace this with a video soon, for now this has to do.

The only challenge is applying grip tape, but if you have the right tools its fairly easy. A Stanley knife works but make sure the blade is sharp enough, this will make the cut a lot easier.Let’s start with the grip tape:

Applying grip tape to your skateboard deck
Click for the full image
scraping the edges of the skateboard deck with a blunt screwdriver
Always move the screwdriver towards you. It is easier to create a hard thin line this way.
how to cut skateboard grip tape preview
Cutting the grip tape
attaching skateboard trucks to deck
Attach the trucks
insert bearings and spacers into skateboard wheels
Insert the bearings
attaching the wheels to truck axles
  1. Apply the grip tape on top of the deck, make sure there aren’t any bubbles. If that happens just puncture them using the Stanley Knife.
  2. Use the side of screwdriver and scrape the edges
  3. Cut the grip tape and hold your blade in an angle. Puncture the holes.
  4. Attach the trucks
  5. Inset a bearing, then a spacer and then the other bearing. Use the truck or a tool to force them in properly. I always use a few drops of lube to make this process a lot smoother.
  6. Screw on the truck axle nuts but not too tight, wheels need to be  able to spin.
  7. Sand down the grip tape with the left overs.

It will take you less than 30 minutes. I usually assemble a board in about 10 minutes but I’ve done it many times.

Skateboard Protective Gear For Kids

We tested quite some gear over the years and so far I like Protec, Triple 8, and TSG the most. The most important thing to get is a helmet, and it should fit properly.

If you skate yourself, lead by example and wear a helmet. This will make it easier to convince a child to wear one. Mine doesn’t want to ride without a helmet and the same goes for me. It just takes some time to get used to and a comfortable quality helmet makes it more likely for your kid to actually wear one.


tsg helmet side

Of all the brands tested, TSG and Triple 8 seem to fit the best because of the convenient helmet shape. You get extra padding in case there’s a bit of room left on the inside.

Enough coverage on both the front and back of the head and light enough so it won’t feel annoying. Comfort will also contribute to kids willingness to wear a helmet.

The standard straps and plastic buckle can be adjusted but don’t strap it too tight. Just make sure the helmet stays put and won’t take off when tumbling over. Here’s what I like about this helmet:

  • Great fit and room for growth
  • The extra padding allows to adjust the fit and comfort
  • Very comfortable and it doesn’t move around, one of the better fitting helmets we tested
  • Covers the back of the head which is rule n1 for skateboard helmets

If this helmet is over your budget, consider a JBM helmet. Although we haven’t tested this helmet out selves yet, it’s safe and should do the job.

Knee pads, Wrist Guards, Elbow Pads

TSG protective gear for kids skateboard

Again I recommend TSG and Triple 8. Recently my son crashed when we we’re riding down a slope. I expected him to break down and cry, but he actually smiled and told me he was okay.

The knee pads didn’t shift at all and stayed in place so he was able to slide on his knees and the palms of his hands. Without these pads and wrist guard it would have been a nasty fall.

Nothing happened, just some scratches on the knee pads and wrist guards, really glad I got these!

There are cheaper options like JBM, and Protec also offers decent sets, but in my opinion it’s just not as good as the gear TSG and Triple 8 offer. Check out the gear in action:

Kids Skateboard Size

baby sneakers on a hand skateboard

I admit, I bought into it a few years ago but size really doesn’t matter much for kids over 10 years old. Kids adapt and adjust their stance, my kid is perfectly able to ride a wider board and nowadays he actually prefers it because it offers more stability.

Just get a 10 year old 8.0″ and it will last for years. Kid sized boards help, but you’ll need to buy a new skateboard every 2 years. Better to replace the parts and slowly upgrade.

You often see tables like this:

Kids age, height, and skateboard size
AgeKid heightSkateboard width
5 or under3’4 or under6.5″ to 7.0″
6 to 83’5 to 4’47.0″ to 8.0″
9-124’5 to 5’27.5″ to 8.0″
13 and over5’3 or over8.0″ and wider

But my kid was perfectly able to ride an 8.0 when he was 8 years old, and now that he’s 10-years-old he still rides an 8.0″wide deck without problems.

Tweaking a Skateboard

You probably noticed I mentioned tweaking the bushings a lot. Complete skateboards often come with very soft bushings, the urethane cone-barrel shaped stuff that help to make a skateboard turn, placed in the trucks.

Often they are way too soft, not a problem for kids under 10, but really and issue for kids 11- to 16. I recommend not getting a complete skateboard but assembling one yourself.

Skateboard Tools Aren’t Needed, but They Are Convenient

several skateboard tools

Skate tools come as cheap as 5 bucks, the more expensive the tool, the easier it is to assemble a board. I personally am a huge fan of the Silver Skate tool, saved me tons of time assembling skateboards.

Easy to carry around and store in a backpack, and fixes issues within seconds.

Taking Care of A Skateboard

Take care of a skateboard and it will last for a long time. Leave it out of the rain, sun, store it in a dry place, and avoid sand and dust. Store it somewhere high so nobody steps on the board when not paying attention.

If a board get wet, dry it with a towel. Water is devastating to bearings and wood so make sure to avoid that. If interested, here’s more about how to maintain a skateboard. It dives into proper maintenance and how to replace parts.

Skateboard Shoes For Kids

Often overlooked but rather important and it doesn’t have to cost much. Just get a pair of sneakers with thin soles. Runners won’t work well because kids need to be able to feel the board. Thick soles will make it harder to control a skateboard so see if you can find some shoes on sale.

Recommended skateboard shoe brands for kids:

  • Vans
  • DC
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Etnies

Teaching A Child How to Ride A Skateboard

Girl riding skateXS skateboard
  1. Inspect the board first, make sure everything is working properly.
  2. Strap on safety gear, at least a helmet (seriously).
  3. Place the skateboard on a patch of grass to prevent it from moving.
  4. Now it’s time to jump on and off the board, feet should be near the bolts.
  5. Ask the child to bend their knees knees and lean in all directions to learn how the board responds.
  6. See if you can find out if they are regular (75%) of goofy (25%). Left foot in from is regular, right foot in front is goofy. This might take some time but will become clear soon.
  7. Time to ride. Gently push your kid, just place your hand on their shoulder. Knees should be bend, face to the riding direction. Make sure they keep their stance centered. They should not lean forward or backwards.
  8. Once comfortable ride them around while holding their hands and find out which foot they prefer in front. Ask which direction they feel most comfortable with.
  9. Stand next to your kid and let them place their preferred foot near the bolts of the trucks.
  10. Tell them to slowly move forward by just walking using one foot (push foot), do this for a couple of minutes. You can either hold their hand or let them do it themselves. Always stay close.
  11. Once they can ‘walk’ a little tell them to take one step and put the other foot on the board. Rinse and repeat and they will pick it up.

There is so much more to this but I honesty would need to write an entire different post.

Learning how to Balance

Start with the basics and kids become familiar with a board quickly. A patch of grass really works wonders, it also help to figure out if the board is working properly.

Kids under 5 should not ride a skateboard, their bodies can’t handle the stress and their little skeletons aren’t ready (link to scientific study). I often see these extremely talented kids skateboarding on popular Instagram channels and it makes me die a little inside. Sure it looks cute, but it’s irresponsible to let a kid ride a skateboard at such a young age.

Don’t take my word for it, check out the guidelines over at  and see what I’m talking about. Sure not all kids are the same, but be a responsible parent, uncle, aunt, sister, brother or whatever and wait until a child hits the right age.

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But Wait, Isn’t Skateboarding Dangerous For Kids?

Not at all! Sure kids can get bruises and minor abrasions, but so long as they wear protective gear it’s completely safe. Most of the kids that get injured aren’t wearing a helmet. Want to learn more? Check out why skateboarding isn’t dangerous and how to make it safer.

Most injuries involve new skaters. usually because they are trying stuff they aren’t ready for. Always skate to your abilities, so you better keep an eye on your kid.

Here’s how to make skateboarding safe:

  • Pad up, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.
  • Make sure they wear proper skate shoes.
  • Keep an eye on them at al times and stop looking at your phone 😉
  • Make sure the area they skate is safe; smooth surface and no traffic.

Last Words

The best skateboard for kids isn’t for sale, it’s the one YOU assemble depending on their age, weight, shoe size and style of preference. The only exception is the SkateXS skateboard which we highly recommend, they are the only ones that consider all these factors.

Prepare to pay over 80 bucks because for less you won’t get a decent skateboard. You also need a helmet and if you still have some money left, knee pads and wrist guards.

Seems expensive right? It really isn’t. Sure the whole package is quite an investment: skateboard, protective gear, shoes, tools, it adds up. If you’re kid is really into it it’s cheaper than a basketball, football, or any sport out there. It’s also safer compared to the most popular sports, really? Yes really!

Skateboarding is super fun, your kids will challenge themselves, get more confident, and make new friends. Just keep on eye on kids when skateboarding, and I dare you to learn skateboarding yourself!

Last tip: Don’t push kids because it only will backfire, all kids are unique and some learn faster than others, it’s all about fun. If a kid needs time to gain confidence, let them watch other skaters and help them out when they feel ready. Just be supportive and stop looking at your phone ;).

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