Protective gear for kids

Glad you got to this page because protective gear is very important. Fortunately, protective gear for kids is widely available and has improved greatly over the years. The most important thing is that it stays in place and fits properly. Cheap gear often moves around and doesn’t have sleeves that fit around arms and legs. Avoid those because it’s just a waste of money and hardly offer any protection.

I’ve selected a few affordable options that won’t shift and can take an impact. You can either go for the cheaper Pro-tec set or the slightly more expensive 187 set. Both are fine though the latter lasts a bit longer and feels more comfortable. Don’t forget the most important piece of protective gear, a quality helmet. I wouldn’t spend too much on knee, wrist, and elbow pads but don’t cheap out on helmets.

Pro-tec Junior 3-Pack

protec kids 3 pack.jpg

Kids aren’t heavy so there’s no need for heavy-duty protection unless your kids is a pro. Just the standard Pro-Tec junior 3-pack (Amazon link) is good enough. 

What I like about these pads is that they stay in place (sleeve design) and can take an impact. Shifting often causes abrasions and the cheaper sets all have this issue. 

The set is kids for at the age of five to ten.  I would advise going for the Pro-tec combo pack which comes with knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

187 Junior Six Pack

187 junior six pack

If you want something more reliable, consider the brand 187. They make some of the best protective gear but are slightly more expensive than Pro-tec.  They’re suitable for kids between four and eight years old, weighing 40-60 pounds. The elbow and knee pads also come with sleeves which keeps them in place when your kid is riding a skateboard.  You can check for prices on Amazon.

Don’t Forget About a Helmet


Probably the most important piece of protective gear is a helmet, the downside is that they cost almost as much as a skateboard. One of the best you can get on Amazon for your kid is the Pro-Tec Certified junior helmet. It’s a great looking helmet, offers all the needed protection and certified. If you want something less expensive check out the JBM multi-sport helmet (link to Amazon).

Make sure your kid is careful with a helmet. Even though they can take multiple impacts, it’s advised not to throw them around. Minor fractions can compromise the integrity of a helmet so store them properly and handle them with care.