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19 Insane Snowboard Tricks You Need To See

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From rail tricks, to flip tricks, spins in, out, on and everything in between. We have compiled a list of 20 unique creative and crazy snowboard tricks to inspire you and get you stoked to shred. With the current snowboard world wrapped up in the competition dilemma of spin to win.

Creative tricks often not being scored higher and riders not so stoked on adding another cork to the quad. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your own snowboarding or for some snowboard eye candy to feast your eyes on. Check out what tricks stand out in today’s, crazy high standard, world of snowboarding.

snowboarder performing a trick

1. Boris Mouton: Bs double 1080 shifty

To kick off our list, I have to started with one of my all time favourite tricks! Not only is this super creative and unique, but it is stomped absolutely perfectly. Add in the set up trick and this clip automatically makes Boris one of my favourite riders. The set up trick alone, would have most likely also made the cut, if the next generation hadn’t come through and upped it already.

2. Cab 12 Gorrila: Kuba Hrones

Carrying on from Boris’s cab 9 set up trick, young gun Kuba has added an additional 360 to Boris’s 9. Kuba has come out swinging in recent years with massive spins on massive kickers. What is cool about Kuba is, he is adding unique grabs to these huge rotations.

Often doing bs16 with Japan or fs 14 with double nose, its great to see him adding his own flavour to the competition tricks. Here Kuba is doing a cab 12 with a double grab, I have heard this grab being referred to by many different names.

Often double indy, which to me doesn’t make sense. An indy is grabbed with your front hand, you can’t use your front hand twice! Another iv heard is Mindy, Mute + Indy, I can get on board with this one. For me its a “Gorilla”. I first started doing this grab in the snow dome in Scotland, where it was referred to as “Gorilla”, as you look like a gorilla with both your hands reaching down. T

his cab 12 Gorilla, is a bit of a mind melter, holding that grab through that much rotation is insane! Be sure to check out Kubas other selection of insane tricks. He is for sure one to watch out for.

3. Cab2 – Pretzel 2

This is our first trick that has not exclusively been done by one rider. I believe Eiki Helgason was the first person to do this trick quite some years ago, since this it has started to become a little more mainstream. For most people doing a cab2 bring back is one thing, but the thought of pretzeling a 270 out is enough to put most peoples back out.

4. Switch Nollie double Fs rodeo12 (?): Stale Sandbech

Like many of the tricks in this list I am unsure if the trick has a name? Many people referred to it as a misty in the comments section, mctwist is thrown in there also, double chicane but also many people disputing each of these.

For me its a fs rodeo 5 carrying on the rodeo rotation as a bs rodeo 7. What ever you want to call it, there is no doubt it is for sure dope. After dominating the competition scene for so many years it is great to see Stale still putting his own twist on snowboarding tricks. We are for sure stoked to see what Stale is getting upto now he’s hung up the competition bib.

5. Double BS Rodeo 14: Max Parrot

Carrying on from Stales double rodeo, we have Max Parrot with the Bs version and taking it to 14! Adding rotation to a rodeo is insane. Many people can figure out the rodeo 5, whether its Fs or Bs or both. Taken a Bs rode to 7 is a lot more difficult, than say adding a 180 to a flat spin, or a corked spin.

Going past 9 in a rodeo is where it starts to get a little mind melting, taking it to 14 is definitely insane and as far as I am aware has not been done since. Watch the youtube edit here to see how the Olympic gold medalist had to battle this trick to figure it out.

6. Markus Kleveland: Butter Bs 1980 + Tripple fs rodeo

Markus Kleveland has single handedly been changing the face of snowboarding for the best part of a decade, not bad for a 24 year old! From kicking off the knuckle huck game, to doing multiple worlds first with huge spins and a rail game to match it, Kleveland is undeniably one of the best. Or right now, arguably, the best snowboarder in the world. We could have done this whole article with tricks just from Kleveland alone. Instead I have listed a couple of his most stand out tricks.

Kleveland has been winning big air comps, and slope style comps for many years, and from the outside looking in, it seems with great ease. Not just doing the biggest spins, he is also adding his own flair, while still doing the biggest rotations.

Not many riders have a 1980, and to add a butter into this is bonkers! Markus has dominated in the big air scene, but the insane thing about Markus is; its not just one aspect of snowboarding he is pushing.

In the same big air competition, to secure first place, he also did a fs triple rodeo. Most competitions will be flooded with triple corks and 1620’s, however I believe Kleveland is the only one, to be doing a triple rodeo in competition (Instagram below, second slide). This is just one aspect of Markus Kleveland’s insane snowboarding.

7. Fs Board – double wild cat: Markus Kleveland

Kleveland really is a rider that can do it all. As previously stated his big air is next level, and his medal count proves this. However his board control and his finesse on rails is equally impressive. In the spring of 2023 Klevaland added to his insane bag of tricks with this double wild cat, out of a Fs board. The control, on the rail, in the air, and the balls required to throw this is gnarly. Seems to be just another trick in the world of Markus Kleveland.

8. Bs Tripple 1080: Markus Kleveland

To most, this one might seem a little out of place, you might be thinking people do triple cork 1440 all the time. This is a stock standard competition trick, and Markus is doing less rotation here, so why is this listed? This is exactly why its insane, the way corks naturally come around is in blocks of 540’s, so the 1440 naturally has 3 corks.

Doing this as a 1080 seems to defy physics, I have not seen this done by anyone else since. The double 720 is starting to be done by some riders but as far as I am aware this triple 1080 has not been copied yet. As always Markus is several steps ahead of the field.

9. Bs2 Pretzel 2: Markus Kleveland

Like the cab2 pretzel 2, this is a trick that is starting to be done by a handful of riders. It is definitely not a common trick and definitely not a trick that most pros would be able to figure out. To spin in, in one direction, and spin out in another is insane.

On a snowboard, on a rail, there is no way to initiate or create the 270 out. It is all done with twisting your board and with core strength. To do the 270 in, you are turning your back to the rail, going blind for a second and now to do the 270 out, you need to land in a very twisted, very awkward position, and then slide the rail in this awkward position, after spinning in.

For non snowboarders, it is hard to explain just how insanely difficult this is. Here is a clip of Liam Brearley, doing this in a slope style run (slide 2).

10. Dennis Bonus: Tornado

As previously stated most of these tricks don’t have a specific name, I have christened this one Tornado, but basically this title could apply to all of his tricks, you will probably agree when you see him in action.

Dennis is another rider we could again use here for all 20 tricks. Most tricks Dennis does on a daily basis, are mind melters. Most of his tricks, you will need to screen record the clip, then watch it frame by frame to have any idea what he actually did. Here is one of Dennis’s many, many, insane rail tricks.

11. Switch Bs5 to Method: Torgier Berghem

This is one of the most stylish tricks out there. In a world of spin to win, this is the type of trick all snowboarders want to see more of. In 2018 Olympic Big Air qualifiers, Torgier qualified with a perfect 1620, this secured him a place in finals. However on his second run he put down this Bs5 to method perfectly, for the snowboard community this trick won the qualifiers that day. This is always a crowd pleaser and for sure one of the most stylish tricks in snowboarding.

12. Bs5 Japan to method: Moritz Thonen

As is often the case once something is done, someone else will one up it. Add an extra rotation, grab or tweak. Leading on from Torgiers Bs5 to Method, Moritz has taken this to the next level. Torgiers Bs 5 is incredible, for me Moritz’s version here is one of the dopest tricks that has happened on a snowboard.

To be able to tweak in one direction, while spinning and then to tweak in another direction, while continuing spinning is insane. The Bs5 Japan has been a stylish trick used by many riders, Torgier Bergrem has been throwing the nicest bs5 method for some years but to combine the two is a feast for your eyes.

13. Double front flip bloody Dracula: Juho Laine

Lobster rider Juho, seems to have taken over Haldor’s weird unique tricks, that very few other people do. To be fair to Lobster, it seems all Lobster riders have this unique flare. Juho however seems to be the guy with massive tricks, on massive jumps, that make very little sense to the average snowboarder.

Often going upside down a couple of times and ending with a nice method, or some other tweak. This double front flip bloody Dracula however is crazy, getting through a double with this vey awkward grab is hugely impressive.

Juho is yet another rider, that could have filled this list with his tricks, props to him and his unique trick selection. Be sure to check out his other tricks on instagram, the majority of what he is doing will blow your mind.

14. Flipping into, onto and through rails: Snappyboarder – AKA Zenja Potapov

Zenja has been breaking the internet with NBD’s for some years now. It is refreshing to see someone take there own completely unique approach to snowboarding. If we are to break down this trick here, I think the best description is, cab1 into a rail tap 360 front flip out….possibly?

We could however, have just as easily as used any of Zenja’s tricks here. I have not seen anyone else doing tricks remotely close to what Zenja does, or if they do they might have one or two variations. Zenja’s bag of NBD tricks is in a league of its own, be sure to check out his other tricks.

15. Fs double 10 off a rock: Sean Fitzimons

The Fs double 10 might be a stock standard trick to competition kids. However throwing this off a rock drop, with a short/quick transition, to a “flat landing”, or you could equally argue to no landing is bonkers! The stomp on this clip alone is gnarly. The force he comes down with, how bolts he lands, bounces out of it, and still manages to hold it, is insane.

16. Superman Frontflip: Craig Gouweloos

Front flips off of everything and anything are pretty common . Its easy to generate the rotation, and popped off the nose, they can be done off very small jumps or even bumps. Front flipping anything big however, in my opinion, is gnarly!

If you get the pop wrong it is easy to over rotate, and over rotating a front flip is probably one of the worst tricks to this with. As you are most likely going to continue to rotate straight into your face. Craigs superman front flip on the super park jump looks incredible, he literally flies. It looks like proper flight, for some seconds before tucking into the flip at the end. This is, full on flying tho! Looks insanely fun, and equally scary.

17. Bs 1800 Japan: Dusty Henricksen

Dusty is quickly becoming known as the most stylish snowboarder in snowboarding. Regularly seen on the podium and always having the most stylish tricks within the competition scene, Dusty is doing great things for snowboarding. His 2020 US open run, is one of the most stylish runs of all time. Massive tricks all landed with the laziest, easiest style out there.

He has many insane tricks that could be listed here, first bursting into the spot light with his hand drag double front flip on the roller at Laxx open. His cab 1 to tail block double front flip could have also been listed here however I have opted for one of his big spins, and an insane rail trick. For most the thought of an 1800 is incomprehensible, adding a tweaked grab to this and still keeping it stylish and looking “chill” is something else

18. Bs board slide pretzel 630 underlflip out: Dusty Henricksen

Flipping out of rails is starting to become common practice with in Slopestyle snowboarding. Throwing a same way underflip 270 out is for sure impressive, difficulty isn’t massive for riders of this caliber but doing this as a pretzel (the opposite way from how he enters the rails) is crazy. Mix in doing this in the middle of one of the most stylish runs ever, combined with tricks of this standard, is hugely impressive! Dusty is keeping the style alive in competitive snowboarding, and for this reason he is for sure mine, and many other snowboarders, favourite snowboarders to watch.

19. Cab3 to Reverse Euro Carve: Me

To round this list off, I have finished with one of my own. This is not as gnarly and as hectic as the other clips listed here, but as we have no flat land and no carving tricks I thought this might be a good one to finish off with. The cab3 is done as an MFM butter which is a bit of a classic flat land trick, and the Euro Carve is always a crowd pleaser, the lower the better. The cab 3 is done nicely but the relaxed lying down, while carving through the snow is a very satisfying feeling.

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