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Elbow pads

Depending on where and how you skate, you’ll sometimes need elbow pads. Even more so when you skate vert. Ever heard of swellbows? A swollen elbow is a nasty injury and while take a while to heal, session over.

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I recommend getting the 187 Killer Elbow Pads (link to Amazon)  They offer enough protection for most skaters.  If you also need knee pads, save yourself some money and get a combo pack.

What I like about these pads

187 offers the best protective gear without being overly expensive, sure they aren’t the cheapest but they’ll last for many years compared to cheaper pads. They feel more comfortable than most pads and after a while you hardly notice them. You might need to get used to them when you start wearing them.

They need to break in so they can feel a bit tight at first. This will go away and I wouldn’t worry about it. This is also the case with knee pads, they feel restrictive at first but they’ll break in fast. The pads cover your entire elbow, which means solid protection. Once you get used to them you won’t have to bother with adjusting them.

Which size to get

Make sure you get the right size, too tight or too loose can be really annoying. If your pads are too big they’ll start moving around and you’ll run the risk of injuring yourself because the pads are misplaced. Too tight will feel uncomfortable and restrictive, you’ll need to keep your blood circulation flowing.

Here’s how you measure your elbow:

  1. Get a measuring tape.
  2. Measure your arm circumference at your elbow joint.
  3. Check the chart.
6 – 7 Inch  8 – 9 Inch 10 – 11 Inch 11 – 12 Inch 13 – 14 Inch


Cheaper options

If you’re on a budget go for a combo pack or check out Protec protective gear. They are a bit cheaper and of lesser quality but still okay.