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Protective set

187 combo pack

Buying a protective set is a good choice when you’re a beginner. Buying all the gear separately is more expensive so you might as well save yourself a few bucks. You will fall over and over again and in order to keep on skateboarding, you better get proper protective gear.

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Go for the 187 combo pack. The knee and elbow pads are of great quality and won’t feel too restrictive. You can view the set and compare prices at Amazon by clicking here.

Unfortunately, the pack doesn’t contact wrist guards so you have to get those separately but I still recommend buying wrist guards and a helmet.

You will hit your wrists eventually. The first time you’ll probably be okay but hitting your wrists repeatedly will cause injuries. As for a helmet, it’s probably the most important piece of protective gear. If you don’t have the budget just buy a helmet. Here’s a helmet I recommend if you’re interested.

Why I like this set

187 is an excellent brand and are known for their quality products. They aren’t the cheapest but also not the most expensive. Cheap protective gear usually doesn’t fit well and the caps break rather quickly. One hit and you’ll have a plastic cap with crack. You have to get used to them but that won’t take long. They feel more comfortable after wearing them for a while and won’t shift out of place.

Picking the right size knee and elbow pads

measure protective gear

Depending on your height and weight you’ll need to make sure to pick the right size. Also, think about how you are going to wear them. Are you going to skate in shorts or short sleeves vs pants and long sleeve? It usually fits both but they might feel a bit tighter wearing long clothes, you’ll get used to it though. They also need to break in a little so after wearing them for a while it will feel more comfortable. They need to have a tight fit because they need to stay in place for optimal protection.

Here’s how you measure your knee, this should give you a good indication of the size you need.

  1. Get a measuring tape or string.
  2. Measure your leg circumference at your knee joints while standing up.
  3. Check the chart to see which size you need.

Here’s how you measure your elbow:

  1. Get a measuring tape.
  2. Measure your arm circumference at your elbow joint.
  3. Check the chart.
Knee pads10 – 12 Inch12 – 14 Inch14 – 16 Inch15 – 17 Inch17 – 20 Inch
Elbow pads6 – 7 Inch8 – 9 Inch10 – 11 Inch11 – 12 Inch13 – 14 Inch