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10 Nine Club Episodes You Should Definitely Watch

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The Nine Club” podcast is a prominent show in the skateboarding community. It was started by professional skateboarder Chris Roberts in 2016. The podcast features in-depth interviews with skateboarders and other figures from the skateboarding industry, providing insights into their careers, lives, and the skateboarding culture.

Chris Roberts, along with co-hosts like Kelly Hart and Roger Bagley, delve into the experiences and stories of their guests, ranging from legendary skateboarders to newer talents. The show is known for its relaxed and conversational style, making it a favorite among skateboarders and fans alike.

The podcast has significantly contributed to the skateboarding community by archiving the personal histories and stories of skateboarders, which might otherwise be lost. It also helps in promoting the culture and lifestyle of skateboarding to a broader audience.

Over the years, “The Nine Club” has expanded its content beyond just interviews. They’ve added segments like “The Nine Club Experience” and “Stop And Chat,” providing different formats and more content for their audience.

The show has gained a considerable following and is highly respected in the skateboarding community for its authentic representation of skateboarding culture and history. Here are our favorite episodes.

1. Chad Muska – Episode #159

Chad Muska takes listeners on a journey through his upbringing in Arizona and Vegas, his move to San Diego, and his early days of sleeping on the beach. He shares his experiences of getting on Maple Skateboards, painting a vivid picture of his skateboarding beginnings​.

2. Mike Vallely – Episode #138

In this episode, Mike Vallely discusses his roots in New Jersey, attending his first Black Flag show, and his journey to joining Powell-Peralta. His stories encapsulate the intersection of music and skateboarding culture​.

3. Tony Hawk – Episode #100

Tony Hawk, a legend in the skateboarding world, shares the story of how his brother gave him his first skateboard, leading to a career that saw his board end up in the Smithsonian. He talks about his time with Bones Brigade and his iconic skateboarding achievements​.

4. Paul Schmitt – Episode #174

Paul Schmitt’s episode delves into his early life in La Crosse, Wisconsin, his move to Tampa, and his innovative work with wood and fiberglass skateboarding rails. His influence on skateboarding equipment innovation is amazing. One of my favorite episodes as a gear geek, “nanotubes”!

5. Paul Rodriguez – Episode #12

Paul Rodriguez discusses his entry into skateboarding, his involvement with St. Archers Brewing Company, and his days with City Stars. His multifaceted career and contributions to skateboarding culture are highlighted in this engaging discussion​.

6. Andrew Reynolds – Episode #55

This episode features Andrew Reynolds talking about his upbringing in Florida, his first sponsor G&S, and his experiences riding for Birdhouse. Reynolds’ journey through the skateboarding world is both inspiring and insightful​.

7. Steve Caballero – Episode #155

Steve Caballero shares his experiences growing up in San Jose, California, joining Powell Peralta at just 15, and his participation in amateur competitions. His episode offers a look into the early days of skateboarding and its evolution​.

8. Bam Margera – Episode #70

Bam Margera discusses his childhood in West Chester, Pennsylvania, getting on Toy Machine, and his experiences filming for “Jump Off A Building.” His unique blend of skateboarding and entertainment is a highlight of the show​.

9. Bob Burnquist – Episode #162

Bob Burnquist’s episode takes listeners from his upbringing in São Paulo, Brazil, to turning pro for Urgh Skateboards at age 14, and his eventual move to San Francisco. His international perspective adds a global dimension to the skateboarding narrative​.

10. Nasty Neckface – Episode #167

In a departure from the typical skateboarding tales, Nasty Neckface discusses his upbringing in Northern California, his foray into graffiti, and the development of his unique artistic identity. His episode bridges the gap between skateboarding and street art​

Each of these episodes of “The Nine Club” offers a unique perspective on the skateboarding world, providing insights into the lives and careers of these influential figures. They collectively paint a picture of the diversity, creativity, and passion that defines the skateboarding culture.

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