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Ruben Vee skateboarding in a mini ramp

In short; I'm in my early 40's, work as a designer in the tech industry, and I graduated as an art student (media and technology), and decided to start a blog about skateboarding in 2018.

Skateboarding at Young Age

I've been skateboarding for a while now, I started skateboarding in 1989, just sitting on a skateboard with one knee on the board and pushing with the other foot. My first 'real' skateboard even had fake Schmitt Sticks and copers. Learning to skateboard was difficult because I was the only one in my neighborhood.

At 15 started inline skating but after watching the local skateboarders, and finally understanding how to ollie, I was quickly convinced to buy a real skateboard.  I did both for a few years but dedicated myself to skateboarding eventually. I skated both street and mini ramp, vert skateboarding was always a bit scary honestly.

Ruben vee and son skateboarding

Building Our Own Vert

After building our own ramps, quarter pipes, and funbox the locals took on a challenging project, building a vert-mini combo. I remember seeing the blueprints and the dedication everyone put into the project.

In 1996 we got permission from our local municipality to build our own mini ramp/vert, and it was amazing. We maintained it ourselves as best as we could with our limited budgets. I made many friends which I still occasionally skate with today.

After a decade, plans changed and it was decided that the vert had to move (hence destroyed) to make room for something else.

Taking a Break From Skateboarding

I went to study elsewhere and my new town had no facilities for skateboarders. No skate parks, horrible streets, and I just cruised once every while. I could ignore skateboarding for a few years, but not for long. Once a skateboarder, always a skateboarder.

In 2015 my wife and I decided to move back to our roots. The houses were cheaper, the town small and safe, perfect for our kids, so we did it. Funny thing is that when I moved back, the local skatepark got an upgrade so I started skateboarding more often.

Since I was able to afford better gear, I looked online for advice but realized there was a lot of bad advice out there. It got me thinking about sharing my experiences and decided to launch SkateboardersHQ.

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