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25 Early 2000’s Skateboard Video Parts To Get You Stoked

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Ahh, the early 2000’s. This was such a revolutionary time for skate videos. Some of the greatest skateboard video parts ever put together were created during this era. Before going out to shred, it was absolutely necessary to throw in a quick video beforehand to get you pumped up. A lot of factors go into making a dope video part.

Raw talent, sweet style, cool spots, trick variety, epic ender, and of course, a sick song that flows perfectly with the part. The following list contains arguably 25 of the greatest early 2000s skate video parts to get you psyched up to hop on that board and tear it up.

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25. Terry Kennedy – Baker 3 (2005)

Compared to other parts on the list, Terry’s part may not feature the highest level of skating, but my god, does it get you pumped up.

Terry Kennedy had only been skatingfor 4 years before this video was released, so with that in mind, it’s incredible to be doing the things he does in this iconic video. He’s actually the artist responsible for creating the dope song he skates to as well.

24. Garrett Hill – Zero New Blood (2005)

Shocking to some, I’m sure, but Garrett Hill’s part in “New Blood” is my favorite. The way his skating lines up to “Another Girl, Another Planet” by The Only Ones is excellent.

I also love his opening line of a solid kickflip right through the gate, followed by the nollie back 50-50 down a 10-stair rail. Solid ender with the nollie frontside 50-50 down the classic double kink too. Head over to Youtube to watch.

23. Josh Harmony – Toy Machine Good And Evil (2004)

Josh Harmony is an underrated ripper, for sure. Great choice of music that fits his dope trick selection. I also love how his tricks transition into the song’s chorus. Smooth-looking backside 360 over the man-made pyramid followed by an ollie over the handrail into the far rugged bank. Sick. Watch on Youtube.

22. Dylan Rieder – Quiksilver Promo (2005)

Rest in peace to this incredibly smooth skating individual. I bought a Quiksilver shirt from my local skate shop back in the day, and I got this free promotional DVD along with the purchase.

Popped it up on my TV screen and was pleasantly surprised with how dope Dylan Rieder’s part was. I could watch this kid’s style for days, and the Matt Costa song was perfect.

21. John Rattray – Zero Dying To Live (2002)

No disrespect to heavy hitters and absolute legends Jamie Thomas and Chris Cole, but John Rattray’s part in “Dying To Live” would PUMP me up.

The Proclaimers are a sweet band, and I love that he skated to their hit song, “500 Miles.” I also love that he incorporates massive stalefish grabs (I don’t see that too often) into his part, along with some huge rails and a super steep hubba front-lip.

20. Mike Hastie – Darkstar Battalion (2003)

This was an epic opening part for Darkstar’s “Battalion.” Mike Hastie has numerous bangers, including his ender Nollie Crook on a super tall 11-stair rail.

Excellent song choice and I love his featured little fits of rage, especially when he yells at the woman blocking his entrance on the line with the nollie front smith. Hilarious.

19. Anthony Van Engelen – The DC Video (2003)

Speaking of fits of rage, AVE’s opening scenes of him screaming and smashing his board to bits in “The DC Video” are priceless.

But what follows next is an incredible showing of super-fast, high-level street skating and complete domination of curved ledges, benches, and banks. This part will make you want to throw down tricks at 100mph. Video available on youtube.

18. Danny Renaud – Habitat Mosaic (2003)

Danny Renaud is an underrated beast. He holds down the opener to Habitat’s “Mosaic” with class. His song choice of “Crawshay” by Cymande was excellent. By far my favorite part in the video. Extremely smooth.

17. Evan Hernandez – Transworld In Bloom (2002)

I swear, Transworld’s “In Bloom” may be one of the most incredible skate videos ever made. I used to beg my friend to bring it to my house every time we hung out.

Evan Hernandez absolutely owns the video’s opener. Watching his first line before the music drops gives me goosebumps and is also included in out best skate videos of all time.

16. Antwuan Dixon – Baker 3 (2005)

There’s a reason Antwuan Dixon’s part in “Baker 3” has 2.4 million views on youtube. He has one of the cleanest styles I’ve ever seen. Not only does he skate like he’s in a video game, but he throws down bangers too. And that first tre-flip? My God.

15. Kevin “Spanky” Long – Emerica This Is Skateboarding (2003)

“This Is Skateboarding” was the first skate video I ever bought, and Spanky was my first favorite skateboarder. I absolutely loved this part.

The way he laughs in the beginning is classic. Terrific song choice, a great variety of tricks, and an awesome ender with the double-kink boardslide. Video available on Youtube.

14. Jake Rupp & Tosh Townend – Elementality (2005)

Absolutely awesome opener. I wanted to avoid shared parts, but I simply couldn’t ignore this one. Rupp and Townend’s styles complement each other so well, and the song by

Rocker-T gets me so stoked to skate. They tackle so many unique, hard-to-skate obstacles, and Townend’s uphill back smith in front of the 7-11 was filthy.

13. Leo Romero – Foundation That’s Life (2004)

Clearly, I’m a sucker for openers because here’s another gem. Leo Romero’s part in Foundation’s “That’s Life” is dope. I love a good non-stop stairs and rail killer, which is exactly what Leo did in this part. Killed. The song is awesome, too. Video available on Youtube.

12. Billy Marks – Toy Machine Good And Evil (2004)

Talk about bangers. Billy Marks went crazy in this part. This dude was flipping into handrails left and right back in 2004. Pop shove-it down the Wilshire 15 was epic, and the switch big-heel boardslide at the end? Enough said. Check it out on Youtube.

11. Aaron Artis – Blind What If (2005)

One of my favorite parts of all time. This cinematic masterpiece was the glue that held Blind’s “What If” together. I love old soul music in skate videos.

It’s one of the best combinations ever created, and Aaron Artis shredding to Marvin Gaye is precisely what I’m here for. Kickflip Melon over the Hollywood High guardrail to the sidewalk? Who does that? Watch on Youtube.

10. Paul Rodriguez – Forecast (2005)

P-rod is my favorite skateboarder of all time. The dude has the cleanest style ever, and that’s not open for debate. He demolishes everything properly in “Forecast.”

I love when he casually sessions a spot until it’s completely annihilated. The up-to-flat loading dock will never be the same after what P-Rod did to it in this iconic video part.

9. Daewon Song – Almost Round Three (2004)

This video part put out by one of our most valuable pioneers of street skateboarding could bring a tear to your eye. Perfect song choice with “The Killers.”

How he sessions the life-threatening gap between the freight trucks is nothing short of legendary, and his manual variations are mind-blowing, to say the least. Loved it. Watch on Youtube.

8. Rick McCrank – Girl Yeah Right (2003)

Although “Yeah Right!” is filled with stacked, top-level talent, Rick McCrank’s part always struck a different chord for me. McCrank rips and his part is filled with non-stop bangers, but the Le Tigre song, tied in with his style, carries this part to the highest leve of getting you hyped up. Also, that 50-50 at the end is gnarly.

7. Corey Sheppard – Blind What If (2005)

One of the gnarliest openers of all time. Corey Sheppard in “What If” will PUMP you up. “Banquet” by Bloc Party may be one of the greatest songs ever incorporated into a skate video.

The way it flows with Sheppard’s go-big approach to tearing up everything in sight is insane. The opening tre-flip down the huge 4-block and the ending switch front board to gap out were unbelievable. Check it out on Youtube.

6. Bastien Salabanzi – Flip Really Sorry (2003)

Bastien Salabanzi. Not much more needs to be said. The guy is a straight-up beast. The amount of hammers he throws down in “Really Sorry” is crazy. When it transitions into the second song, he goes on a complete rampage. Plus, I love instrumentals in skate videos. Watch on Youtube.

5. Heath Kirchart – Emerica This Is Skateboarding (2003)

One of the first video parts I’ve ever seen and I’m so thankful for it. Heath Kirchart is a legend, and this is another part that gives me goosebumps whenever I re-watch.

The song is so strangely inspiring, and so is how he gets up from that brutal slam in the beginning and then proceeds to dominate the screen. Easily one of the greatest openers of all time. Available on Youtube.

4. Paul Rodriguez – Transworld In Bloom (2002)

The only skater to grace this list twice is Paul Rodriguez. The way young P-Rod commands your attention on the screen is seriously incredible.

His skating flows with the Mophono instrumental flawlessly. Even though his skills have progressed in later videos, his part in the Transworld classic gets me the most stoked. I love that I can’t tell if it’s raining or if there’s camera static when he switch-flips that huge set at the end. So classic.

3. Mikey Taylor – DVS Skate More (2005)

I love Mikey Taylor. His energy alone makes him awesome. Overall, this is just a perfect video part. The song choice is amazing. The trick selection is impressive. Just the right amount of slow motion. Handles some of the longest rails and ledges like a true master of his craft.

The part where he runs on top of the rails while he sends his board under and then sits on the bench is so rad. It captures the fun essence of what skateboarding is all about. Check it out.

2. Mark Appleyard – Flip Sorry (2002)

I challenge any skateboarder to watch Mark Appleyard’s part in Flip’s “Sorry” and tell me they don’t immediately want to grab their board and go skate. This part is timeless and simply will never get old.

Appleyard has style for days, and his ender nollie-flip 50-50, followed by the air hump, is legendary. Also, I guarantee the band, Placebo, became a lot more popular after this part was released. Once again, watch the part on Youtube.

1. Ryan Gallant – Transworld First Love (2005)

No video part pumps you up to skate more than Ryan Gallant’s in “First Love.” The intro where he talks about his love for skateboarding is so relatable it could almost make you cry. Whoever’s idea it was for him to skate to the song “Ooh Child” is an absolute genius.

It flows perfectly. As I said, old soul music is an excellent complement to skateboarding. The line where he does that steezed-out frontside half-cab and then frontside flips the huge narrow stair set in slow-motion is literally the definition of skateboarding perfection. A hall-of-fame level piece of cinema.

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