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20 Best Snowboard Brands Of All Time

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Choosing a snowboard to purchase can be difficult; there are so many well-known brands to choose from. Whether brands are substantial multinational companies or smaller self-employed groups, you will always expect to get a high-quality snowboard with the latest technology, which gives you confidence that you are riding at the best of your ability.

Some of the best snowboard brands are Burton, Bataleon, Thirtytwo, YES, Jones, Salomon, Lobster, Switchback, DC, Capita, NOW, Union, Lib Tech, Never Summer, Nidecker, Arbor, K2, and the list goes on. These high-quality snowboard brands are well known for their innovative technologies and trust. These brands have the most comprehensive range of snowboards, equipment, and they team up with professional snowboarders.

In this article, you’ll find out all about the 20 best snowboard brands of all time to help you buy and learn about the best snowboard or gear of your choice.

Best Snowboard Brands

best snowboard brands of all time

Regardless of what you are looking for in a snowboard, there are numerous high-quality brands on the market to consider. When buying a new snowboard and equipment, the decision-making process is essential; you will need the best board of your choice to complement and suit your skills.

So let’s begin with the 20 world’s best snowboard brands to help you in selecting the best snowboard.

1. Bataleon

The Bataleon snowboard brand includes a leg up in regards to big-mountain riding. In addition to snowboards, they also manufacture surfboards and focus on smooth rides on longer boards.

For more than 17 years, Bataleon is leading the snowboarding industry in 3D technology. They have perfected the triple base technology and manufacture boards with traditional camber and lifted contact points, making snowboarding even more enjoyable.

Bataleon snowboards have patented 3D base geometries (3BT) and have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution. If you’re looking for snowboard technology with these features, then a Bataleon snowboard is the best choice for you.

3BT in Bataleon snowboards is based on the idea that when snowboarders turn their board, the torsional twist in the nose and tail fight against them, making it harder to turn. By lifting the edges outside the contact points, 3BT counteracts the torsional twist making the edge more efficient when turning. This gives the snowboarders an excellent edge hold and a more playful and forgiving ride.

All the Bataleon snowboards are hand-built in Austria with a focus on craftsmanship and the best material.

2. Thirtytwo

Thirtytwo is a snowboard brand which manufactures the best snowboard boots and outerwear since 1995. It has been leading the snowboard boots market with comfort, improvement, and innovation in technology. They use eco-friendly materials to help the environment.

Their squad includes freeride snowboarders like Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, and Chris Bradshaw. Their team also includes big names in snowboarding like Walker and Simon Chamberlain. All Thirty-Two products and accessories are tested and approved by their group of top riders who ride Thirty Two boots day in and day out, and then they are accessible to their customers in markets.

Sole Technology, who owns Etnies skate shoes, also owns Thirtytwo.

3. K2

The K2 brand was founded in Seattle, and they started in skis, but with the rise in popularity of snowboarding, they started to manufacture snowboards. What most of the snowboarders like about this brand is ‘Choice.’ They produce about three dozen planks ranging from broken snowboards to swallowtail decks.

It is an original American Ski and Snowboard brand founded in 1962 in Washington. It was the first snowboard brand to specifically engineer women’s products since 1999.

K2 also offers several options for kids and plenty of female-specific shapes, cores, and sidecut profiles. Professional snowboarders comment on K2 snowboards that they are great for powder and any rider who loves to stay in the park.

K2 struggles to manufacture their products to the next level with the help of their international professional team, including Riders like Nick Dirks, Danny Larsen, and Gretchen Bleiler, putting K2 boards, boots, and bindings through their paces.

The jib and park board, the WWW, and the cinch system bindings are favorites amongst the team, and with Danny Larsen getting involved with the graphics, you know K2 boards look as great as they ride.

Pros of K2 Snowboards:

  • They have a wide range of options.
  • Great for kids
  • Good for female snowboarders

Cons of K2 Snowboards:

  • Better known for skis
  • Not cheap

4. Salomon

Salomon snowboards are a category of the Salomon group founded in 1995 in the French Alps, in Annecy, France. This brand started its beginning in the ski area but rapidly climbed to the very best snowboard forms with a high-quality line. They have created numerous business’s finest snowboards.

When it comes to split boards, Salomon snowboards are the best. Split boards are different from traditional snowboards as these can split into two. One of their product, ‘Salomon Premier,’ is designed to shatter into four parts and allow the snowboarders to stash extra stuff when traveling.

Salomon has proprietary technologies like the “PLUM” hooks, which lets snowboarder assemble boards quickly and safely. Their long line of snowboards is well worth it if you want something innovative.

Pros of Salomon Snowboards:

  • Innovative designs
  • Split boards
  • Have proprietary technology like ‘PLUM.’

Cons of Salomon Snowboards:

  • Costly
  • Better for a professional who wants split boards

5. Arbor

Arbor is one of the best, trustworthy snowboard and skateboard brands due to the following reasons. Arbor has introduced a ‘Returning Roots Program’ that donates to classes and nonprofit organizations to protect and restore forests. They produce a massive range of boards for all kinds of riding styles and terrain.

This brand was founded back in 1995, and Arbor Collective offers a wide range of snowboards (affiliate link to Amazon) for different styles and skill levels. By giving a three-year guarantee, Arbor has gained its trust over all the other snowboard brands.

Arbor has an environmentally sustainable process, and they have heavily invested in the preservation of the Koa forests of Hawaii. Till now, their donations have helped the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative plant over 300,000 Kao trees in the woods. They have also supported various environmental organizations, including The Conservation Alliance, Arbor Day Foundation, and the Surfrider Foundation.

Pros of Arbor Collective:

  • Offers three-year guarantee
  • Eco-conscious

Cons of Arbor Collective:

  • Not good on powder specific decks

6. Jones

Jones is a snowboard, snowboard binding, and snowboarding accessories manufacturer that is based near Lake Tahoe. This brand was founded by a famous freeride snowboarder ‘Jeremy Jones’ in 2010. If you compare Jones snowboards with other brands, this brand started later than others but got successful in a short period.

Jones snowboard company has won numerous awards for its snowboards. However, they sell only a couple of products, and all are classified as all-mountain.

Moreover, Jones snowboard is also an ardent supporter of the climate change movement. And Jeremy Jones himself founded a nonprofit organization, ‘Protect Our Winters.’ Being the founder of this nonprofit, Jones was the most significant factor and symbol for all the snowboarding industry to change their practice and minimize their impact on the environment.

Jones also donates its 1% of sales to sustainability-focused nonprofits. Their snowboard brand also promotes avalanche safety and includes their “5 Red Flags” in the artwork on some of their snowboards and packaging materials. If you want to get into freeride, this is a good choice. Check Prices on Amzon (affiliate link)

Pros of Jones Snowboard:

  • Best for freeride snowboarders
  • Eco-conscious
  • Affordable

7. Nitro

Nitro was founded by Tommy Delago and Sepp Ardelt in Seattle, WA. This snowboard brand is solely into snowboards. They have a wide variety of boards for many ability levels and favors snowboarding freestyle backcountry and all-mountains.

The best thing about Nitro is their budget. Any beginner can buy a snowboard ranging from $200 minimum to $500 maximum (affiliate link). However, many snowboard riders complain about the durability of Nitro snowboards, especially in affordable models.

Pros of Nitro Snowboards:

  • Affordable
  • Suitable for all styles
  • Wide range of boards

Cons of Nitro Snowboards:

  • Durability issues
  • Top sheets of boards scratch easily

8. Ride

The Ride is one of the best snowboard brands, and what impresses most of the riders about them is that they are built on advanced, cutting-edge technology wed to premium quality. That’s why they keep snowboard requirements according to their customer’s needs.

Ride snowboards are made up of Membrain technology that infuses urethane into cloth. This technology makes their boards distinct from other brands.

It was founded in late 1992, in Redmond, WA. They hit the snowboarding industry with a clear vision to create a snowboard company for the people” that is based on technical innovation, superior quality, and “selling the dream.”

Along with a team of top snowboard professionals and up-and-coming riders, a strong product line, an ardent ad campaign, and quite a bit of hard work, the first few years were a success for Ride snowboards.

Due to the growing demand for snowboard and skateboard influenced clothing, Ride introduced an outerwear and streetwear line under Cappel Clothing.

Afterward, they launched a brand for bindings named ‘Preston Binding.’ Their bindings are best known in the snowboarding industry.

RIDE has firmly established itself as a snowboard industry leader through the passion and dedication of all of RIDE’s employees and several global affiliates.

Pros of Ride Snowboards:

  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Membrane top sheet technology

Cons of Ride Snowboards:

  • Expensive
  • Rave meter

9. Never Summer Industries

Never Summer is a snowboard, longboard, and wakeboard company based in Denver, Colorado. Its reputation for durability and quality started in the early years of snowboarding. They are designing and building snowboards since 1991 and has given the experience of years in testing and perfecting snowboard designs and methods.

They have a close relationship with a few of the world’s top raw material producers, and their boards are hand build. They manufactured domestically and improved the technology that resulted in Never Summer. This brand was awarded the first patent on any type of hybrid camber technology. They allow only the world’s best snowboard shops to sell their products.

Never Summer industries focus less on excessive promotion and hype and more on using high-quality materials and excellent customer service.

Pros of Never Summer Snowboards:

  • Production at a domestic level
  • They have an extensive catalog of planks
  • They also manufacture longboards

Cons of Never Summer Snowboards:

  • Some boards are rigid
  • Not favorable for heavy riders

10. Lib Tech

The Lib Tech snowboarding brand falls under Mervin manufacturing, and it has been around for decades in this industry. Not only snowboards, but Lib Tech also specializes in skateboards and surfboards.

Lib Tech made a huge comeback in the snowboarding industry in 2008 with the introduction of ‘Skate Banana.’ They incorporated their ‘Original Banana Technology’ in this initiative. Lib Tech engineers bring new contours and flex along with innovative shapes, mixes, and construction methods every year. This Lib Tech not only creates planks but also ride them.

This snowboard brand is well –known for its Magne-Traction advantages. Each Lib Tech product is manufactured under a controlled environment with all environmentally friendly and renewable high-tech substances. If you want something more eco-friendly, Lib Tech is a brand to consider.

Pros of Lib Tech Snowboards:

  • Banana technology
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Magne-Traction borders

Cons of Lib Tech Snowboards:

  • High rates
  • All boards are mountain oriented

11. GNU

GNU was founded in 1977, and it ranked its reputation as the best handmade snowboard maker in the snowboarding industry. Their boards are best known for profound, bold images and carving sidecuts.

They focus on carrying out experiments to produce excellent award-winning snowboards by keeping their designs unique and innovative. However, GNU was the first major manufacturer to invest a considerable amount in snowboarding.

GNU is owned by Mervin manufacturing along with Lib Tech and some other snowboarding companies. Their snowboards focus on freestyle decks and also great for all-mountain and geoboards. GNU snowboards are manufactured by using banana technology, which is favored by stunt oriented riders.

Pros of GNU snowboards:

  • Hand-built snowboards
  • Unique and innovative designs
  • Carving side-cuts
  • Wide range for selection

Cons of GNU snowboards:

  • Offers small choice for kids
  • Rave Meter

12. Nidecker

Just like the story of Jake Burton and Tom Sims, who battle for the snowboarding industry, Swiss entrepreneur Henri Nidecker also launched his snowboard brand to serve the snowboard industry.

In 1887, Nidecker set up a small factory to build agricultural equipment for Swiss farmers on Lake Geneva’s shores. And it took almost 62 years for the Nidecker factory to make the first snowboard. From way back then till now, Nidecker is doing its best in the snowboarding industry.

Nidecker was the only brand to manufacture a steel-edged shred stick. They also manufactured a snowboard called ‘Gun’ with a pointed tip and straight sidewalls for Hawaiian surfers of the ’50s.

Till today, several snowboard companies get Nidecker to develop and prototype snowboards for them.

13. YES

Yes, snowboards were manufactured from the ashes of the defunct Burton UNINC project that suddenly ended in 2009 and left DCP. Four legendary snowboard riders went with the idea of YES snowboards. They approached Austrian snowboard specialist GST and the help them to produce the snowboards.

Their snowboard range is best known in terms of graphics. One of their designs, ‘The Great,’ includes the Great Beauties of History,’ ‘The Greats of Snowboarding’ and ‘The Great Dudes of History’ that saw Terje Haakonsen and other ‘Greats’ snowboarders coated on the top sheets of their snowboards.

Pros of YES Snowboards:

  • Best graphics
  • Eco-friendly products

Cons of YES Snowboards:

  • High rates
  • All boards are mountain oriented

14. Lobster

Lobster snowboards were founded by two snowboarding brothers Halldor and Eiki Helgason, in 2011 in Iceland. When they decided to start their brand, they said, “we have started our brand because we wanted to be able to manufacture our own boards just like the way we wanted, with our own style and our own graphics on quality board.”

Just like Bataleon, Lobsters snowboards have the same Triple Base 3BT technology. These boards have a traditional camber profile with the lifted corners at the contact points that give them a looser and free feel when snowboarders ride with a flat base.

There are different versions of the 3BT base shapes, and their difference is between the width of the center base and the angles of the side base.

Apart from Lobster, Halldor and Eiki also own other brands like Switchback Bindings they manufacture customizable snowboard bindings.

Pros of Lobster Snowboards:

  • Triple Base technology
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Highly customizable

Cons of Lobster Snowboards:

  • High rates

15. Switchback

Switchback is a snowboard bonding brand that offers fully customizable binding according to riders’ needs. Every binding has four components that you can get in different colors—all these colors makeover 15,000 variations.

Switchback uses the KISS approach for design and production. They have eliminated the screws from traditional bindings, making them stand out among other snowboard binding brands.

They offer bindings in bold colors that give snowboarders the freedom to choose bindings that match their outfits. These bindings can be customized according to snowboard color, boots, pants, or even jacket.

The Switchback team has featured Gulli Gudmundsson and Ethan Morgan to build trust among their customers that the bindings must be right.

Pros of Switchback Snowboards:

  • Customizable bindings
  • Eco-friendly products
  • A large variety of colors

Cons of Switchback Snowboards:

  • High rates

16. DC

DC is a snowboarding shoe brand, and they continuously look for ways for better product design and performance. Their long history of high-performance snowboard products speaks volumes about their understanding and passion for the sport. They aim to deliver revolutionary snowboard and lifestyle products year after year consistently.

DC brand believes that every snowboard rider, no matter whether they are a newbie or experienced, should feel the same sense of accomplishment and enjoyment through snowboarding. DC Shoes has always been a brand that snowboarders can count on to create the most cutting edge snowboarding gear available.

Pros of DC Snowboards Shoes:

  • Comfortable
  • Innovative

17. Union

The union is also a snowboard binding brand that focuses on forwarding momentum and investing into people from day one of their launch. Their innovative products and technology make the brand stand out in the snowboarding industry.

Unions’ main goal is to offer superior products at every price in each category. They are committed to every single step of building snowboard bindings and focus on building bindings for every type of riding at every level and offer at every price. They have all-mountain, freestyle, youth, split boards, and have different features for various models. Their bindings are considered the best you can get.

18. NOW

NOW is another snowboard binding brand set up by Mr. JF Pelchat. He came up with NOW’s idea when discussing late night with his friends about the similarity of 3-letter names like ‘YES.’ He introduced the concept of flexible based bindings.

The NOW team was impressed by the ideas of Nidecker Snowboards. NOW has created an unconventional product—an unparalleled and revolutionary binding lineup that just keeps on giving. You can expect NOW bindings to be an effortless and responsive ride, a reduction in foot fatigue, balls-to-the-wall performance, customization, and overall ride comfort.

Pros of NOW Snowboard Binding:

  • Comfortable
  • Better performance

Cons of NOW Snowboard Binding:

  • High rates

19. Capita

Capita was developed by former professional snowboard riders Blue Montgomery and Jason Brown in 2000 in Seattle, Washington. Their snowboards stand for defined quality and sustainable material that give durability and a different kind of stoke. Capita snowboards also have a team of the most innovative riders in the snowboarding industry.

Pros of Capita Snowboard Binding:

  • Defined quality
  • Sustainability
  • Durability

Cons of Capita Snowboard Binding:

  • High prices

20. Burton

Burton is one of the best snowboard brands that broadly define modern snowboarding. It was established back in 1977 by Jake Burton. He founded ‘Burton Snowboards’ and dedicated his life to snowboarding. The first Burton’s snowboard was a ‘BB1 snowboard’ with a narrow board with a single strap binding and a rope and handle attached to the nose.

Burton generates a most comprehensive collection of snowboarding items for men, women, children belonging to all age groups. This snowboarding brand is also famous for its collaborations with professional snowboarders like Shaun White and Bob Marley.

It also sponsors professional snowboarders, events, and professional snowboard teams, including Jeremy Jones, Taylor Gold, Kelly Clark, and Kevin Pearce.

Burton snowboards also lead in sustainability as they do not utilize any lacquer in their collection, and every board’s center is accredited by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). In this way, Burton snowboards also anticipate eco-friendly construction.

Pros of Burton Snowboards:

  • Eco-friendly – as no more lacquer in 2020 snowboard collection
  • FSC accredited
  • Excellent finish details

Cons of Burton Snowboards:

  • A bit expensive

So, if you are looking for snowboard novices, beginner level to advanced, Burton specializes in all of them.

Do Snowboard Brands Really Matter?

When it comes to snowboard brands, it is hard to point out which one to choose. But do snowboard brands really matter? Yeah, snowboard brands do matter because every brand has its specialty. Some large scale brands manufacture skis and snowboards, as well as snow unrelated stuff.

Some snowboard brands are mainly well-known for their dedicated snowboard manufacturing, and some are famous for the snowboard equipment they produce, like bindings, helmets, boots, etc.

So, it is helpful to take a close look at brands because each brand has its’ specialty, which can help you choose the right snowboard and gear that suits your needs and wishes.

Where Are Snowboards Made?

Every snowboard brand has its own headquarters and factories. For instance, Arbor has its headquarters in Venice, CA, United States, and a factory in Dubai, UAE. Burton has offices in Burlington, Vermont in the United States, and a factory in Uttendorf, Austria (KEIL) & various China locations.

Capita’s factory is located in Eistritz, a.d. Gail, Austria (The Mothership). Jones snowboard factory is also in Dubai, UAE – SWS (Sideways Sports). K2 snowboards headquarters in Seattle, WA, United States, and factory in Guangzhou Province, China.

Never Summer snowboards are made in Colorado. YES, headquarters is in Switzerland, and the factory is situated in Dubai, UAE – SWS (Sideways Sports). Salmon’s factories are in France and Bulgaria and headquarters in Annecy, France (marketing based in Portland, OR, US).

So basically, snowboards are being made all around the world, even the USA brands.

What Brands Do Pro Snowboarders Ride?

Professional snowboarders usually ride snowboards sponsored by high-quality brands. Many good snowboarding brands have teams of experienced, professional snowboard

riders who check out the new boards by riding them before the snowboard’s brand official launch.

For instance, the Burton Snowboard brand is famous for its collaborations with professional snowboarders like Shaun White and Bob Marley. It also sponsors professional snowboarders, events, and professional snowboard teams, including Jeremy Jones, Taylor Gold, Kelly Clark, and Kevin Pearce.

They have professional snowboarders like Mikkel Bang, Kelly Clark, Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, Anna Gasser, Ben Ferguson, Red Gerard, Terje Haakonsen, Mark McMorris, Jiyau Liu, Mark Sollors, Nora Beck, Jake Carter, Mikey Ciccarelli, Kiana Clay, Tessa Muad, Ethan Deiss, Julia Marino, Darcy Sharpe, Maria Thomson, Kody Williams, Jesse Augustinus, Mikey Rencz, and many more.

All of these (already) legendary snowboarders work as a team with Burton to provide the best snowboards to the industry.


When you’re planning to buy a new snowboard, you obviously want something that suits your style and budget. To find the best snowboard brand, you first need to determine your preferred terrain, riding style, and experience level. You can choose your snowboard based on the above list of snowboard brands by analyzing their pros, cons, and technology offered and make sure to avoid less trustworthy snowboard brands.

There are numerous brands and competitors in the snowboarding industry that provide stunning performance with the best designs and smooth snowboarding journey. Good luck with choosing the right snowboard for you, and enjoy your snow adventures!

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