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Bones Skateboard Wheels Review: Durable and Reliable

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Bones skateboard is one of the last remaining wheel companies that still manufactures all its products on U.S. soil. From its Santa Barbara headquarter, the brand has been distributing its now famous white wheel for close to 40 years.

But does the wheel hold up to its reputation of “most flat spot resistant wheel ever made”? How do Bones wheels compare to other big brands like Spitfire or Haze? That’s what we’re going to see throughout our in-depth review.

Bones Skateboard Wheels Formulas Explained

Bones commercializes 4 major categories of wheels to adapt to of each skateboarding type. Each formula comes with its own durometers, shapes and sizes, which makes the wheels a must-try for any rider. No matter the discipline.

Here’s a quick recap of the 4 Bones urethane formulas we will cover in this article:

  • For street skating: Bones Street Tech Formula (STF)
  • For transition skating: Bones SkatePark Formula (SPF)
  • To ride anything and film skateboarding: Bones All-Terrain Formula (ATF)
  • For all-around skating: Bones Original Formula

Now that you know the main Bones wheels, dive with us in our thorough analysis of each of the formulas, and see how they compare to other brands.

Bones Street Tech Formula (STF)

Bones STF v1 Skateboarding wheels

The first Bones wheel formula we will look at today is the Street Tech Formula, also known as Bones STF. Specifically designed to endure the practice of street skating, the STF comes in 2 durometers and 6 different shapes, so that each street skater can find its perfect match.

Bones STF Durometers: 99A & 103A

The Bones STF wheels come in two different durometers: 99A & 103A. Both lean on the hard-side of wheels. Even though they’re not the hardest ones commercialized by Bones. 

Durometers in the high 90s or low 100s are usually the preferred hardness for street skating, as it allows for superb control and precision, while still handling very well the asperity of paved streets and rough concrete.

Bones STF V1: Standard

The standard version of the STF distinguishes itself with its classic shape—the most sold shape of wheel in skateboarding—allowing for a perfect mix of turning radius, width and speed for a great all-around performance.

The Bones STF Standards are available in 5 different sizes: going from 50 to 54mm.

Bones STF V2: Lock

The second version of the STF, also known as the Lock, has a noticeably tight profile and a straight edge which will help to lock-in to grinds on ledges and rails.

The STF V2 are available in 4 different sizes: 49mm, 51mm, 52mm and 53mm which are the go-to for an optimal ledge/rail set-up.

Bones STF V3: Slim

As suggested in its name, the Slim is the narrowest wheel out of the whole STF collection. With its narrow width and curved edges, the STF V3 allows for a fast flick and easy slide-ability. Its thin design makes it the lightest wheel produced by Bones and the narrowest. 

The Bones Slim wheels are available in 3 sizes: 50mm, 52mm and 54mm. They will contempt technical street skaters, and shines particularly when doing flip tricks and manual skating.

Bones STF V4: Wide

Once again, this fourth version of the Street Tech Formula has a pretty straight-forward name. The V4 Wide is by far the widest contact patch out of the entire catalogue, allowing for greater stability and solid landings.

Released in 5 sizes going from 51mm to 55mm, the V4 will be a great fit for impact skaters because of their width. It will also be a great wheel for downhill skating or just cruising downtown. 

Bones STF V5: Sidecut

The V5 Sidecut is instantly noticeable by its cut-out profile. The Sidecut walls of the wheel provide high stability, reducing the drag to allow for longer grinds.

Available in 7 different sizes going from 51mm to 56mm, the V5 will be the preferred choice of technical street skaters that likes to tear down curbs and ledges.

Bones STF V6: Wide-Cut

The Bones Wide-Cut takes the best of both the STF V4 Wide and V5 Sidecut. The wheel has a wide contact patch to provide high-stability and speed consistency, and a Side-cut profile for less drag and longer grinds. A perfect mix between maneuverability and speed.

Only available in 2 sizes: 54mm and 56mm, the V6 Wide-Cut should please most skaters that love to rip the streets, no matter the obstacle.

Bones SkatePark Formula (SPF)

Bones SPF P5 - 58mm and 56mm

Bones specifically designed the SPF to have a wheel that shines on smooth grounds. Their secret urethane formula resists flat-spot while keeping bounce on slick surfaces, thanks to their high resistance to abrasion.

Bones SPF Durometers: 81B & 84B

The Bones Skatepark Formula comes in two different durometers : 81B & 84B, which are both considered extremely hard. In fact, they are the two hardest wheels ever made by Bones.

The 81B Skatepark Formula offers more control through a better grip which makes for a smoother ride. On the opposite side, the 84B SPF allows more slide-ability for a wheel that has a higher speed and rebound.

Bones SPF P5: Sidecut

The Bones Skatepark Formula Sidecut has the same shape as the V5 Sidecut from the Street Tech Formula category. As is its STF counterpart, the SPF Sidecut is all about slides and grinds. They will be the perfect match for technical street skating at skatepark, as well as mini-ramp and half-pipe skating.

Available in 4 different sizes, the 52-54mm SPF Sidecut are aimed towards the practice of street, while the 58-60mm will make for a reactive transition set-up.

Bones SPF P6: Wide-cut

Like for the P5, the Bones SPF Wide-cut has the same profile as the STF Wide-cut, with a large riding surface to provide unmatched stability.

Coming in 54mm and 56mm, the P6 should please impact lovers and park skaters the best. The wheel shine through its versatility, allowing riders to skate any obstacle at the park with ease.

Bones All-Terrain Formula (ATF)

Bones rough riders skateboard wheels

The Bones All-Terrain Formula are wheels specifically designed to provide an effortless ride, no matter the state of the ground you’re riding on. Poured in a special soft urethane, the ATF comes in two different shapes and one durometer.

Bones ATF Durometer: 80A

Both Bones ATF wheels have a durometer set at 80A. As you can probably expect, the All-terrain Formulas are very soft wheels. Capable of maintaining high-speed, their softness makes for a comfortable set-up on any surface.  

Bones ATF Filmers: Mechanical Bond

The Bones ATF Mechanical Bond has a narrow width and riding surface to provide a brilliant mix between lightness and maneuverability. 

As stated in the name, this wheel is definitely a go-to product for skate filmers. The softness of the wheel, coupled with its mechanical bond, allows for a secure set-up no matter the asperity of the road. So that you make sure not to scratch your VX or drop your brand-new phone.

Available in 4 sizes: 52mm, 54mm, 56mm and 60mm, I highly recommend the last two for an optimal filmer set-up, as the wider the wheel, the more stable the set-up.

Bones ATF Rough Riders: Natural Bond 

The Bones Natural Bond distinguishes itself by having a noticeably larger contact patch than its ATF counterpart. This helps to provide more stability for an overall smoother ride.

With these wheels, you’ll be able to ride things you’ve never thought possible, like going down hills on dirt or grass, or even skating rocks. Imagination is the limit.

The All-Terrain Formula Rough Riders only comes out in two sizes: 56mm and 59mm, which are sizes for big wide set-ups.

Bones Original Formula 

The Bones Original formula is the direct grandson of the famous white wheel manufactured by the brand for over 30 years. Molded in MDI urethane—pioneered by Bones itself—the Original Formula offers incredible rebound and abrasion-resistance, so that you keep a long-lasting speed riding your deck.

The Original catalogue brings the best value for money, which makes them a go-to wheel for new customers and probably one of the best skateboard wheels you can get. 

Bones Original Durometer: 100A

Both Original Bones wheel formulas come in 100A, which is more or less the norm in street and park skateboarding. While being on the hard side of wheels, the Originals still have enough softness to make it a solid wheel for slick grounds, as well as more bumpy roads.

Bones Original V4: Wide

The Bones Original Wide takes the winning recipe of the STF P4 and adds its OG DMI urethane formula on top, to make a long-lasting street wheel. More than any other wheels, the Bones V4 provides unprecedented stability and solid landings through its wide contact patch.

Released in 5 sizes going from 51mm to 55mm, the V4 Wide is an excellent street wheel. It could also be a great option for the gap skaters out there, as the width of the wheel helps to handle impact better.

Bones Original V5: Sidecut

As we’ve seen above with the V4, the Bones Original Sidecut takes the blueprint of the STF P5 and couples it with its DMI urethane.

Available in 6 different sizes, going from 51mm to 56mm, the V5 Sidecut is the OG technical wheel of Bones that should please most street skaters.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all Bones produces reliable and long-lasting wheels. No matter the formula you wish to go for, Bones offers superior quality wheels, slightly above market-price. If you’re looking to purchase your first set of Bones, definitely go for the Original Formula to get a feel of Bones expertise at the lowest price.

From a customer standpoint, the Bones catalogue is much easier to read through than other brands, like we talked about in the Spitfire Wheels Review. The brand kept a few or single durometers by formula, which makes it easy to choose, unlike Spitfires or Hazes.

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