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CCS Logo Complete Skateboard Review – Tried & Tested

CCS complete skateboard in a park

To many people skateboarding seems like an expensive hobby and throwing 150 bucks at a skateboard might be a problem. If this is you, the CCS logo complete skateboard might be right up your ally. Whether you’re an adult beginner, on a limited budget, or want to buy a decent skateboard for your kid without going overboard, this complete will do just fine.

I live in central Europe and CCS skateboards aren’t available over here so I imported this skateboard (paid more than double) and tried to find out why many skateboarders recommend this setup and see out what makes it stand out. Let’s have a look at the parts, how it performs, and why you should or shouldn’t buy it.

The CCS logo natural wood complete is great for beginners (adults and kids) on a budget. You get a top-quality 7-ply maple wood deck, decent trucks, acceptable wheels, and questionable bearings at this price range. Once you skated for a while and cover the basics you should consider upgrading the parts as this skateboard isn’t for the demanding and experienced skateboarder.


  • Perfect board for beginners at all ages.
  • Very cheap for a complete, the best at this price range.
  • Price has hardly changed over a decade.
  • Reputable brand.
  • Pro deck from a good woodshop, lots of pop.
  • Easy to upgrade once you get more experienced.
  • It comes in various sizes.
  • Skate tool included.


  • Bearings should be replaced as soon as you can afford it.
  • Trucks are ok but can’t take much abuse. They will break after a few months of grinding and hard impacts.
  • The wheels are likely to flat spot when you progress to powerslides.
  • Very soft bushings, not for large or people over 200LBS/90kg but it also depends on your preference.
  • Not recommended for experienced skateboarders.
  • Lacking a graphic.

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In short, this is one of the best affordable complete you can get remember, that you can upgrade the wheels and trucks to your liking. Check for prices on Amazon.

Dissecting the CCS Complete

This board comes pre-assembled to save you the trouble of putting all the parts together. It arrives in a sturdy cardboard box and surprisingly no dents or any sign of abuse during intercontinental transport! The box has these thick staples to seal the end so careful when you open the top, you might get a nasty cut if you aren’t careful.

It comes with a handy skate tool and you need it to tweak the board to your personal preferences. Skate it for a few hours before you tighten the nuts on the kingpin.


CCS skateboard deck

Let’s start with the part that stands out, the CCS complete deck is just as good as any expensive deck you can buy. It doesn’t show any signs of being pressed a dozen at a time and there is no warping, delamination or deformation. I can’t say for sure if this deck is single pressed in a mold, CCS doesn’t disclose this but from what I can see there isn’t anything I can complain about.

CCS complete deck side view

It’s a solid pro deck, mellow concave, the grip tape is done by someone who has the experience and it feels like a real pro skate deck. Decent pop, very responsive and I feel comfortable riding it in parks. I picked the blue color and it comes with the CCS logo. The lack of graphics might be a deal-breaker to some but you can always put some stickers on it to make it more appealing.


CCS skateboard trucks

Not the best, not the worst. CCS trucks cost about 20 bucks a pair and that’s a steal. Don’t expect to ollie 5 stairs or grind curbs for months because these CCS trucks probably won’t last.

For those who don’t know, grinding means jumping on an obstacle and sliding on the surface area, an ollie is a jump that requires you to kick the tail, slide your front foot forward and jump. The trucks can handle some abuse, but if you want to jump off a rather high obstacle, they might not hold up for long.

The good thing is that you can take them off easily and tweak them to what you prefer. It’s easy to gain access to the nuts on the baseplate and you don’t have to approach them at an angle. The trucks feel loose because the bushings are very soft. Some prefer it this way but in general, you want harder bushings if you weigh a bit more than average. It didn’t really bother me.

The trucks hangers and axles are straight, there aren’t any visible deformations or warping issues which often is the case with cheaper trucks.


CCS skateboard wheels and bearings

The bearings are nothing to get really excited about but they will do for a while. ABEC 7 may sound nice but it really doesn’t matter, the ABEC rating doesn’t really say anything about the quality but is about how much RPM they can handle. You’ll notice you need to push the board hard to get a good amount of speed.

After applying some silicon lube they perform better but that’s just a short term solution. I’m a huge fan of Bones Reds bearings and these bearings don’t really come close. Consider replacing the bearings with Reds when you’re ready.

The bearings are fine for beginners, but not great for experienced skateboarders. You don’t want a skateboard to go too fast when you ride a board for the first time so it even has some benefits. After a while though, you’ll notice they require too much effort to get up to speed and maintaining momentum becomes more important. When you notice this, it’s about the right time to upgrade.


CCS skateboard wheels

I feel like the wheels are a tad small to skate transition but they still provide a decent experience on flat surfaces. They are pretty hard, not really suitable for rough roads but great for smooth asphalt, pavements, and slick surfaces.

These are not like Spitfire or Bones wheels, in fact, they are pretty crappy from an experienced skateboarder’s point of view. Fine for beginners, not for the expert.

I wouldn’t recommend power slides as they might develop flat spots. Kids won’t notice, beginners wouldn’t mind, but if you skated before you notice the lack of quality. Despite all the cons, they still provide enough grip and control.


I had no problems riding this board, the bushings are a bit too soft for my taste but it has decent pop and rides pretty smooth. I tested it on both street and in my local mini ramp and didn’t find much wrong with it. I’ll keep skating it for a while and see how it wears over time.

I had to push hard in the mini ramp and had some trouble locking my 50-50’s but that is probably because I’m used to a different setup. Popping ollies and flips isn’t that hard and I got used to the board in a couple of minutes.

I do know that when you grind curbs often, the trucks won’t last longer than 2 months. But if you’re at that level, you really should look for a different setup.

The Good and the Bad

The CCS complete is perfect for the not too demanding beginner of all ages. It’s able to handle tricks like ollies, kickflips, board slides, and grinds at a basic level. If you plan on grinding every day and do some hardcore skating, the trucks might not be your best pick. This board isn’t for seasoned skateboarders but beginners won’t really notice.

CCS also offers the same skateboard with a print. The CCS Camo complete is the exact same board but comes with a graphic.

If you are new to skateboarding, want to buy it for your kid or just a board to cruise around on a budget, this is the one you should go for. I have to be honest here, if you want a solid cruiser, look for a different board. The wheels aren’t great for longer distances and more suitable for slick surfaces like BB/tennis courses or skate parks.

Why Is It So Cheap?

In all fairness, the trucks, wheels, and bearings aren’t top quality but you do get a pro deck. In fact, the only thing that really stands out is the deck, the other parts should be replaced once you (or your kid) progresses.

So yes, you don’t get top-quality parts but you can’t expect to get the best at this price, corners have to be cut. It’s still better than many of the cheaper completes out there, I’d say it’s the best you can get.

Spend 30 bucks more and shop smart and you can get a real pro skateboard with high-quality components. Sometimes decks are out of season, not popular (graphics, size, colors ), or you’re just lucky to find a great deal. The best time to shop for a board is usually during the end of the year but not everyone wants to wait and just skate.

Buy This Skateboard When…

The CCS complete is perfect for beginners of all ages. The deck is made of quality maple, the trucks are just right for beginners and even though the wheels could be better, you probably won’t notice. Considering the components, you get a lot of skateboard for a decent price.

CCS are excellent skateboards and the CCS logo natural wood complete in particular is about the best you can get considering its price.

If you are new to skateboarding, want to buy it for your kid, or just want a board to ride around on a budget, this is the one you should go for. This is a quality skateboard on a budget and has been a top seller for over a decade.

As for sizes, anything under 7.75 is great for kids, 8.0-8.25 is about the standard these days and 8.5 offers the most stability.

[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Blue 8.25"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Black 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete White 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Pink 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Blue 8.25"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Black 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete White 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Pink 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Blue 8.25"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Blue 8.25"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Black 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Black 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete White 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete White 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Pink 8.00"
[CCS] Logo Skateboard Complete Pink 8.00"

Look for Something Else When…

I have to be honest here, if you are looking for a skateboard with top quality components, consider picking the parts yourself. The wheels aren’t great for longer distances, the trucks can’t take heavy beatings and the bearings suck. Just want a board to ride on slick surfaces? This skateboard can handle the job.

If you plan on grinding every day and do some hardcore skating, the trucks might give out within 2 months. This board isn’t for seasoned skateboarders.

Looking for something that is reliable under all circumstances, look for something else. It does well on slick surfaces like BB/tennis courses or skate parks but if you consider yourself a serious street skater, you will be disappointed.

4 out of 5 Stars

I want to be honest and tell you what you should and shouldn’t buy. Considering the money you pay for this skateboard, you hardly get anything better at this price range.

Sure, I pointed out many flaws and as an experienced skateboarder, I would look for a different setup. However, from a beginner’s perspective on a budget, it’s a good choice.

Want to ride every day and do technical stuff? Skip it. Are you a beginner or want a decent affordable skateboard? Go for it. You can always upgrade the trucks, wheels, and bearings, and one day you want a pro board with a decent graphic to support the skateboarding industry.

For all ages

CCS offers this board in various sizes ranging from 7.5″ to 8.5″. Kids up to 11 years old can go for a board between 7.5″ and 7.75″. 12 to 16-year-olds might benefit more of the 8.0″ and big/tall people should go for either the 8.25″ or the 8.5″. The former is more responsive and the latter provides more stability.

In a Nutshell

No idea what to buy or are you on a budget? Go for it! I had a good time riding this board despite its cons. I used to ride crappy boards back in the day and was perfectly able to do the same tricks I do to this day, with a bit more effort. Once you feel comfortable riding this board consider upgrading its parts to get more out of it.

Start with upgrading the wheels and bearings and consider replacing the trucks after a year or so (sooner if you skate often). It’s a great, probably the best skateboard on a budget out there and it has been for over a decade.

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