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DGK Skateboards Review – Deck Shred Test

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Today, I will review my first experience riding a DGK skateboard. It’s the 8.125” “Bloom” deck for those interested in the model types. This specific size is my preference for every kind of deck I ride, regardless of the brand. This review pertains solely to the company, not the size of the board.

Now, being that I’m not as risky as I once was, as well as getting older and currently nursing a fractured wrist, my decks tend to last longer than they did when I was younger. I’ve been riding this board for about three months, which is more than enough time to form a solid opinion on its performance. So, without further ado, let’s jump into my official review of DGK.

dgk skateboard shredded

First Impression 

I always admired the designs, style, and message of DGK, which stands for “Dirty Ghetto Kids,” for those who don’t know. I was drawn to the graphic immediately because I’m a sucker for simple, big-letter logos. My initial experience riding it around to break it in was excellent.

It had just the right amount of weight to it. It felt light enough to manipulate tricks easily but strong enough to support my weight with no problem. I definitely wanted to like this board, and fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.


The concave on this deck is mellow. I have flat feet, so I’m not a big fan of steep concaves to begin with. This concave is particularly perfect for skaters trying to master their flat ground game. So overall, It has a very friendly concave with great shape and provides a solid feel for foot positioning. 


One of the most common questions when asking about new decks. How’s the pop? My response for DGK: The pop is outstanding. To revert to my first impression, I think the weight has a lot to do with it. It’s been so easy to pop the tricks I have on lock; I’ve been thoroughly impressed.

The catch is excellent, too. My flip tricks have been catching so much better than my previous deck, which I’ll get to later in the review. The pop on DGK gets definite approval on my end for sure. 


The durability of this deck is top-notch. It’s been nearly three months of skating fairly consistently with this deck, and it still looks presentable. I’m a big fakie guy with go-tos consisting of half-cabs, half-cab flips, full-cabs, and full-cab flips, so my tail gets beat up rather quickly. As you can see, it’s getting sharp but lasting much longer than previous companies I’ve skated.

As skateboarders, we know our decks will not stay pristine for very long, so in my assessment of DGK, this is as close to good as you’re going to get with the amount of time involved in its performance. I’ve noticed no hindrance in its pop to this day.

Pros & Cons 

The pros of DGK are its incredible durability, excellent flick-and-catch, substantial pop, preferable concave, and some of the most stylish graphics around(including this one). I hate to be so approving, but it’s been one of my favorite decks since I began my resurgence into skateboarding. I’d even go as far as to say it’s helped me regain some tricks in my bag that I thought I’d lost.

The only con I can think of is that I broke my wrist riding it, but that was due to user error and had nothing to do with the skateboard. Quick message: Make sure you have your legs under you and stretch appropriately before back-lipping any rail after age 30. 

How DGK Compares To Other Brands 

Compared to my last deck, it’s like night and day. I was riding a Blind skateboard before this DGK deck, and I’ve had a significantly better experience with DGK. The control I have with this board is such an improvement.

With the blind deck, I would over-rotate tricks so often that it would frustrate me beyond belief. The catch just wasn’t there. In 2 months, It suffered a pressure crack under the wheel from a 6-inch impact. As I mentioned earlier, being a big fakie guy, the tail sharpened like a razor in what seemed like no time.

Bottom line, I’ve put this DGK deck through so much more, and It stayed much more intact and performed so impressively that it’s not even comparable. Certainly one of the best skateboard decks I skated in a while.

DGK skateboard deck


After three months of ripping around on this deck, I’ve concluded that DGK produces an awesome skateboard. I would recommend this brand to anybody, no matter their skill level. I’m usually excited to get a new deck once my current board starts wearing down, but my experience with this board makes it difficult to try out a different company.

Since there are more reviews to come, I will have to switch it up and try various brands from time to time, but I can say definitively that this will not be my last time riding DGK, and I look forward to shredding on another one very soon.

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