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Do Skater Trainers Work or Are They a Waste of Money?

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Skater Trainers is a topic of discussion on many forums, and beginners often wonder if they actually work. Some claim it helps, others say it’s just marketing.

The real question here is why are you skipping the basics of skateboarding? Moving on to tricks without being able ride properly is a huge mistake. Skater trainers will slow your progression because you are taking shortcuts.

Skater Trainers work for complete beginners who fear stepping on a skateboard for the first time. They help to make you feel comfortable on a skateboard and prevent it from moving.

Moving vs Stationary Debate

The question is not so much if you should get skater trainers or if they work, it’s about learning tricks stationary or while moving.

Let’s stir up a hornets’ nest, the debate between learning tricks stationary or while moving. When you look closely at the arguments you see why some skaters prefer, them and why others say it’s nonsense.

I’d say the biggest issue here is that new skaters often want to progress too fast. Instead of knowing how to properly push a board and learn to balance, they go straight to ollies and kickflips.

Once you know how to ride a skateboard and know how it behaves, then it’s time to move on to basic tricks like manuals, shove-it, etc. Skipping the basics will make it harder to progress later on.

I’ve seen so many new skateboarders immediately go for ollies and kickflips without even knowing how to push a skateboard.

Sure, it’s a good way to injure yourself and it happens more than you think. Many of those people gave up within weeks, not to be seen again near my local skatepark.

Pros and Cons

There is quite a difference between landing a trick while moving and doing it stationary. It’s just much harder to land a kickflip or ollie while moving.

Whether you decide to learn a trick stationary or while moving, as long as you got the basics down you should be able to learn it both ways.

Practicing a trick stationary also helps you to get a bit of feeling for the trick. It helps you go through some of the motions involved.

Often skateboarders start out stationary because doing a trick while moving is scary. This shouldn’t be so much of an issue of you have control over your board. S

ure, tricks are always scary the first time but most of the time it isn’t that bad. In fact, its good to fall now and then, it usually isn’t as bad as you think it is.

Keep in mind that falling while doing a trick stationary is worse than while being in motion. You’re more likely to roll an ankle or pop your shoulder because you have less control.

Landing a trick in motion can actually be easier. There’s just more time to react and when you have momentum it’s easier to roll when you fall. 

Another benefit is popping a trick over obstacles while moving will help you to learn to control your board at different speeds.

You will need this when you’re ready to jump on and off an object. When everything moves at the same speed, landing a trick is much easier.  

Reasons to Not Buy Them

SkaterTrainers are (in my opinion) not worth it because learning tricks without mastering the basics is a classic beginner mistake.

It’s a short term solution, instead you should focus on getting comfortable with your board, and how to ride properly first.

They will not help you to learn tricks faster, the will only slow down your progression. You could argue that they will help you with manuals, but again, you need to practice those while moving.

Tricks often require you to make minor corrections, skate trainers don’t assist in that aspect.

Anyway, it’s up to you. Though there are some minor benefits, you could also consider spending your money on better wheels or bearings.

Reasons to Buy SkaterTrainers

SkaterTrainers can help you feel more confident on a skateboard at first. Skateboards can be intimidating to complete beginners and Skater Trainers take away some of that initial fear.

They are great for balancing on your tail or nose, though it’s doubtful if they help you to learn manuals, it’s a completely different feeling.

They will stop your board from moving, and really work in that sense. This way you can start rocking your board a bit without having to worry about falling on your face.

If you decide to buy them, make sure to only use them to become comfortable with your board, not just for learning tricks.

If you really think it will help you progress faster and are scared of standing on a board, go for it.

Just know that there are cheaper alternatives and most of them are completely free. Anything that you can use to stop your board from moving will work, even a patch of grass.

Don’t take them to the skatepark though, practice in a place where no one can see you so your friends won’t make jokes about it for the next 20 years ;).


SkaterTrainers are great for complete beginners who are scared of stepping on a board the first time.

They can help you to get comfortable with your board and it won’t take off when you’re not expecting it.

Make yourself familiar with how a board behaves and ditch them as soon as you feel more comfortable.

The most important thing is to get comfortable riding a skateboard. Learn how to push and carve, try to ride fakie, and cruise around.

Once you got that down try some kickturns (both ways) in your local park.

Spend some time riding up and down ramps, different surfaces like asphalt, pavements, and slick tennis courts.

Once you got that down, move on to some really basic stuff like manuals and shove it. There are so many tricks that don’t require your to kickflip or ollie and they even look impressive.

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