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How Much Does A Decent Skateboard Cost? (+Hidden Costs)

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Lately, prices have gone up due to supply chain issues and a new golden age of skateboarding, there is a huge demand but stock is limited. 

Skateboards don’t have to be expensive but under a certain budget, you get an inferior setup that’s just a frustrating ride. So how much does a good skateboard cost?

The average retail price of a skateboard is $100 USD. Lower quality skateboards range from $30 to $60 USD, where high-quality skateboards can cost over $200 USD. Mass produced skateboards are cheaper than custom assembled skateboards.

High-quality components add up to the total sum of your skateboard. Additional costs come from shoes, skate parks, protective gear, and apparel. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Skateboard decks cost between $30 and $90
  • Wheels cost between $20 and $40
  • Trucks cost between $30 and $50
  • Bearings go from $10 bucks to $100 bucks
  • Grip tape costs between $5 and $10
  • Protective gear up to $200
  • Skate park fees vary from $0 to $10
  • 2-3 pair of shoes a year between $100 and $180 if you do lots of flips and ollies

Let’s dive into why skateboarding can be expensive, hidden costs, ways to save money, shopping at the right place, and a few tips on how to take care of your gear. Oh, and let’s look at the most expensive skateboards up to 59,000 bucks!

Breaking Down the Cost of Skateboarding

skateboard parts

Buying a skateboard is just the beginning. The additional costs are often overlooked and it can add up depending on the style you prefer. Street skaters often need to replace their shoes as the grip tape eats through the suede.

Buying cheap stuff means you have to replace parts sooner, premium wheels can last for your but cheap wheels flat spot easily. The same goes for trucks, cheap trucks wear out way faster than premium trucks.

It’s all about investing in the right parts within your budget, if you don’t have much to spend buying a used skateboard is a good option.

To be fair, any hobby or sport will cost you. Running, for example, seems cheap but clothing and shoes add up.

And just like skateboarding, you need to replace gear frequently. Cheap or expensive, is just how you look at it. Here’s a breakdown of the total costs when assembling your own skateboard:

Skateboard partsOne time Cost
Skateboard deck$35 to $65
Skateboard Wheels$15 to $50
Skateboard trucks$20 to $80
Bearings$10 to $80
Spacers and hardware$5
grip tape$6 to $20
Total$91 to $302
Cost of skateboard gear

Now let’s look at the costs of additional one time costs like protective gear:

Optional gearCosts
Skate tool$6 to $30
Helmet$30 to $50
Knee pads$40 to $80
Total$76 to $160
Cost of additional skateboard gear

Lastly, let’s check the average monthly costs of shoes, pants, skate park fees, etc. This is a ballpark estimate because replacing parts and buying replacement gear depends on how often you skate.

Some skaters have to replace their shoes every two months, others replace their skateboard deck every 6 weeks. This table is far from accurate but gives you an idea what to expect.

GearAverage montly costs
Pants$10 to $15
Shoes$20 to $ $50
Skate park fees$10
Replacing parts (decks, wheels, bearings, etc)$10
Total$50 to $85
Hidden costs of skateboarding

Hidden Costs of Skateboarding

Skate park fees, gas, replacing parts, they all add up it depends on where you live. If you have a free skate park or one nearby it already saves you quite some money.

Not everyone lives near free skate parks but you can always find a free spot to shred.

Shoelaces break often so get shoes that are designed for skateboarding and get an extra pair of laces.

Final Thoughts

The average price of a complete skateboard costs between 75 and 150 bucks depending on the quality of the parts you pick.

That’s just the start as there are many costs involved you might not have considered. Longboards for example cost more but are way less expensive in the long run.

Being smart about gear investments and buying stuff on sale (or even used) can save you a lot of money. Taking care of your gear properly, patching your shoes, swapping wheels around will make your gear last longer.

I believe skateboarding isn’t expensive when you compare it to other sports but if you don’t have much, make sure to use your money wisely.

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