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How to Store a Skateboard | Lots of Cheap & Safe Options

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I collected quite some decks and boards since I started this blog and needed a way to store my skateboards and decks properly. I remember my parents raving on about leaving my skateboard in places where it could potentially cause someone to get hurt. It’s not only that, storing your skateboard in the wrong place could be detrimental to your deck, trucks, hardware, and bearings.

There are a few options you have here and with a little creativity you can create your own skateboard rack or do as I did, get some guitar hangers and you will have the perfect way to store your skateboard. Let’s go through a couple of options, most are actually pretty cheap!

What’s the Best Way to Store a Skateboard?

skateboards stored and mounted to a wall

Here are a couple of ways to store your skateboard:

  1. Get a guitar hanger, they are really cheap and perfect to store a single board of any size.
  2. Get a skateboard rack, this is more expensive and it’s really easy to make one yourself.
  3. Garage hooks for single board storage
  4. Wall hanger straps work well
  5. Coat hooks (2x) can work if they can carry your trucks.
  6. Hang decks on a wall using a wall mount or frame.

Keep in mind that. you need to store it in a dry place that’s not too warm. Moisture will destroy your bearings and even skateboard trucks could suffer from oxidation. It’s not just rain, heat can also impact performance.

Bushings could dry up and crumble, and the glue that holds your deck together might start losing its stickiness. Heat can also warp your deck but only when it’s extremely hot and you’re exposing your board to sunlight for a long time.

How to Hang Skateboard Decks on a Wall

skateboard decks hanging on a wall

Some decks aren’t meant to be trashed, collecter decks for example often cost you an arm and a leg and you really want to make sure to display them safely.

You could also just drill a few screws through the holes but it won’t give you that nice ‘floaty’ effect. Another option is to hang your deck using fish wire but it just doesn’t look very appealing.

Sk8ology Deck Display

Sk8ology offers a quick and easy way to display your precious decks. Just drill a hole and attach the wall mount, it only takes only a few minutes!

The end result is pretty rad and before you know it you lost control and have a wall full of boards. If you want to mount multiple decks on your wall make sure to use a spirit level tool to even them out.

Evening them out can be quite a challenge, but you can adjust the mounts a bit to make them align properly.

  1. Use a drill bit size 7/32
  2. Insert the drywall anchor
  3. Screw in the bolt and make sure the wall mount is leveled
  4. If you want to lock your deck, take off the T-nuts first and move the nuts further down, then reattach them safely locking your deck.

Optional, make the holes a bit wider using the same size drill if the T-nuts don’t fit (which is very likely). It won’t damage your deck and it won’t lose any value. Just be careful not to scratch the deck using the drill.

Older skaters like me often like to collect decks, be it a reissue, or just something you got off eBay. Sk8ology offers a smart solution and it isn’t hard to do this yourself if you have the proper tools. It’s pretty cheap though, looks great, and probably less effort to just buy them.

Skateboard Deck Frame Kit

skateboard decks in a frame hanging on a wall

Now that we covered the cheaper solutions, you might also want to check out the Sk8tolgy Frame Kit. A really rare deck deserves a professional display and they got you covered.

I wouldn’t want to hang rare and expensive vintage deck on a bunch of bolts, so why not just frame your deck.

Sk8ology offers frame kits that look really professional and make your deck pop (the aesthetic kind). I haven’t bought one myself as they aren’t available over here, but I think they look pretty rad and cost around 60 bucks. Well worth it and a true eye-catcher.

How to Store Skateboards in a Garage

Obviously, you don’t want to leave it on the ground. Just make sure you store it in a cabinet or closet, make sure it’s a dry place that doesn’t get too hot. Lay your board on its side on a place above the ground where nobody can step on it or mount it on a wall.

For a single skateboard, your best bet is a garage hook, wall hanger straps, or a guitar hanger. All three options are very cheap and easy to install, it only takes a few minutes. This way your board won’t get in anyone way and it’s safe from dirt and moisture.

If you have multiple boards you can consider a skateboard rack. There are many different skateboard racks out there but they are often a bit overpriced. Pretty easy to do this yourself and save some money (depending on the material you use).

Create Your Own Skateboard Rack

This is really easy and probably cheaper than those fancy bamboo rack. You can even get creative and use a couple of blank decks to make a skateboard rack. Before you start, make sure you know how many boards you want to store, perhaps leave on spot open if you decide to get another one.

You can use any material you want, just remember that not all wood is equal and some types or quite expensive. I’m not going to guide you through the whole process because there are many FREE plans available on the web and this video should give you an idea.

Don’t forget to check out Pinterest and Etsy before you start your project, people come up with the most amazing skateboard racks!

Why You Should Properly Store Your Skateboard

Even though skateboards are meant to be trashed, rain, sand, dust, sun, and whatnot can be detrimental to your skateboard. Treating your board right means not skating in the rain and proper storage.

Sure you can always buy new components but it’s just a waste of money. Here are a couple of reasons why storage is important:

  • Your trucks can start to oxidise when they get wet,
  • Bushings dry up and stop working properly when exposed to the sun for too long (in extreme heat)
  • Bearings won’t last long when they get wet, they stop spinning and cleaning won’t do you much good
  • Your deck certainly shouldn’t get wet because waterlogged decks lose pop and snap easily
  • Lastly, if your hardware rusts, your trucks could come off

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to store your skateboard and if you’re smart about it, it won’t cost you much. Don’t specifically search for skateboard racks or skateboard storage, think outside of the box.

There are many wall mounting systems that allow you to store your skateboard or hang your deck on a wall. You just need something that supports your trucks and can be mounted on a wall.

If you got something really special, make sure to store it safely by using the recommended methods mentioned here or something that just popped up in your mind. Just make sure you keep your deck safe, some decks are just too special to shred. 

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