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9 Longboards for Heavy Riders That Can Take a Beating

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When it comes to mobility and style combined, longboards are the perfect alternative for a rider. Many people think that overweight or heavy riders can’t ride but that’s just nonsense.

While the choice of the best longboard for heavy riders is somewhat limited, there are a couple factors you need to consider before you buy a new board.

A longboard is similar to a skateboard, only longer and more sluggish and not really meant for tricks. Typically, the weight limit of the best longboards for bigger and taller riders is up to 300 pounds.

I’ll will share a list of longboards and cruisers that are great for heavy riders and there’s a buying guide for taller and bigger longboarders.

8 Best Longboards for Heavy Riders

Here are the top 8 of the best longboards for heavy and taller riders. These are recommended by the Reddit longboarding community, and I’ll mention a couple of cruisers tested by me.

It’s a mix of longboard and cruisers. Cruisers are more agile and great for short commutes, the longboards listed here are great for long-distance riding.

1. Landyachtz Tugboat Captain

Landyachtz Tugboat from different angles

Let’s start with something aggressive and nimble. The Landyachtz Tugboat Captain sits between a skateboard and a longboard.

It’s super strong and can handle heavy weights well. If you’re looking for a fun and playful ride, this is a board to consider.

The super wide deck consists of a large kicktail and asmaller curbed nose, it also has quite a steep concave.

It will take some time to get used to it’s aggressive geometry but since there is lots of room for your feet, it won’t take that long.

The grip tape is very sticky which helps when you want to do some aggressive turns and keeps you on your board if you ride through rougher surfaces.

The huge kicktail has a very steep angle, more than any cruiser I currently but it’s great for digging in when you encounter pebbles and cracks.

Because of its steep concave and shape, you can actually do a couple of tricks but I would be careful. Hopping a few curbs is fine though.

The trucks and bushings are sturdy enough for sharp turns, but at some point the board will make it know you can’s push it any further. Don’t worry, you will notice this on time.

I’m not a fan of Fatty Hawgs wheels but they seem to perform really well on this setup. They’re only 60mm but it seems like the right size for this board.

The Spaceball bearings come with integrated spacers and aren’t that great, might want to swap them for Zealous bearings if you can.

It will make quite a difference. Want to know more? Check out my full Landyachtz Tugboat review.

Let’s move on to longboards.

2. Bustin Sportster Elements 

Bustin Sportster Elements

I have not tested this board but when doing some research, the Bustin Elements is often recommended for heavy riders on several forums.

Bustin Boards made the new Sportster’ Elements’ for the low-platform commuters.

It has the signature ‘Response Drop’ design, which is extremely efficient for speed weaving in crowded urban areas. 

This longboard is the best for heavy riders because of its (E) Core inside. The deck is made of Canadian Maple wood with epoxy-based glues.

At the top, it has a Reinforced Maple top sheet, followed by seven composite reinforcement layers. At the bottom, fiberglass serves as the Truck mount reinforcement.

The length of the board is 35.5 inches, and the width is ten inches for the longboard. The width makes it suitable for riders with bigger shoe sizes.

Moreover, the wheelbase is a little above 29 inches. This is a compact ride with a reinforced fork nose. 

2. Sector 9 Meridian

Sector 9 meridian

Longboard riders have varying skill levels. Some people could be newcomers, and others might be the maestros.

If you are a bigger, taller, and heavier rider and want to use the longboard for a durable time, you should choose Sector 9 Meridian, which suits all skill levels.

The drop-through mount design of the Meridian keeps it comfortable for the rider to push and have fun.

Its design keeps it low to the ground and offers balance at speeds with the eight-ply maple deck.

Trucks on this mean machine are incredible; 10.0 inches Gullwing charger trucks. Moreover, the shape is old-school Taco style, which helps you dig your feet when turning.

Bearings, however, have ABEC 5 ratings, but they give you a warranty of 25 years.

This longboard has a length of forty inches and a width of almost ten inches. The wheelbase of the Meridian is a little above thirty inches.

To conclude, it is the best longboard for heavy riders with a weight of up to 230 pounds.

3. Arbor DropCruiser Flagship 

Arbor DropCruiser Flagship 

Whether it is a cruise down the Boardwalk or a skate down the winding mountain road, Arbor DropCruiser Flagship will get you where you wish to go.

With an excellent standing platform, the DropCruiser flagship gives you balance and harmony with a Palisander wood top and bottom-finish ply.

This premium longboard is the most suitable for the overweight and taller rider because of its nine-ply Canadian hard rock maple.

It has soft and grippy wheels, which are the best for carving and cruising. This aesthetic ride is best suited for heavy riders with its 180 mm trucks.

4. Omen Barbarian

For all of you who dream of riding on flat terrain or a swift downhill ride, Omen Barbarian is the best longboard for you. This longboard is highly competitive at a fair price. 

Price of Carbon Fiberboard (only): $139.99, you have to pick the other parts yourself!

The symmetrical decks ensure balance and stability for taller riders. The board is made of Carbon Fiber. 

It has a nine-ply maple deck, which is ideal for heavier riders. Moreover, Paris 50 reverse kingpin trucks are an added incentive for the taller riders.

5. Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Chief Night

Landyachtz Switchblade 40 Chief Night

I have not tested this board myself, but I know Landyachtz makes solid board.

Landyachtz is a premium longboard company, and I’ve have included their Switchblade 40 chief night because heavy riders recommend it.

The switchblade is the ideal longboard for freeriding, which comes in a double drop freeride shape.

This forty-by-twenty longboard ensures thrust, safety, durability, and top speed for taller and bigger riders.

Switchblade’s board set is a complete package. It has 180 mm Gen-6 grizzly trucks, making it the perfect longboard for the big guys.

The symmetrical deck is made with 100% Canadian maple and manufactured in Canada. 

The foot platform has space for dropping your foot while curving and turning, which serves as an added benefit for stability.

The perfectly paired components are freeriding bliss for heavy riders. Switchblade also has a 38 inches version, but 40 Chief Night is a perfect choice for taller and bigger riders.

6. Globe Big Blazer

Globe Big Blazer cruiser

The Glove big blazer is more of a cruiser and just 32″ long. It’s a great longboard/cruiser for beginners and heavier riders.

It can handle quite some abuse and is quite predictable. It takes some time to get up to speed but it’s surprisingly fast.

Experienced rider might find this board a bit boring but it’s perfect for heavier riders that are new to longboarding. Very stable and responsive, but not for cruising hours on end.

The deck is 32 inches tall and 9″ wide near the front. The length is between a small cruiser and a longboard (32″) and 9″at its widest point, great for heavier riders and beginners.

The lack of concave is what makes this board a bit dull. The deck’s surface is super flat and it has a small kicktail.

Still you can hop curbs and ride through rough surfaces with easy, just make sure to lean back when you encounter gravel.

8. Arbor Oso

arbor oso cruiser skateboard

This board is big and heavy, has a huge kicktail and is super wide. Same goes for the Paris Street trucks, super wide and very stable.

I love wheels, buttery smooth and the amber color really ads a nice touch.

The Oso has that Oldschool vibe and I wouldn’t be surprised if you can ride this one in pools. It’s heavy like I mentioned, but you won’t notice when riding. It only helps you to remain stable.

The very mellow concave makes this board more beginner friendly, way less concave compared to the LY tugboat.

This also means there is more room for your feet. The huge kicktail helps you to get into an aggressive stance when you enounter rocks, twiggs, or cracks and it ploughs through gravel with ease.

I needed some time to find the proper stance and learned that I like to place my feet near the front bolts and my back foot close to the tail.

In a more aggressive stance, I like to place my back foot on the tail, often when I encounter gravel, cracks, or a patch of grass.

What makes this board extra suitable for heavy riders are the hard bushings. This is the only thing that annoyed me and I had to replace them for softer bushings.

Heavy riders will appreciated them though, I got a few extra pounds myself but the hardness was too much for my weight.

This board is not for long-distance riding. It’s more of a commuter but perfect for heavier riders.

9. Bustin Maestro

Bustin Maestro longboard

The Bustin Maestro is one of the most recommended longboards for beginners and heavier riders.

It’s not as cheap as those crappy Amazon boards but insteads you get high quality parts than can deal with heavier longboarders.

The Maestro is a pusher which means it’s less suitable for very long distances or free rising like the Bustin Sportster.

The Maestro is one of the best push boards you can buy, especially at its price point. The Maestro is great for those who want a bit of free style and are looking for a comfortable ride.

Since we tested this board I recommend reading our full review.

Longboards for Big Guys Buying Guide

If you are above 5′ 10″ and/or above 200 pounds, you could be considered are a heavy rider. Typically, longboards are manufactured with an 8-ply deck, which holds 250 lbs. on average.

The weight capacity depends a lot on how you keep yourself while riding. If you keep on pressing the longboard on the wrong spaces, it will reduce the durability.

Therefore, it is also dependent on the way you land, along with your weight. The parts play a significant role when picking the a longboard if you’re a bit heavier.

Let’s have alook at all the crucial components of a longboard so that you can get a better understanding of what you need.

This understanding will help you pick the “right complete” with the “right parts.” There is a thin line between a typical longboard and the one that is best for heavy riders.

Decks & Shapes

Wood is a natural deck material for longboards. If you are buying a longboard with a maple deck, make sure it has a minimum of eight layers.

It is even better if you can get your hands on a maple wood deck with nine layers. Moreover, the deck width should be at least 9.75 inches to cater to the big guys.

For a heavier and taller rider, longboards’ maple wood deck needs to have board strength. If a maple wood deck is too flexible for your liking, please enquire about the layers.

As previously mentioned, 8-9 layers add sufficient board strength to uphold a bigger rider.

The most significant factor for buying the best longboard for bulky riders is the material used in its deck.

If it has bamboo layers, it adds natural flexibility to the longboard. This type of flexibility is not harmful to a taller rider.

Furthermore, if you want to choose the best combination for your longboard, you can select the combo of bamboo layers and fiberglass.

This arrangement is subtle and durable. It lends a massive amount of stiffness and strength to the longboard.

Hence, it would be best to do thorough research in deck material when looking for the best longboard for overweight riders.


flex vs flat longboard

Many longboards have flexible decks which is less suitable for heavy riders. Sure a bit of flex is okay, but stay away from really flexy boards!

Upward curved decks

If you are tall, heavy, and bigger, you should always look for the best longboard with an upward curved deck. This shape will add more longevity, and it is by far the least flexible deck shape.

Short Wheelbase

Typically, the durability of a longboard relies heavily on your skill level. If you know your weight, height, or size is massive, you should learn how to place your feet in the right spot.

Short wheelbase ensures safety and strength. The best longboards for heavy riders should have a wheelbase of shorter length.

Moreover, it gives you the allowance of placing your feet near the trucks. The wheelbase length should not be too short that a heavy rider cannot maneuver easily.

Long Wheelbase

When you are an overweight longboarder (or just a tall guy with heavy bones), I recommend focusing on tiny things that could be hazardous.

If the wheelbase is long, it could break the deck when you place a step wrong. Keep in mind, longboarding is a challenging sport, and you can expect sudden maneuvers along the way.

Therefore, I recommend that you don’t pick a longboard with a longer wheelbase if you are a heavyweight.

Flat Decks

These decks are neutral for a heavy rider. Flat decks work better than a Cambered deck because the flexibility is less.

When looked at from the side, Neutral flat decks would look relatively flat than an upward curved deck or Downward Curved deck.

Flat decks are one of the best longboards for heavy riders, after upward curved decks.

Cambered Decks

The cambered deck is another name for the downward curved board. Typically, these boards flex more.

Flexibility, to an extent, is excellent for longboarding. Still, when it comes to heavy riders, flexibility can cause damage to the deck.

A bigger and heavier rider should not buy a longboard with a cambered deck. It is not “bulk-friendly.”

Concave Shape

Concave shaped decks add rigidity and subtleness to the longboard. If the concave is deeper, it lends more strength to the deck.

For that reason, a heavy rider should only choose a longboard with a strong deck. Flexibility is a noticeable feature, but not for taller and bigger riders.

Furthermore, W-concave is another style of this shape available in more expensive longboards.


Longboards for a heavy rider must have solid trucks. Trucks must not be made from plastic, as those can’t bear the weight of a taller and bigger rider.

Nylon, too, is a no-go for trucks. Your trucks should be made of Aluminum and steel, which will ensure a solid base for heavy riders.

Moreover, the best longboard will have kingpins, axles, nuts, and baseplates. All parts are vital for the solid construction of the longboard.

You should take into account the mounting style of these trucks as well. As a heavier and taller rider, if you want to ride freestyle, the drop-through trucks should be the mounting style.

However, if you ride a lot of downhill, trucks should be top-mounted. As far as the Kingpins go, you can select the hollow-shaped kingpins.


different bushing shapes for longboarding and skateboarding

Heavier longboarders might benefit from harder bushings. Check out the table below and see what would work for you.

I included tables for longboards in general, freeride bushings, and downhill. You might want to skip downhill though, not recommended if you are a bit on the heavy side.

Weight poundsWeight KGFlexyMediumStiff
50-10022.5 – 4565a78a81a
75-12534 – 5680a83a85a
100-14545 – 6685a87a88a
125-17556 – 7987a89a91a
145-19566 – 88.588a93a94a
175-220+79 – 100+91a93a97a+


Zealous bearings

First thing’s first, because you are a taller and bigger longboard rider, you should not go for a cheap bearings option. Ignore the ABEC rating, check the build quality.

I personally recommend Zealous Bearings for cruising and longboarding. They are super durable and once you get up to speed, they just keep going.

Skateboard bearings like Bones are better for fast acceleration.

On a regular skateboard you just want to get up to speed fast and perform a trick. On a longboard you want to keep going without having to push too much.

Don’t go for Bones Ceramic bearings (over-priced) as well as lower grade metals. Steel bearings should be your way-to-go. The stronger the bearings are, the more durable the longboard will be.


orangatang fat free cruiser wheels

Wheels are very important but not when so much when it comes to weight. Just get big fat soft wheels around 70-75mm/78A and you’re good to go.

With the modern advancement of Polyurethane, wheels can now withstand a heavier rider.

When a taller and/or bigger rider cruises on a longboard, it can be subject to an excess of sudden moves.

The days of cored wheels are gone, and manufacturers have found a solution to its weakness. 

Longboard Buying Guide for Heavier Riders

For heavier riders, longboards should have sustainable trucks because this is where the load is being shifted while riding.

If your longboard trucks are made of nylon or plastic, it is a no go area for you being a heavy rider. Since you do not want your boards to crack, we recommend Aluminum or Steel trucks and bearing. 

Your decks should have eight plies or more, and your trucks should be solid. You can choose bamboo layered decks, or also a hybrid with fiberglass.

If you are riding at higher speeds, you will need a little flexibility in your deck, but since you are a heavy dude, the natural flexibility of bamboo layers should be the maximum you can opt for.

Besides, there is a risk of “wheel bite” for heavy riders. Your deck height should be tried and tested before buying a longboard.

Longboard Buying Guide for Taller Riders

If you are a taller rider, like more than 6′ 2″, why should you not have all the fun?

Furthermore, if you have complete confidence in your longboard riding skills, you can choose a smaller board for urban uses.

Because riding in city areas or going to your class will be crowded, it might be challenging to ride a 44 inches board.

Still, it depends on your preference and riding style. We recommend not choosing a longboard below 36 inches deck length even for urban rides to match your tall height.

Here is a longboard size chart for your quick understanding:

StyleYour heightLongboard size
CruisingMore than 5’ 10’’More than 40 inches
DownhillMore than 5’ 10’’More than 42 inches
FreestyleMore than 5’ 10’’Between 38 and 42 inches

Longboard Buying Guide for Bigger Riders

Bigger riders have different problems. For instance, they could have overhanging feet for riders with bigger shoe sizes. Now, what to do when your shoe-size does not fit the standing platform?

If you’re heavy and have a very flexible board, riding might be a bit more difficult. Consider a stiffer board to help you maintain balance.

For those who have large feet and bigger shoe sizes, curved decks might be uncomfortable for you. However, it all depends on a person’s preference.

Our recommendation is to seriously think about this before buying a longboard for bigger riders, it will make the choice a lot easier.

Typically, decks are 42 inches long and 10 inches wide. If your shoe size does not fit, you can choose to buy a longboard 44 inches in length.

Final Thoughts

Longboards are for everyone no matter what your body type is. Consider the most essential things when buying a longboard and avoid cheap boards on Amazon.

Those are not going to ofer comfortable ride, not will they support your weight.

  • The deck should be at least 8-ply.
  • Wheel sizes preferably between 70mm and 75mm.
  • Wheelbase length should be as per your preference.
  • Deck width should be 8.75″ to 10″ for more balance.
  • Deck material could be maple or bamboo layered.
  • Deck material with an amalgamated layer of fiberglass is preferred.
  • Board shape can vary, but “concave shape” is the best.

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