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Pantheon Trip Review – Flawless Double Drop Longboard

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Of the many sub-disciplines of skateboarding, perhaps none is as niche as LDP; short for “long distance pushing” or “long distance pumping”. In many ways, the term “LDP” is both misleading and outdated.

For some people, LDP means serious distance skating, we’re talking 20+ miles/30+ kms on a single ride. For others, it means commuting to work or even doing a short, comfortable cruise on a local trail. In some ways distance skating feels like a subculture of distance athletes as much as one of skaters.

Because rider needs are so varied, opinions about which setup is best are as diverse as the global community itself. You could ask 5 riders about their favorite board, and you’d probably get 8 different answers. It’s similar to the downhill skate community, albeit at a smaller scale.

Knowing how customized and individualized setups are in the distance skating community, it’s impressive that one board could be as universally loved and rated as the Pantheon Trip. It is the standard against which all other dropped, distance-focused boards are measured. 

Riding Experience: Flawless, Not Only for Distance Skating

When I get asked to recommend a beginner longboard, I default to suggesting the Pantheon Trip. I have half a dozen friends and coworkers who have gone from zero experience to doing 5+ mile treks almost immediately. High accessibility.

It’s stable, smooth, and the complete setup is thoughtfully designed. While it wouldn’t be the deck of choice for someone getting into freestyle, downhill, or any skating where having a topmount is advantageous, the Trip is otherwise a perfect beginner board.

It’s low ride height makes it easy on the knees and helps new riders develop their form with ease. It makes pushing and foot-braking easy and gives you a feeling of security on any reasonable terrain.

Not Just For Beginners

There isn’t a single board I’d recommend over the Trip to a new rider of average size. However, it would be an injustice to suggest that this board is only made for the uninitiated.

If you’re an experienced skater looking for the most optimized distance longboard on the market, look no further. It’s the long-time crowd favorite, and for good reason.  

This deck has a maple core sandwiched between two sheets of triaxial fiberglass, all enclosed in a rosewood veneer and beautiful graphic. It’s stiff, won’t warp, portable (for a longboard), and thin. It will last countless treks in any environment.

One feature that sets the Trip apart from the competition is those signature Pantheon crescent drops. The angle of the drops provides comfort even after hours of riding, and it provides the feeling of more standing space than the listed 22-23”. 

You can tell this deck was designed by a distance skater for distance skaters. No wasted space, virtually no chance of wheelbite or kicking the rear wheel when at the point of exhaustion. The stock complete setup—with 85mm wheels and 150mm trucks—is designed to save riders from their own laziness once fatigue sets in.

I repeat, it’s the standard pusher for long distance skating.

Pantheon Trip VS Pranayama

Wait! I thought the Pranayama was THE perfect board?

If you’ve read our review for Pantheon Pranayama, much of this review will sound familiar. In the end, it depends on if you prefer the feel of reverse kingpin (RKPs) or traditional kingpin (TKPs) trucks.

The decks are very similar, with minimal changes in board length and shape of the neck in order to account for RKP trucks instead of TKPs. Most companies that make double drops allow enough neck space and height to allow for either type of trucks.

Pantheon trip longboard bottom
Pantheon Pranayama bottom view

While this adds versatility in a single deck, it comes as the cost of precision. Pantheon’s owner, Jeff V., designed both decks with precise intent, customizing each option for a particular ride.

The choice between trucks is a personal one. You may prefer the livelier feeling of TKPs or the added stability at speed that comes with RKPs. Only you can know.

Whatever your preferred style, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more thoughtfully designed double drop than the Pantheon Trip. 

Pantheon Trip Specs:

  • Deck: 33” long, 9.25” wide, 27.25” wheelbase
  • Bushings: Cone/Barrel 90a
  • Trucks: Paris 150mm RKP Trucks
  • Wheels: 85mm Seismic Speed Vents or Orangatang Caguamas
  • Concave: Mild radial with 1.3” Crescent drop
  • Profile: Rocker
  • Construction: 6 ply Maple core, fiberglass top and bottom, rosewood veneer

Pros of the Pantheon Trip

  • Low ride height: You won’t find an easier deck to push. This thing glides.
  • Deceptively large foot space: For its size, the standing platform feels larger than the specs say.
  • Protection from wheelbite: you won’t kick the wheels of this deck unless you’re trying to.
  • Stability: Even new riders will find the Trip easy to balance and ride on.

Cons of the Pantheon Trip

Risk of scraping the deck: This deck isn’t made for going over speed bumps. If you want to keep your graphic nice and clean, be mindful of this fact.

When To Buy

If you’re a beginner who primarily cruise, grab this board. 

If you’re at all interested in distance skating, you won’t find a better pusher on the market.

If you’re a commuter who encounters mild hills and wants the added stability of RKPs, grab this complete and even consider a 43-degree rear truck.

When Not To Buy

If you know you prefer TKPs on your double drop, pass on the Trip and grab the Pantheon Pranayama instead.

Finally, if you have a wider stance and need more standing space get a Pantheon Quest—or even a Nexus if you prefer a double drop that is made for heavier riders or faster hills.


The Pantheon Trip is the best long distance pusher you can buy. The stock complete is thoughtfully designed, long-lasting, and loads of fun. It’s flawless.

5 out of 5 stars

Due to materials shortages and delays at the moment, Pantheon doesn’t always have a full supply of the Trip. Be sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can take advantage of their presales that tend to happen every couple of months. 

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