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There are two brands that make great bearings; Bronson and Bones. I ordered a set of Bones Reds, Super Reds, Super Swiss 6 and Bronson Raw bearings. Let’s check them out.

Bones Reds 

Bones Reds standard bearings

Let’s start with the cheapest bearings that are produced in China. They are affordable, but won’t last as long as the Super Reds. still, a good option if your budget is tight.

They have much more friction so these bearings aren’t an option for downhillers. They get hot after a couple of miles and break down. I also wouldn’t recommend them to longboarders but they are fine for beginners. So if you’re just starting out or on a tight budget, you should consider these bearings. You can check them out on Amazon.

Bones Super Reds Bearings

Bones super reds bearings

I own these for a couple of reasons. First, I can clean them easily. The open bearings make it easy to remove dust and dirt.

Second, they are very durable, my last set lasted for over 6 years. These bearings are a bit more expensive than the normal reds buy way cheaper than the Bones Swiss.  They are really fast and I don’t have to push as hard compared to cheap bearings. I often skate transition I want to maintain speed with minimal effort, these guys sure make a difference.

The standard package doesn’t come with spacers or speed rings so if you need those as well, Get the set at Amazon.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings

Bones super swiss 6 bearings

I decided to get a set of these to show you how they look like and tell a bit about their performance. I can tell you right of the bat that these bearings are super fast, easy to clean, quiet and last over a decade if you maintain them properly. Faster than the Super Reds and I really like the blue color. 

These are a bit more expensive but if you want the best reliable materials, the Super Swiss bearings are an excellent choice for the demanding skateboarder. If you are a downhiller, park rider or vert rider these bearings will make a huge difference. 

bones super swiss 6 close up

The bearings have six larger diameter balls (most bearings have 7 smaller balls) which makes them faster, increased acceleration, strength, and durability. Pretty great looking bearings! You also get 4 plastic spacers and of course 8 bearings. Check for prices on Amazon.

Bronson Raw Bearings

Bronson Bearings are getting more popular these days so I couldn’t leave them out. I noticed how different they look from Bones and really like the design. They look pretty rad but that’s not going to get you anywhere.

Fortunately, these are excellent bearings. High performance and durable, check out my review if you want to know more. These guys are a huge improvement compared to the Bronson G3’s and sit right between the Super Reds and Swiss 6. An excellent choice for skateboarders that wants the best stuff for a decent price. 

bronson vs bones reds bearings

Don’t rule out Bronson G2 and Bronson G3 bearings, Bronson G2’s (Amazon link) last longer than standard Reds and perform the same. You also get spacers and washers included.