bones super reds

There is only one brand you need to know and I’ll be very brief. For over 20 years Bones produces the best bearings for skateboarding and they’re affordable. Depending on your budget you can go for Bones Super Reds (check price on Amazon) or the normal Reds.

Be to make sure you don’t buy fakes! There is some imitation stuff out there. Once you go Swiss Red, you never go back. They last for a very long time.

Why I like Bones Super Reds bearings

I own these for a couple of reasons. First, I can clean them easily. The open bearings make it easy to remove dust and dirt.

Second, they are very durable, my last set lasted for over 6 years. These bearings are a bit more expensive than the normal reds buy way cheaper than the Bones Swiss. They are the perfect middle ground.  They are really fast and saved me many pushes. They don’t come with spacers or washers so if you need those as well. Get the set that includes speed cream, washers, and spacers.

The Chinese alternative

Bones also has some cheaper bearings which are produced in China. They are cheap but won’t last as long as the Super Reds, still a good option if your budget is tight.

They have much more friction so these bearings aren’t an option for downhillers. They get hot after a couple of miles and break down. I also wouldn’t recommend them to longboarders but they are fine for beginners. So if you’re just starting out or on a tight budget, you should consider these bearings. You can check them out at Amazon.