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Awesome Gifts For Skateboarders & What to Avoid

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Skateboarders are very picky about their gear and like to stick to their favorite brands, board sizes or even the skate store they prefer. There is a big chance you’re buying the wrong stuff, even if you think it’s cool.

Looking for a birthday present, a holiday gift or just want to buy a skateboarder something nice? Well, as an experienced skateboarder and knowing the culture, I can help out here. Usually it’s a good idea to talk to a skateboarder and learn about what they like or need first.

gifts on a skateboard

What Should You Gift A Skateboarder?

There are a couple of risk free gifts every skateboarder likes. Some are even relatively cheap.

  • Bones Reds or Swiss bearings are a great gift.
  • A backpack with straps for a skateboard is often appreciated.
  • Skate wax, hardware, or a quality skate tool are great accessories.
  • Throwing in a Thrasher Magazine is a bonus.
  • Tickets to a skatepark or a skateboard contest.
  • Older skaters will appreciate quality knee pads and helmets.
  • A ramp if you have the storage space and no access to a local skatepark.

Gifts Not to Buy A Skateboarder

Buying shoes is risky, helmets aren’t cool, and wheels may be too big/small/hard/soft. Any change to a skaters gear is a risk so make sure to know what they like. Skateboarders don’t want to change anything because it might mean they can’t do a certain trick anymore or they have to relearn.

  • If you want to buy a deck, find out their size and favorite brand.
  • Buying trucks is not recommended, it takes a long time to get used to new skateboard trucks.
  • Helmets are great for kids, but often not appreciated by teenage or older skateboarders.
  • Shoes can be a great gift, but find out which shoes they like!
  • Wheels are also great, but make sure to check what they currently ride.
  • Gifting a scooter is a sure way to be ghosted for life.
  • Skater trainers, no skateboarder needs them.
  • Clothing can be a good idea, but pick the right brand. T-shirts, beanies, caps, wind jackets are appreciated.

Create your Own Custom Skateboard Gift

Without too much effort, you could create a skateboarding survival kit, or perhaps a gift card from a local skate shop with a few stickers and some wax.

Gift cards may seem boring, but skaters LOVE to visit skate shops and pick out items. Perhaps you could go together and have a nice day out. One idea is to create a skateboard survival kit with necessary spare parts like:

  • A set of bearings
  • Skate wax
  • A skate tool
  • Stickers from skate brands
  • Hardware 1″ bolts and nuts
  • Axle nuts

Kits like this will really go down well as it is super useful. Get creative and wrap it up nicely.

How Much Should You Spend?

A decent gift for skateboarders starts at $5 USD all the way up to $60 USD. You don’t have to spend on a lot to make a skateboarder happy. Often a simple gift is already very much appreciated. Here’s an overview of gifts for different budgets.

Cheap Gifts for skateboarders under $10 USD:

  • Mini Logo bearings
  • Skate wax
  • Cheaper skate tool
  • Skateboard socks
  • Spare parts
  • Bones Speed Cream
  • Stickers
  • Laces

Gifts for skateboarders between $15 and $30 USD:

  • Silver Skate Tool
  • Bronson G3 bearings
  • Shoe Goo (fixes shoes)
  • Insoles
  • Cap
  • Beanie
  • Fingerboard
  • Socks

Gifts for skateboarders between $30 and $60 USD:

  • Skateboard backpack
  • Spitfire Wheels
  • Skateboard deck (careful what you buy)
  • HandSkate

Gifts for skateboarders $60 USD and up:

  • Cruiser skateboard
  • Skate Shoes
  • Dji OM5 gimball

20 Gift Ideas For Skateboarders

You’re in luck. These gifts aren’t very expensive and you can even combine them. I don’t recommend buying decks, wheels, trucks or any of that, unless you know what to look for. You’ll likely buy the wrong stuff! Check out the worst skateboard gifts section to see why. I also added a few tips to minimize the risk of buying the wrong stuff.

This post contains commercial links which could earn me a small commission at no additional cost to you.

1. Skate Wax

skateboard wax and grip tape

Wax is a skateboarding must have, especially if they like to skate on streets. Wax helps to make rough surface slick and allows for grinding and sliding on obstacles.

It’s an essential and cheap gift and they come in many shapes and colors (affiliate link to Amazon). There is difference in quality, but crappy wax is always better than no wax at all.

  • Price range: $3 to $10.
  • Age: All.
  • Type of skater: Skaters that like to grind their trucks on curbs or slide rails.

2. Skate Tool

tools for skateboarding

Another gift that a skateboarder will really appreciate is a skate tool. Skate tools range from $6 to $30. Both will do the job, but the latter lasts longer. My advice is to get a skate tool with a re-threader to fix the axle threads (the second one is left is a good choice).

Often skateboards land on the side, resulting in crushed axle nuts. This damages the axle thread and makes it sometimes hard to replace the axle nuts.

A quality tool is something every skater will love and often use. One of the common question in skate parks is ‘bro, do you have a skate tool?’.

If you want to buy a cheap skate tool check out the Zeato skate tool, it’s not the best but it gets the job done. The Silver Skate Tool on the left is awesome and high-quality. The Pig Skate Tool comes with an additional threader which is very useful for street skaters.

  • Price range: $6 to $30.
  • Age: All.
  • Type of skater: All styles, even longboarders.

3. A Visit to a Local Skate Shop or Gift Card

As a kid, I was always super stoked to visit a skate shop. There is something magical about seeing all those decks with awesome graphics, colorful wheels, and gimmicky stuff on the counter.

To make this more exciting, you could personalize this gift. Buy a bunch of stickers, add some socks, create your own custom gift card and wrap it in a gift.

It’s not just the gift, visiting a skate shop is just awesome and a fun activity.

4. Signed Deck

skateboard deck signed by tony hawk

This is a tricky one and often hard to come by unless you are willing to spend a lot on eBay. Prices range from 20 bucks to 2000 bucks depending on the skateboarder, rarity, and type of deck that was signed. Signed old school original decks can be extremely pricey and are only for collectors, not your average skateboarder.

  • Budget: $20 – $2000
  • Age: 18 and up
  • Great for: Collectors and older skateboarders

5. Dakine Backpack for Skateboarding

Not essential, but very handy. A skateboard backpack has two straps on the front, which can carry a skateboard. This way, the gritty grip tape from a skateboard deck won’t come into contact with anything.

skateboarder backpack Dakine

The better quality backpacks can be used for both work and school and have a special laptop compartment.

Make sure to get a backpack with lots of compartments so there room for storing wax, bearings, hardware, change, a phone, etc. I personally use a Dakine backpack (affiliate link) which is still holding up fine after years of use.

  • Budget: $35-$70
  • Age: All
  • Skateboard style: All styles

6. Bearings

Bones & Reds

You can’t go wrong with bearings. It’s always something a skater needs an appreciates. Make sure to buy the right bearings. Bones Reds and Bronson Speed Co. G2 are the ones we recommend. They aren’t the most expensive bearings, but last for quite some time.

Bronson is a bit more expensive, but last longer. Reds are cheaper and no skater dares to say they’re crap. Check and compare prices (affiliate link) on Amazon.

Skaters love new bearings, one of the few gifts that will positively affect their skating abilities.

  • Price range: $15-$20
  • Age: All
  • Style: All styles.

7. Skate Socks

Socks? Really? Yes, really! Skateboarders love comfy skate socks from their favorite brand. I always wear skate socks when I skate. Not only because they feel comfortable but also because it looks nice. Even though skateboarding isn’t a fashion show, it doesn’t hurt to look good when you ride around a skate park.

Some of the more expensive brands like Huff offer awesome socks but are a bit overpriced. Usually you can get a value pack of Independent socks or Element for the same price.

8. Shoe Goo & RipCare

shoe goe and rip care glue

Skateboarding is an expensive activity and shoes are one of the biggest reasons. Shoes wear from pushing and suede rips from friction with grip tape. This is where Shoe Goo and RipCare come in. They allow you to fix your shoes and skate them for another good 20 to 40 hours.

It’s inexpensive and works like a charm (Amazon affiliate link), something every technical skater needs and appreciates.

  • Price range: $5-$10
  • Age: 10+
  • Great for: Street Skateboarding, Skate park

9. Insoles

dr scholls insoles

Often overlooked, but insoles make a huge difference. Skating involves lots of impacts, especially when jumping off huge stairs. Proper insoles prevent injuries and strain.

Skateboard brand insoles are often overpriced, so I recommend Dr. Scholes insoles. It comes with gel pads that absorb shocks and plastic on the side that reduces impacts when landing with both on your feet on the side of a skateboard (primo).

You can cut them according to size and adjust the shape a little so they fit the shoes. Dr. Scholes insoles work with all skate shoes and are cheaper and better than skate brand insoles.

  • Price range: $20-$25
  • Age: 15+
  • Great for: All styles.

10. Stickers

skateboard stickers

I don’t know what the deal is with stickers, but most skateboarders love stickers! I have a bit of an obsession with them myself since I was a kid. They just look awesome and I have a huge box full of ‘m. There are some vintage stickers on eBay are listed for ridiculous prices.

Some skates love to decorate their board or helmet with stickers and others (like me) like to collect them. When I buy a new deck, I make sure that there is a free sticker inside, without a stick it’s just not the same.

Make sure to get stickers that actually represent real skateboard brands, like this 100-sticker value pack (affiliate link).

  • Price range: $5-15
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

11. Spare Parts

skateboard hardware

Hardware (bolts & nuts) and especially axle nuts are a cheap and useful gift. Axle nuts wear quite fast because of impacts and once you remove them, it’s hard to get them back on. I always carry an extra set of 1″ hardware and a couple of axle nuts, just in case.

Buy 1″ Allen hardware. They will fit every skateboard setup. Maybe combine spare parts with other gifts if you really can’t afford much. It still will be a very useful gift (affiliate link to Amazon).

  • Price range: $3-$9
  • Age: 12-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

12. Griptape

grizzly grip tape color

Grip tape is the sandpaper-like material that makes your feet stick to your skateboard. It also allows for those rad tricks. I know the kids at my local skate park appreciate a sheet of colorful griptape.

Older skaters usually like plain black griptape, but the younger ones LOVE themed prints. Jessup is the cheapest of them all, but one of the most popular griptape out there.

Don’t forget to look at Mob grip tape and Grizzly, they offer a wide selection of different designs (Amazon affiliate link).

  • Price range: $6-$15
  • Age: 12+
  • Great for: All types of skaters

13. Paint Pens

Some skaters love to customize their grip tape and cut the sheets in all kind of shapes, use different colors or get creative with paint pens.

Paint pens: paint pens are effective but should be applied carefully. The grip tape can damage the pens, but it’s certainly doable. Look for brands like Testors or any brand that offers quality paint pens.

Not a great gift for skateboarders older than 16.

  • Price range: $8-$12
  • Age: 9-16
  • Great for: All types of skaters

14. Fingerboard or Handboard

hand and finger skateboards

There is something magical about fingerboards and handboards. Great to theorize about the next tricks you want to learn, or just to pass some time. I personally dig my handboard just sitting on my desk. I don’t play with it, but it just makes a great prop.

Even fingerboards quality varies greatly. Tech Deck is great for beginners but it’s still just plastic. Only buy expensive wooden fingerboards if you know someone is really into fingerboarding! 70 bucks for a fingerboard is really just a waste of money.

I got this Tech deck value pack that comes with a pre-assembles board, and parts to assemble two other fingerboards. Lots of wheels, tiny screws and nuts, and a skate tool for smurfs. Pretty rad and not too expensive and pretty frustrating to assemble. Check prices on Amazon (afflilate link).

  • Price: $5 – $25
  • Age: 5+
  • Style: All

15. Skate Park Tickets

If there is an skate park in your area which requires an entrance fee, this could be a rad gift. Skateboarding is a great exercise and good for your mental health. Basically you give them a really healthy present which they actually enjoy.

  • Price range: check your local park
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

16. Box of Goodies

various small skateboard gifts

A bag or box with small stuff every skater loves. A cheaper skate tool, 1″ hardware, axle nuts, stickers, a gift card. Something with a personal touch and lots of goodies are awesome to get. A mixed bag with small gifts is great for smaller budgets. Grab a few items from this blog until you hit your budget.

  • a skate tool
  • Stickers
  • Thrasher Magazine
  • Skate Wax
  • Stickers
  • etc
skateboard gift wrapped in grip tape and laces

Wrap it in grip tape and laces and make it stand out. You might want to glue the grip tape, I could have done a better job. It’s the idea that counts.

  • Price range: $5-$30
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

17. Recycled Skateboard Coasters

recycled skateboard coasters and thee

Let’s have some tea and biscuits, cheerio! These are great for the aged skateboarder and I often get questions from guests where I got these coasters.

I love my coasters. Etsy is full of crafty people that create rad art and woodwork from recycled skateboards.

Keep in mind that working old skateboards requires a huge amount of time and effort, not to mention skills. This is expensive stuff, perhaps great for older skaters, not so much for kids.

I got these coasters from Focused and they weren’t even that expensive, relatively. Focused also offers coffee tables up to $6000, probably a bit excessive for a gift. Check out Etsy or use Google if you want something specific. Keep in mind that the bigger the project, the longer it takes. Amazon also offers affordable coasters.

  • Price range: $15 – Your limit
  • Age: 25-50+
  • Great for: Older skaters

19. Thrasher Magazine Subscription

thrasher magazine & handboard

While magazines may seem like a relic from the past, Thrasher Magazine lits up skaters’ eyes. I recently organised a skateboarding contest and handed out prizes. There was a Thrasher magazine left, so I gave it to a random skater. The look on his face was priceless, ‘Really? Can I have this? Wow, that’s awesome. Thanks so much!’.

If you buy an annual subscription, it often comes with some goodies.

  • Price: $8 for a single issue
  • Age: 9-99
  • Great for: All types of skaters

19. Laces & Tricktape

An extra pair of laces is always appreciated and one of the cheapest gifts you can buy a skateboarder. Perhaps combining laces with Trick tape (suede patches) and other small gifts might be an idea. A sheet of grip tape, Shoe Goo, suede patches and laces will are really useful.

  • Price range: $2 – $10
  • Age: 10 – 20
  • Great for: Street skateboarders

Final Thoughts

So here a list of the best and worst skateboard gifts imaginable. There is this saying ‘never look a horse in the mouth’ and after all, it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts. Often you want to gift something you personally like, but I think this list will help you on your way.

Skaters aren’t easy to please, they rather skate their worn shoes and chipped decks, replacing gear is something a skater does a a last resort.

Skaters are used to their shoes and skateboards and changing something requires them to adjust to their new gear. Make sure to ask them, some would love a new deck or shoes. But picking the right brand, size, or even where to shop can lead to buying the wrong gift.

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