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The Past Participle: Documenting Skateboarding’s Raw Era

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Skateboarding in the 1980s and early 1990s wasn’t just a sport; it was a rebellion. This unique period, before skateboarding hit mainstream success, is beautifully captured in a blog and Instagram account called ‘the past particple’ featuring raw, unedited photos. They’re a window into a world where being a skater meant being an outsider.

The Fringe Days of Skateboarding

Back then, skaters were the rebels, the misfits. This was a time before the X-Games or skateboarding celebrities. The blog’s photos, sourced from an Instagram account with over 30,000 followers, take us back to these days. It’s a journey into an era where skateboarding was a statement against societal norms.

A Community Effort

What makes this collection special is its community-driven nature. Skaters and enthusiasts from all over share their personal memories and photos, making the Instagram account more than just a gallery—it’s a living archive of skateboarding history.

A Curator’s Respite and Return

The anonymous curator, who once took a break citing an aversion to the overwhelming nature of social media, made a comeback. Their stance is clear: share the valuable moments of skateboarding history while still being mindful of the digital world’s impact.

Tribute to a Brother and a Legend

Among the myriad of stories is a touching tribute from a follower remembering their brother Randy. Inspired by a TV show, they crafted homemade skateboards, kickstarting a lifelong passion. This tale sums up the DIY spirit of skateboarding.

Equally moving is the curator’s personal story related to the death of Jeff Grosso, a skateboarding legend. A skateboard deck falling off the wall on the day of Grosso’s death added a surreal and moving touch to his memory.

Capturing the Essence

The beauty of these photos lies in their rawness. They don’t just capture skaters; they capture moments—each one telling a story of defiance, of freedom, of finding joy in the fringes.

Skateboarding in the ‘80s never made you popular, which was great, because it taught me a good life-lesson: “Once you ruin your reputation, you can live with total freedom.”

The Past Participle

From Underground to Mainstream

Today, skateboarding enjoys a prestigious spot in the world of sports, art, and culture. This transition from underground to mainstream is beautifully chronicled through these photos, reminding us of skateboarding’s true spirit.

A Celebration of Skateboarding’s Spirit

This collection, with its stories and photos, is more than a look back; it’s a celebration. It’s a reminder of the who we were and what defines skateboarding. From the curator’s reflections to the personal tributes, it’s a homage to skateboardings impact on lives and society.

In “The Past Participle,” every photo, every story, is a thread in the rich tapestry of skateboarding’s history—a history marked by rebellion, community, and a relentless pursuit of passion.

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