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Am I Too Heavy for my Snowboard?

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It can be hard to tell when it is time to get a new snowboard. Depending on how often you snowboard, the size of the board may need to be updated.

When a snowboard starts to flex too much, it is the wrong size for your weight. Snowboards should be a little flexible so that they can go downhill on snow and ice without breaking. If someone is too light for their board, the board is too long. If someone is too heavy for their board, then it will be too flexible.

Online, you can find informational charts that tell you what size board you need based on your height and weight. If you go into stores that sell snowboards or if you go to a ski resort, then they can tell you that information too.

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Snowboard Sizing

Snowboard sizing is based on a lot of different factors. One of the first factors is your weight. Many companies publish guidelines that have ranges or weights that work on different boards. The problem is, these guidelines can cover wide ranges and therefore, they are not fully accurate. So, when looking at the charts, take them as recommendations and not hard facts.

Snowboarding companies also change their charts year by year, so the information is being adjusted frequently. Because the information changes, it is helpful to go into a store and try on the snowboard yourself. By strapping in your feet and feeling what the board is like while on, you can better tell if it is too flexible or if it is too stiff.

When a snowboard is too long or too short, it won’t work right. You need to have control over your board when going downhill. When you snowboard, your knees are bent, and you are probably going side to side down the mountain. If you do not have much control over the board’s motions, then it is the wrong size.

You should be able to slow down, stop, accelerate, and turn with control when you have the right size of board. If you find that you don’t have control while doing any of those activities, then the board is too long. If you find that your board is stopping too hard, turning too fast and harsh, or overdoing movements, then the board is too small.

Your legs should be far enough apart to allow you to use your weight correctly. The sizing really affects where your feet go, which makes you lighter or heavier on the board. You also do not want to be off-balanced, because you could fall easily when you are off-balanced.

Snowboard sizing is also influenced by your ability level. If you are a beginner, then a shorter board is recommended because it is easier to control. But, when you are intermediate or higher in your snowboarding skills, then the sizing isn’t influenced by many things apart from your weight. That way, you can use the proper size board for your snowboarding fun.

Height can be important for some riders. If you are taller, you will weigh more and need a bigger board. Also with being taller, you might have a wider stance that works better for you when snowboarding. So, although weight recommendations include height, those who are taller may need to base their board on weight and height, not just weight. That way, they can properly fit a board to them.

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Buying Snowboards

When you get a new snowboard, test it out. Put it on and see if you run into balance issues. If you can’t balance on it well, then change the size.

At the store, try on the boots and strap them into the snowboard. Lean forward and back, and see if the board is too flexible under your feet. If you can’t tell, the employee helping you should know what works and what doesn’t work. They can help you pick out the right-sized board if you’re unsure.

If you already know how you ride and what boards you like, then your shopping experience should be easier and faster than those who are getting a snowboard for the first time. You can tell the employee what size board you have, and if you would like to go shorter or longer. Or, if you simply want a new board because yours is worn, then tell them your size board and see what they have in stock.

It is a lot easier to get a replacement board compared to getting a board for the first time. Replacing your board requires picking out the one you like in the size you already know fits. Getting a new board requires figuring out what style works, what size works, and trying on different boards to test out which ones you like.

If you are replacing a board you have, then you can also shop easily online. You know the size you want, so now you just need to have fun looking at the different colors and styles. If you need a new size or are buying for the first time, shopping online won’t be as easy for you. It is a lot better to shop inside a store and try on the boards they have. There’s no virtual replacement for the real thing!

If you are too heavy for your snowboard, then you simply need to change the size of the snowboard you are riding on. You can go rent a snowboard that is a different size when you go snowboarding at a ski resort. This way, you can try a different size board outside of the store and see if the new sizing is better.

Being comfortable is very important when riding. You are bending your knees constantly and shifting your weight to move, and it takes a lot of effort. So, by getting the right size board for you, you can have a more comfortable ride down the mountain.

Getting a properly sized snowboard is helpful for your comfort and your riding experience. There are styles for any height, weight, and skill level.

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