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We Skated The Powell Peralta Golden Dragon & Have An Opinion

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I was under the impression the Golden Dragon to be mediocre given its frequent promotions on questionable sites. However, after purchasing and trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s genuinely a good skateboard. The trucks maneuver smoothly and the wheels are quite adaptable, making it feel like a decent skateboard considering the price.

This skateboard is not for kids who want to to learn technical skateboarding, nor is it for adults. Because the deck is made of birch, it won’t be able to handle high impact skateboarding.

Basic tricks aren’t an issue, which makes it a decent choice for a kid who wants to explore skateboarding.

powell peralta golden dragon skateboard

This board is 7.6″ wide and suitable for kids aged 8 to 12.

It’s actually made by Powell Peralta, one of the most known skateboard brands and famous for their skateboards.

The trucks turn well and the bushings aren’t too soft but depending on your kid’s weight you might want to tweak them a little. In the video you can see the trucks are a bit to lose at first but after riding it for a while it gets better.

You get decent wheels, sturdy trucks, mediocre bearings, and a lower quality deck. Despite the cons, it’s a good skateboard for kids who are just starting out.

What We Like And Don’t Like

Considering the price there isn’t too much to complain about. Corners have to cut meaning you won’t get top quality parts.


  1. Cool dragon design that appeals to kids.
  2. Made by a reputable brand, Powell Peralta.
  3. Sized right for kids from 8 to 12.
  4. Trucks provide a decent ride and can be adjusted for stability.
  5. Wheels handle various surfaces well.
  6. Good value for money.


  1. Not suitable for advanced tricks or high-impact skateboarding.
  2. Bearings are standard and might need lubrication for better performance.
  3. Might feel too wobbly straight out of the box and require adjustment.
  4. The board is on the heavier side.
  5. Birch deck while suitable for beginners, isn’t very durable.

The price varies. During holidays it’s often listed for $80USD which is way too much. Often you can get it for around $50-60 USD which I think is a fair price. Let’s take a look at the components.


Powell Peralta Golden Dragon skateboard top view

The skateobard deck is made of birch which isn’t the best material. While beginners will hardly notice, in the long run you might want to replace it with a maple deck.

My kid really loves this board, mainly because of the graphic. ‘Wow dad, there’s a dragon on this board’, was the first thing he said and he immediately wanted to try it out.

It’s one of the smaller boards in this list, at 7.625″ wide the deck is suitable for kids under 12 years old.

The shape and concave are suitable for both riding and basic tricks. It’s a budget skateboard, and the pop is rather mediocre but this isn’t an issue for kids who want to explore skateboarding.

If you like to take your kids to your local skatepark, or have a reasonable smooth sidewalk outside, this is an excellent choice. It’s a decent board that will last for a long time if used right.


Powell Peralta Golden Dragon trucks and wheels

It comes with reliable mini logo trucks that are fine for kids. One thing that makes this board stand out from the others are they way they carve.

We didn’t notice and deformations when doing tricks meaning the bushings are hard enough and don’t require much tweaking.

My son was able to ride and correct his riding direction when needed, while it isn’t as good as the SkateXS skateboard (review), it’s still a decent budget option.


The wheels are grippy and stable; they are softer compared to professional skateboard wheels which is a good thing. We tested the wheels on asphalt, steel, concrete, wood, and they hold up fine.

Sure, if your kid is a really skilled skateboarder, the wheels won’t suffice.

For example, a trick like a powerslide will cause tiny flat spots on the surface of the contact patch (the part of the wheel that comes into contact with the riding surface).

But if you worry about that, you better get the kid a professional custom skateboard.

powell peralta golden dragon wheels and trucks


Standard bearings that work fine, not too fast and not too slow. No weird sounds or wheels blocking because of faulty bearings.

I advice to use some silicon lube to increase their performance, just a tiny drop will make a difference.

When riding on rougher surfaces (like in the video) it requires more effort to get some speed, still manageable though.


The Golden Dragon skateboard by Powell Peralta is a kid-friendly choice, especially for those under 12. It boasts a fun dragon design that kids love.

Performance-wise, it’s suitable for beginners with adjustable trucks for stability and a durable birch deck. While not for advanced tricks, it’s a value-for-money option and in our top 5 of best skateboards for beginner kids.

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