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How To Remove Grip Tape From A Skateboard

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In some cases you want to remove the grip tape because of your deck is still fine but your grip is not. This could because of a bag grip job or the grip tape coming off because it got wet. It’s a bit of a tedious task though, and depending on the age and glue of the grip tape it can be harder or easier to remove.

Anyway here’s how you do it.

Tools you need:

  • A hairdryer
  • Knife with a thin blade

Removing The Grip Tape

Peeling off skateboard grip tape using a hair dryer
  1. Remove the trucks
  2. Get a hairdryer and a knife with a thin blade.
  3. Start heating the nose or tail with the hairdryer, this should warm up the sticky glue.
  4. Try to slide your knife under the grip tape and gently work around the deck. Use the hair dryer again if the tape won’t budge.
  5. Now that you’ve got the edges, you need to heat the rest of the board. Make sure you can have a tight grip on the piece of tape you removed, it makes the pull easier.
  6. Place your deck on the ground and place your foot on it so I can’t move when you pull.
  7. Slowly pull the tape, ideally, you want it to rip off the entire grip.
  8. If the grip tape tears halfway through reheat and repeat the process.
  9. Remove the leftover grip tape. Your board might feel sticky here and there because of the adhesive residual.

That it! Now you need to get some fresh tape and slap it on your board. Here’s how you apply new grip tape on a skateboard deck.

removed grip tape from skateboard deck

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