Complete skateboards

Here are the boards I recommend, they are cheap, have decent to great quality parts, and are both suitable for street and cruising.

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Stoked Complete Street

Stoked Complete Skateboard

Cheapest on the list but despite its price you get the best quality parts. For only 75 bucks you get a 7-ply maple blank deck, Paris Street trucks, Fireball bearings, and Mini Logo wheels.

The 99A 53 mm wheels are just the right hardness and diameter for street and park skating. The Paris Street trucks turn great and can take a lot of abuse. Also comes with Fireball bearings, way better than the junk bearings you usually get.

No fancy graphics but the best street deck for the money. You can always add a few stickers to your board but make sure you don’t place them in the middle, hard to boardslide on stickers. Stoked Ride Shop also provides a skate tool so you can tune it to your liking. Check for availability.

Stoked Complete Cruiser Hybrid

Stoked Complete Cruiser

Just want to cruise and maybe do a couple of ollies? You’ll need a slightly different setup and least get some wheels suitable for cruising. Stoked Ride Shop offers a high-quality and affordable setup. Paris Street trucks, 60mm 81A cruiser wheels, and great Fireball bearings.

This board offers a smooth ride and still allows for basic tricks, I don’t think you can get a better deal than this. Check Stoked Ride Shop’s complete setup, it’s only 85 bucks and you get a skate tool. If you are unsure about the size, go for and 8.25″ or an 8.5″. Check Stoked Ride Shop for availability.

For dedicated cruising consider a mini cruiser or assemble a skateboard yourself. Assembling one yourself is usually a bit more expensive though.

Santa Cruz Complete 

Santa Cruz kids skateboard

If you want something more durable and a better experience, consider the Santa Cruz Skateboard Complete (link to Amazon). It’s 80″ wide and the best wheels and trucks you can get at this price range. In short, this is a great starter deck and offers the best components at a very fair price.

It comes with Bullet trucks and 52mm, 99a OJ wheels. These wheels are both great for street and parks, 99a won’t feel annoying when riding on the street and you don’t have to push too hard to get some speed in skateparks. Check Amazon for availability.

Positiv Team

Team Positiv skateboard

This is a cheaper board for people on a budget, it’s not the best but will do for beginners. It’s a maple pre-built skateboard and is pretty cheap. You won’t get the top of the line components but it’s pretty decent.

The Positive Team skateboard (Amazon link) is one of the cheaper beginner skateboards but it’s fine to start out with. It’s actually a Mini logo skateboard but with a different brand name.

The bearings aren’t the best but they seem to hold out for some time. It’s easy to replace them and bearings aren’t that expensive.

Not What You’re Looking for?

If the skateboards here aren’t what you’re looking for, I  suggest to check out my page dedicated to complete setups. I update it regularly.